The Official Spokesperson for XAQSOOR has urged their supporters living in the United Kingdom to welcome the Somaliland President H.E Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) when he visits that country this week; he said this during an interview with Horn cable TV.
“I urge all XAQSOOR supporters and Somalilanders living in the UK to join together in welcoming the President during his visit to the country this contrary to some reports carried in some media outlets which had claimed we (XAQSOOR) had planned to organize demonstration against the President during his visit, Said the Spokesman.
Speaking to the Horn cable Television the XAQSOOR spokesman denied in the strongest terms rumors which were triggered by during an interview with the vice chairman of the ruling party (KULMIYE) Mr.Mohamed Kahin Ahmed who claimed his party has been in negotiations with XAQSOOR officials in a bid to incorporate XAQSOOR supporters into the ranks of the ruling party.
“We (XAQSOOR) are not in negotiation with anyone neither any political entity and that KULMIYE officials should know by now that we have nothing in common nor do we share the same political views whatsoever, said the spokesperson.
In another development elder, intellectuals, and youth from communities living in Ahmed Dhagah district of Hargeisa converged today in Hotel Dalhis to reiterate their support for President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) and Somaliland independence.

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  1. Hey Presto,

    In veiw of what Kulmiye administration did during the last local election, Xagsoor has the right to join with any party other than Kulmiye. As corruption is the cancer that kills every nation, Kulmiye is a cuss and curse to Somaliland country, and its crumble will come sooner than later. Let us wait till the conference to nominate a runer for 2015 presidential election. The real conflict and clashes of interests will appear, probably when Siilaanyo's hidden agend to re-run will be come real. And time will only whether or not Musi Bihi is laughing cow, that know nothing at all. .

  2. Respect goes to Xaqsoor leadership and their followers for their stance to recognize the importance of the greater good of Somaliland even above and beyond their political aspirations and more actions like this will assure them a legacy superior to that they would have attained as mere opposition party.

    Thank you.

  3. I say congratulations to the supports and leaders of XAQSOOR for putting their politics aside to welcome the President.

  4. Though i have supported Xaqsoor political movement in the past. I will never exchange my believe in Somaliland sovereign with an individual or a party. I am glade to read that Xaqsoor party supporters have also came to this conclusion.
    Long live Somaliland and its people for ever!

  5. Xaqsoor is minor tribal league by minor Isaaq habar but at least they are Isaaq-Somali unlike Kulmiye who are from Tigray region and as ritual eat raw meat secretly behind Dhiigshiil's closed doors.

    The separatist habro can cry and pretend they are welcoming some imaginary president when their true president already received high welcome from the British government…no need to line up single mothers and khaat heads.

  6. The news that's worth reading is:

    The United States is urging fellow members of the U.N. Security Council to agree to demands by the government in Mogadishu to lift the arms embargo on Somalia, which has been in place for the past 21 years, U.N. diplomats said on Tuesday.

    The U.S. push comes after U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said last week that the 15-nation council should consider lifting the arms embargo to help rebuild Somalia's security forces and consolidate military gains against al Qaeda-linked al Shabaab militants.

    • Good News at Last.

      You must be happy arms embargo to lifted to fight your own citizen is this worth reading? You are Moron jumping on a story complete opposite just for sake of it.

      The last bullets was fired last week and no killing for almost a week. Happy!!!!!!!!!! US are looking extend their Arms Business, The question is Somalia where are they going to find money to buy arms while it can't feed it's populations and paying salaries to it's civil servants few left in the country and majority of MP living abroad on Benefit.

      • Ayman the Moriyaals only know how to kill and rape.

