Hargeisa, 4 July 2009  — Mr. Donald Payne should learn from Somaliland the secrets behind the failed peace at somalia& should forget his Word “unacceptable!!” when expediting Peace in a volatile and highly vulnerable Region, particularly to a sovereign Nation that is not part of the turmoil !!

With due respect to the Chairman of the foreign Relations Committee in the US Congress, Mr. Donald Payne, who blamed Somaliland’s Foreign Minister Mr. Abdillahi Mohamed Dualeh in declining to an invitation sent to the Minister by this Congressional Committee over a tri-partite Meeting at Washington between Sheikh Shariff’s TNG Gov’t, Somaliland and Puntland.

We have long ago advised the International Community, whatever efforts they invest on the ex-Italian Colony, will be doomed to failure, because of a very concrete and very substantial reason of deligating the same ethnic cleansers who destroyed that country to the reconciliation process and confessing to have given them immunity!! Mr Payne, Why is America Fighting Al qa’idah if th same Gov’t extends red carpet reception to the most notorious Generals of Afghanistan, who had been the prime reason of the systemic destruction of that Country? Should we still dance over a technically non-existent democracy at least for the third World on UN current terminology!!? We talk of UN court on Crimes against Humanity, when the very General who ordered the ethnic cleansing of the Issacs and the bombarding of Somaliland cities by Fighter bombers stationed at every city there, is given a save- heaven in the US and recently was invited among other human flesh butchers and war criminals to Washington for a consultation!!

Sir, Somaliland had a long history of friendship with the United States, We do have the same respect for the Gov’t and the American people as well.

The Senator used the term “Unaccptable” to Somaliland’s decline to attend that meeting, which was a diplomatic excess in lieu of a sovereign International Community, who are beyond the dictations of any foreign Statesman!! Mr Pane, The International Community did try 14 Reconciliation conferences on Somalia, did form four Governments for Mogadishio at foreign Countries, where three had failed and Shariff’s Gov’t is in agitation now, while non had been done for Somaliland!!

Much amusing for his excillency, Eastern Timor Govt, and Eriteria Gov’t, who are both members of the UN Organization acquired their International recognition through Armed Struggle like Somaliland, Had restored their independence from already existing Nations as Indonesia and Ethiopia respectively like Somaliland, We are discriminated on Religious grounds then!!, because the international Community sprinkles us with praise and empty words, with-holding our recognition. Now which is unacceptable Mr Senator, the Somaliland decline over an impossible but doomed to fail meeting or the International Community’s blind search of a viable Solution among the very criminals who destroyed Somalia?

Further more, Somalia had been of two United Colonies of Britain and Itay respectively, there had been only two Regional Administrations, The Americans claim to be helping the TNG GOV’T when they invited the Sea Pirate Regional Administration of Puntland who happen to be a bit and Parcel of Shariff’s TNG Gov’t Alas!! is initiating Partitian of the TNG itself at the same time!! this too is very substantial!!. l think, the Senator had a political flap, but should he learn from Somaliland, the Mogadisho issue won’t take a few weeks to distiguish the fire there and to find a lasting Peace for Somalia. Somaliland won’t interfer other’s affairs , when deaf ears are being offered to it’s rightful International Recognition, sorry to say but Mr. Donald Pane should always know that Somaliland is not for Political Dictations!!.

The Somaliland Foreign Minister serve on the will of his People who trusted him to this job and he did what his people wanted but nothing against the honour of neither the US Gov’t nor that of it’s Congressional committee on Foreign Relations in person.

Dr. Ali A. Mohamed

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  1. Wow you guys still going on about Mr Payne, why? He is just a Congressman he doesn't represent the US foreign policy nor the American views, last time when Frazer came to Hargeisa did she change anything? The only people that can make change and Somaliland needs is you, stop wasting your time about Mr Payne I'm getting sick of all these calacaal.

  2. there is nothing called somaliland people, but there is something called somali people, and all of you better act like one

  3. Aw Gass

    Correct the grammer sxb these senators and their staffers are big on it, instead of using shot at and making it look like he was actually shot! You should write being shot at in the Mogadisho Airport prior to departing the city.

  4. Mr Payne deserves to be challenged and educated as he is ignorant about the politics of Somaliland and Somalia. Keep writting to him and to the media so he might lean something .