5 February, 2013 On behalf of the Union for National Salut (USN) I am writing this letter to the international media to condemn the arbitrary arrest of the leader of the Movement for Democratic Renewal and Development (MRD) and spokesman of the USN, Mr. Daher Ahmed Farah (DAF).

The latter was summoned three times by the gendarmerie brigade in the city of Djibouti since he came back to his country. According to the gendarmerie, the first two times were for the payment of a penalty for damages, a penalty of three million and five hundred Djiboutian francs (3,500,000) which was paid on 29 January 2013 by DAF. Today, 5 February 2013 DAF was summoned for the third time by the gendarmerie which decided to arrest him for no apparent reason. This practice is so common in Djibouti, a country where people are living under an oppressing dictatorship.

There is neither freedom of speech nor freedom of thoughts. The population is living in constant fear, the fear of being arrested and tortured because they dared to oppose the regime and claim their human rights.

This fear has started in 1977 with the first president of Djibouti and since then things got worse. It is time to put an end to this chaos and it is time to overthrow this regime of terror for the national salvation.

Therefore it is crucial to spread awareness about the danger of such a regime in Djibouti.

Sincerely, Maydane Okiye +25377854946 info@lavoixdedjibouti.com Member of the MRD et Journalist (Reporter) of the Lavoixdedjibouti.com


  1. Gelle,

    There is a dictum that says "give the devil his due." Arbitrary arrest and things of that sore wer what caused the downfall of all Dictators and thei stooges. A leader who cannot lead himself aright, cannot lead a nation aright. The wonderment is that there are dictators who know exactly what is good for his country when the grassroots are lost. Fact is that not any leader is a leader, like you, Mr Gelle and Siilaanyo

  2. LOL Hanad

    Silanyo achieved his post via fair and free ELECTION process something unknown in the rest of Africa.

    Ahmed M. SilanyoAbdirahman SayliciKULMIYE—–266,906[49.59%]
    Dahir Riyale KahinAhmed Yusuf YasinUDUB———178,881[33.23%]
    Faysal Cali WarabeMohammad RashidUCID———–92,459[17.18%]

    Come back when you move on FROM a SELECTION process using 271-Maximum votes to 1man 1vote systems that give voice to the Majority.

    We all now in a 1man 1vote system Farmaarjo would now have been your true President!!!

    • Lol Buuxiye,

      Agree that Siilaanyo was elected in a one-man-one-vote election. But winning an election is at least a temporary eleation, a few days celebration before the cycle of weakness and failure reverses direction.The paradox of Siilaanyo's triumph to the higest post of Somaliland is that change is often more diffcult to make than failure. The true picture of Somalialnd reads now differently. The simple reason is that the concept of ruling avenues becomes tortured poetry in night and days; there is doubt, thee is meditation, there are mentors and there ar obligations and duties that exist beyond the threshold of ruling and national responsiility. If the man (Siilaanyo) who was elected to heal the wonds, holds the scalple with a wavering hand, how Somaliland future would like? Suggest that you think intellectually rather than emotionally, if you try to reply to me. .

      • You have every right to oppose silanyo and i have no right o deny your right to oppose the man if he is your President. However you speak of silanyo and Somaliland as an external commentator who is neither interested in the well being nor the improvement of it's political circumstances.

        Even if i agreed with you silanyo is head of state for 4million people he arrived by vote and he will leave by vote. Nothing is achieved if you focus on personal attacks on the man, in addition the circumstances of somaliland however complicated will not change with mere criticism.

        Like wise i tend to avoid judgement on Gelle for similar reasons. His people love him and he is able to walk among them and dine and dance among them and y them i mean the majority. After all Democracy is a political system where the majority steer the nation on the trajectory of Majority consensus.

        On personal levels they both could be greedy, bitter and vengeful men but if they are good to the majority as a result the minority must use the legal avenues available to fight their causes.

        If Gelle chooses to remain in power until he dies it is the power of the Majority that will keep him in office not because he demands it so.

  3. The future of Djibouti would depend on how long the one party strong rule of IOG would
    continue to be in good control…much would depend in the upcoming Parliamentary elections???
    and much would depend after President IOG exits the parties power base? and much would
    depend what type of relationships would be established between the Hargeisa-Djibouti Govts?

  4. The problem of Djibouti is same as Somaliland and Somalia. Too much Qabil Opposition can not success until they integrate all qabil ( Issaq, Samaron and Afar) in their party because only major clan Isse take all position and so Opposition is seen as tribal party with only greedy men. IOG and his ruling party used so often that therefore all system need to be fixed, Ruling and opposition party with more freedom from one side and other better representation and leadership.