        More weapons means they will kill each other and rape each other for another 20years. I say let them destroy each other, i am confident they will never use a single bullet outside their own villages. This is a people who have been conquered by a FEW horny sheiks [UIC], by starving Ethiopia troops{Afbijo days], by Shabab led by an invisible man[Godane] and today Both Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Uganda, nigeria, Burundi and seirra leon are all enjoying this "NEW SAIGON" in east Africa and soon to be a Lady-Boy state where even their sons will serve to cater to the needs of all the AFRICA forces…

  7. Folks, I tell you sincerely, don't pay attention to the pyschotic Kayse. and his cohorts ..
    the Somaliland nation haters who are no more than evil curses to the legit causes of
    de jure Somaliland before and after 1991. If the UN arms embargo is lifted..that benefits both
    Somalia and Somaliland on equal terms..No problem there. Xaqsoor(Party), Taleh(Khaatumoists)
    and Zeila isolated desturbances were already dealt with wisely and under the law and order
    and all three affairs are under control, thanks to the wise leadership of President HE DR AMM
    Silaanyo. The Xaqsoor Party has the right to join anyone of the 3 officially registered parties,
    that is upto Xaqsoor's businesses. The Somaliland Govt and the good people of Somaliland
    have proved stable peaceand flourishing democracies time and again..woes to the haters and
    kudos to the peace loving Nation of de jure Somaliland. Hopefully, the official trip of DR Silaanyo
    to the UK would bring about fruitful results paving the fulltime recognition of the long awaited???
    Kudos to the good relationships between Somaliland and the UK.

    • Mohamed cheers

      You don't control us but we're under the control and the protection of God.So I'm not going get in with you the rest of your comment. Because you're entitled to express your opinion however you see fit. you just don't have rights to claim us thank you.

      • Shara funny when u say “. you just don’t have rights to claim us ” lol do you think Habashi and Bantus ask u permission to control u ? kk.

        • Hornid

          First the two identity you mention are recognized country.
          second before your ego gets the best of you . get pass this never-ending cycle you yourself in which left you begging others permission to exist .
          third sir if I were you. I would stop talking about you master habasho. because they wouldn't like people who're living the enclave they creating badmouthing them.
          four. listen people I had no intention putting any group or place down but when this kind of people who're among you and speaking on behalf of you. write this despicable comment than I have no choice but to respond.

  8. As an Xaqsoor supporter I stand by the stance that Somaliland is doomed under the leadership of this incompetent Siilanyo who lacks the leadership skills required to lead a herd of camels other then a country!

    Siilanyo has proven to be a tribal leader rather then a president and the sooner he goes or dies the better.

    • Lol, your whole secession, parties, elections etc is based on one tribalism (your tribe). How can you satisfy a whole region when you (your tribe) can't even agree among each other. No wonder why the rest of that region doesn't want to be part of your secession agenda

    • You are Xaqsoor supporter want to be. A true Somalilander, whether xaqsoor supporter or not will not make a garbage community like the one you made here.

      Silanyo, is an Individual who came to power through ballot box and Somaliland will be here when he has gone. So do not try to tell us Somaliland is dumped under his leadership. Somaliland belongs to all of us who believe in it for life.

      • Diehard Somalilander your God is the white trash who you worship daily. qaadeen are dirty and disgusting creatures from Mars.

  9. I could not help but notice the news from Somalia is all about the Somalia president has met this or that. It is like the whole government was set up for meeting purposes. In comparison, Somaliland news is like news from any other country. It talks about what is happening in the country, what the people are doing, what the government is embarking upon and the projects that are being implemented or being implemented. In Somalia, I feel like I’m listening to an exile government and an exile country. No wonder, Somaliland gives the Somalia government and its IC backers a much needed destruction. It’s like Somalia people are being given something to get busy with so that they don’t destroy the Somalia government. By focusing on Somaliland, the exiled Somalia government hopes to get an space for a while without these people being on their throats all the time.

  10. Why don't others of Somaliland have a voice on this site, why is it always the same folks, writing the same article, where is the freedom and non bias reporting. What ever happen to press freedom, this site is a propaganda tool for Somaliland pretend government, other wise they would have more views expressed.

    I for one don't want to see other Somalis from other regions writing articles, but i do want to see Somalilanders express themselves, whether they are unionist, secessionist.

    Why is it that the pretend government have their grips so tight on the average citizen, that one can not express their opinion with the being labeled a traitor or being arrested and jailed. Why is that the pretend government has done everything to undermine and create hardship for all the people of the North West, who have openly expressed their distance from this so called Somaliland. Why is that every time Somalia in the IC spot light the pretend government find themselves scrambling to go to some foreigner ask, why, why, what this mean for us, especially the UK. The same people who just slapped in the face yesterday and in past colonized and toke advantage of you and your land as Somali.

