Berbera port authority has confirmed  that it has taken a bold decision of  sending the oil tanker with the petroleum products that have been deemed as sub-standard away for not meeting requirements.

This comes in the wake of last week reports that a ship carrying sub standard petroleum products was docked a waiting discharge its cargo at the Berbera port fuel terminal was suddenly blocked from doing so, when it was established that the product was outside the specification’s required by Somaliland Bureau of Standards .

The ship had been ordered to sail back to Dubai yesterday with its port of origin with its load of unwanted cargo after the laboratory in Djibouti we use to check all fuel confirmed the cargo it was carrying didn’t met the standards said, the director of Berbera fuel storage facility.

The Director of Berbera Fuel Facility told reporters” the government is determined to address the problem which has in the past seen sub-standard fuel being sold in local market which had in turn caused many local businesses to incur financial loss because of using sub standards  quality fuel which was not in full conformity with the Somaliland Bureau of Standards specifications”.

Mr. Osman Abdi Barkhdale (Shiine) “we advise all local businessmen who are involved in the fuel importation to adhere with the standards set by the government and always put quality as a top priority when it comes to importing fuel products because we are determined to implement strict procedure so as to conform to both local and international.

The unwanted cargo on board the UAE owned ship belonged to Somaliland businessmen.

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  1. LOL using a laboratory in Djibouti & buying oil from a fellow seccecionist?

    Is this a "country"? This joke should end as soon as possible. Embarrassing people wallahi.

        • Somaliland-Republic Re-independence 18-May-1991 🙂

          Somaliland was once a Region in the dissolved Union of "Somali-Republic"

          We do not recognize the Road-Map government of Somalia-Italia-federations.

    • Somalia
      Your name says it all. Sick of jealousy and hate to see any progress.
      Yes that’s the way countries go by. No standards people end up eating hyenas.
      Please go and start some sort of human standards in your zoomalia insteads of coming and attacking people who are just going on doing their business.

  2. Funny coming from people who cannot control more than a few streets in Mogadishu
    It's called law and order and respect to your fellow muslim brother as Allah swt sees all and any dodgy behaviour will come back to haunt you in this life and the after.
    Once the south is up and running fully we will start to see the same thing happening where the govt will start clamping down on opportunistic cowboys. The difference now is that Somaliland is way advanced but the South will soon start to follow.

  3. I would'nt be surprised if the shipment belonged to that Darood company Hass Petroleum, no business ethic to speak of, will sell anything even their own mothers to earn a quick buck, sad really.

  4. It's good that the port authority made the right decision in this case but this is after they damaged so many cars, machines and products just few months ago after failing to spot contaminated petroleum products.

    I welcome this measure because many of my family members are in northern Somalia.

  5. Somaliand way advanced? Lol!. This must be joke of the day. Hargeisa has no water system, garbage disposal, paved roads, practically nothing a capital city could boast of!. Qat addicts have to learn the criteria a country could be measured to be an advanced country. I am not a Southie, rather from the Lala land you call Somaliland.

    • They live in an imaginary world. They cant even handle simple plastic bags…how hard is it just to burn them? And they asking the IC for recognition that they dont even know its definition.

  6. It's good that the slot power created the right choice in this situation but this is after they broken so many vehicles, devices and items just few several weeks ago after unable to identify infected oil items.