Zeila, Jul 4, 2009 — Nine Yemeni nationals along with their two boats have been seized in the Zeila area of Somaliland. The six Yemeni men stand accused by the Somali authorities to smuggle people from Somalia to Yemen.

After this news reached Yemen the Yemeni security forces in Dubab arrested a Somali livestock trader and three Yemenis to press the six Yemenis free. Yemeni fishermen and livestock traders suspended their work in Dubab to avoid any further arrest and demand now from the Yemeni authorities in Dubab to swiftly free the Somali livestock trader as a first step to solve the issue and release all captives.

The news came while the recent incident in which two Yemeni fishermen have been killed and another one was wounded by international anti-piracy warship, which fired at their boat in the Red Sea, has not been clarified. Abdu Mrwani and Mohammad Najai were killed and Ahmed Marwani was seriously wounded when a Russian warship fired at their boat in the Red Sea off the Sudan coast.