    Last but not least why is you secessionist tend insult people and then cry after like a little child, who has been told NO!.

  11. Freedom is the right of every man and women of the North West, not only your fellow secessionist.

  12. Where will you find Xaqsoor supports? in Baligubadle village and Ahmed Dhagah district in south Hargeisa that's it. Join or No join the majority of Somaliland people don't really care.

    • Yusuf, actually you will find Xaqsoor more supporters then your Garadag party in most somaliland regions from Lascanood to saylac but because of your tribal instinct you are blind to see!

      However if you are referring a particular tribe as irrelevant in Somaliland then you are very much mistaken, You mentioned Baligubadle did you forget that it was the base of our struggle and the mother of somaliland! It sure is more relevant to somaliland then Garadag!

      • "Base of struggle" There was only one convention held in Baligubadle and I do not think that qualifies it as an SNM base. Well, even if I accept that it was in fact The BASE, that does not mean it can produce more than few hundred vote to the max, which are peanuts if you look at the Somaliland population from Zeila to Sanaag.

        • Don't be stupid, every person and clan in Somaliland matters a lot. To insult or disrespect on clan of Somaliland or the region they live in, is to disrespect unity. People like the so called Xalane, making comments like he made here are nothing but enemies of Somaliland. Every Somaliland national should watch out from people like.

  13. tellmetruth,

    To tell you the truth, we are responsible for your mini revival but instead of getting on with improving your situation further you have started eating, bathing and sleeping and waking up with Somaliland in your mind. Typical isn't it. You always getting your priorities wrong and trying to leap before you learn to walk. You have no legs and you come with animosity. You think Al-Shabaab was defeated by the forced in Somalia. They are defeated because people's attitudes and support towards them have changed and that is what we are responsible for! Instead of capitalising on it and enjoying our support, you just killed it. That is why no one can have faith in your agreements. Even the Kenyans and the Ethiopians cannot trust you, lot.

    Never seen people who always think about how to harm others in every glimse of hope they get! Soon we'll start compaigning for the evacution of members of Somaliland origin who are in Somalia parliament. We will make sure that they will leave their posts in no time!

  14. Hargaisaawi

    Why do you talk as if you are superior. Talking as if you or your pretend secessionist government have done anything for any other Somali, even though you and your secessionist cohorts hijacked SNM. By turning it into a militia that oppress and abuse its fellow Somalis in the same way as Siad Barre did (maybe not on large scale, but the same tactics and propaganda). Because we all know that Somaliland was created as temporary solution to the chaos of the civil war,not this self loathing state were Somali children are taught from an early age to have animosity and hate towards their fellow Somalis. (but yet again you hijacked a cause for something good),

    So when you say stupid things like : we are responsible for your mini revival.

    You make me laugh to the point of tears. So cut the BS and stop talking as if you are the majority. When reality is this so called state Somaliland does not even represent the Isaaq clan in its entirety. So the cut the BS.

  15. Caadifadu yayna idin qaadin. There will be talks soon so cool down and see how far these talks go. Iyadaan la is gaadhin baad seefihii la soo baxdeene, kkk.

  16. Mujahid Mohamed Kaahin speaks the truth and stated what is necessary and required now, what has happen happened.

    Xaqsoor has to reconsider its inflexible position and join to kulmiye party on one fundamental condition to bury the hatches– Mujahid Hassan Esse to be Kulmiye’s sole candidate for the presidential race in 2015. After all Xaqsoor’s constituent were part and parcel of Kulmiye party and seeds on the ground were the same stocks in the first place since overwhelming majority of Xaqsoor supporter were voted for kulmiye in 2010.

    I perceived this move in the interest of Somaliland security, stability and justice. I perceived it also as a move that rectifies and soothes all aftershock election plights in a substantial manner. Hassan Esse Jama with full Kulmiye backbone is what Somaliland, any way you look at it really needs.
    I urge Muj Muse biixi, Muj Mohamed Kaahin, MP Nacnac and alike to work on this line vigorously and realize that we are still in the midst of a very stiff struggle. Somaliland is a young emerging country in a very volatile region, and to place its candid interest a head of everything else is sacrosanct.

