Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok said his country does not have any intention to enter into conflict with neighboring Ethiopia. The premier remark comes after a Sudanese army officer and a child was killed last week in cross-border attacks carried out by Ethiopian army forces and militiamen.

According to reports, Sudan’s Brigadier General Amer Mohamed al-Hassan, Sudan’s Army Force spokesman said that the attack was carried out as Ethiopian militiamen were resisted by the Sudanese troops to take water from Atbara river of Sudan.

The reassertion by Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok came as the country on Friday conducted a memorial event organized to remember civilians killed as the Sudanese military took forceful action to dissolve protestors who ousted former president Hassan Al Bashir home.

Prime Minister Hamdok was quoted by Ethiopian media as saying “Sudan was experiencing border disputes with its neighboring countries previously. But now it is not in a state of conflict with its neighbor Ethiopia.”

The friendship between Sudan and Ethiopia is interwoven with cultural, historical, and geographical ties and good neighborhood between their brotherly people.

“We have a strategic approach that helps us resolve our problems peacefully whenever dispute occurs among us,” Hamdok added,

Ethiopia and Sudan have been accused of launching attacks against each other due to border disputes.