    Long live Somaliland as always

  17. tellmetruth,

    I'm not that small minded to think any Somali is superior to another. In fact, we share the name Somali and any bad reflection of it is not good for all Somalis. But the fact remains that your frame of reference is always from a conflict disposition. You never ask the question in different way and if you do your answer comes from the same inherent disposition in you (you meaning Somalia people). What will go wrong for the rest of Somalia is Somaliland goes alone? Unity makes us stronger or we have enemies is not an answer as it's comes from the same disposition that I'm talking about which views everything as conflict between us and them!

    Also, the fact remians unless you're blinding yourself to it that your attitudes have changed when we took interest in your affairs. Note: when I say we I mean Somalilanders across the board. I'm not here to indulge in your litle world of discussing tribes. I'm sure you'll find someone to entertain that. That's me being polite for once!!!

  18. Lifting the arms embargo form Somalia doesn't mean a thing to Somaliland. Because, you guys were defeated by two hundred SNM men armed with no more than AK-47 rifles, while you had all the military hardware imaginable. Arms doesn't mean anything if you do not have brave men, who will not turn their backs and run when the going gets tough.

    Let us say the arms embargo is lifted from Somalia, the question is who is going to pay for them? arms cost a hefty amounts of money and Somalia can not even pay for the salaries of its women-raping rogue soldiers.

    I grantee that arms embargo will be lifted from Somaliland before its lifted from Somalia.

    Somalia doesn't need arms it needs to import brains from somewhere else.

  19. @PuntlandGeezer(PIS) and all other BS promoters.

    Well contrary to your believe, I have met and have friends that are Isaaq who see themselves as Somalians not Somalilanders, they just refer Soamliland as the region they hail from. Also I have some who adhere to Somalland secessionist views, yet we joke and criticize each other all the time. yet my pro-Somalilanders friends never ever go to the extent of calling for the destruction Somalia or talk disrespect, as if they are Superior like some the people on this site. We simply just disagree and occasion argue about about the SL conundrum.

    Also I would like to say your hatred and bias towards towards Isaaqs are alarming and no use in the creating a healthy mindset for Somali society. The tribal card gets played on this site a lot, but believe me majority of the people just say these things out ignorance and lack of a proper argument or simply because they have nothing good or constructive to say. This site is a double edge sword because, sometime it can bring you down to point of the tribalism BS. We are humans and too much negativity can adverse effects on us. It's hard to changed minds that have been corrupt for far too long, but there's in the hope future. Unless you are one those people who enjoy the shambles are society is in.

    My lovely parents raised to be non bias to my fellow Somalis. As a child all they taught me was you are Muslim and then a Somali. Because they knew i would learn tribe affiliation and all that come with it sooner or later (there is no escaping it). I shall retain that ideology for the sake of my child and my future children. I know it seems bleak at the moment but inshallah if we keep the minds of our future generations free of this tribal bias and disunity. Inshallah one day there will be a strong and united Somalia, with free thinking minds, that are not damaged by tribalism. As I have stated in the past, tribalism is a disease which the Somali people suffer from, and the only cure is from within.

    To all the Somali people remember this.

    Fist your are a Muslim, then you are Somali and after those two things then you are ( fill in the blank).

    Use the deen to guide you and only take the best of your culture. But leave behind all the negative things of your culture, because it will only harm you and your people.

    I am not perfect and will never be. Also I am liable to make the same mistakes as others. But this what I use to remind myself of being better.

    • Yeah you are right we are Muslim that's the most important thing,if you really understand that then you shouldn't have a problem with us somalilanders being different from the south,we can be u tied as brothers but as too different countries,the border is already there,you just need to accept and move on

  20. What's with all the hate towards somaliland,at the end of the day we are all brothers and sisters,if they chose there own path you should be happy for them,they also set a good example by achieving peace since the civil war so somaliland has proven to be a success,instead of saying you are not on the map?which is what the Kufar care about you should look at the bigger picture,inshallah one day you all wake up and realise because this hatred is making us more and more distant when we are brothers in Islam,inshallah they become two great countries who work together!! If England and America can do it why can't we as Muslims?