HARGEISA, (Somalilandpress) — Telesom, one of the major telecommication carriers in Somaliland announced on Thursday the launch of the first environment-friendly and cost-effective solar-powered mobile system in the country.

Mohamed Isaaq, Marketing Director, Telesom Consumer said, Telesom was translating consumer demands based on the fact that 80% of the people in Somaliland  are pastoral communities who live without electricity or live in areas with unreliable access to power.

He added that Telesom wanted all people to stay connected in all areas of life and that nomadic groups were aware of the ticking time-bomb that comes with their lifestyle. Mr Mohamed cited, many nomads were already using their services but discovered some flaws in the system such as unable to recharge batteries.

Mr Mohamed said, they were the first company to unveil this services in the country and the system was custom made for them by an international firm.

Mohamed said that the mobile came at a fixed price of $30 US-dollars.

The company has already given out 25 mobile phones for trials and said so far it has been successful.
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Farah Sugal, Innovation Director (regional), said Telesom already had huge customers in the rural area but many were frustrated because they would often send their mobiles to big towns just to recharge. He said the process would often take days and some times weeks, and this was a huge problem to the network.

This is not the first time Telesom has unveiled new system to the country, in 2009, it launched the ‘ZAAD‘ services – mobile banking, making it the first African fully owned company to do so and the fifth in the world after Smart, MTN, Vodafone and Zain. ZAAD services also includes mobile remittance – an important lifeline for millions of Somalis in East Africa.

Telesom was recently invited to the Summit of the African Union (AU) on the theme; ‘Information and Communication Technologies in Africa: Prospects and Challenges for Development’ in the Ethiopian capital. Telesom show cased their services and products such as SMS, mobile banking and others that they have deployed in this unrecognized Somaliland.

Telesom is one of the leading and most respected names in Somaliland which not only continues to bring innovation and connect this unrecognized republic but also contribute to the development of the community.

Telesom funds many of the leading high learning institutions in the country as well as underprivilege students, funds and sponsors social events and brings awareness. They also contribute to the rehabilitation of roads and are currently the main investor of Borama-Dilla highway.

There is no official telecommunication regulatory body in Somaliland but all operators cooperate with Somaliland Telecom Operators Association where they agree on fixed prices and provide the information to the Ministry of Information.

The main telecommunication competitors in the country are Telcom, Telesom, Somtel, Africa Online (internet), Soltelc and NationLink. Fierce competition among the operators has driven consumer costs down for instance an international mobile call is as low as $0.30 per minute or less, six times lower than most African states.

Video: Keyse Business Centre (Hargeisa)

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Source: Somalilandpress, 21 February 2010


  1. am not really sure about this! i mean they only gave 25 phones for trial, what a joke!!!
    there is no way u can conduct a useful analysis based on only 25 objects, in this case mobile phones, what i am saying is telesom has no interest for whatsoever
    to create this service!! but if this is done properly this could be very useful.
    there is probably lots of obstacle to be overcome. and the nr.1 is the price!!
    there is no way a Somalian nomad could afford 30$ so make it atlest 15$

    then we,re talking!
    sincerely the president of Greenland.

    • hahahahaha what a joker, the president of greenland, I know what you mean but Somaliland is only 3.5 million people and 25 phones for trial isnt much but we dont need more to know it we are that efficient and fast.

      You under mine us Somalis, we have some of the best telecom services in Africa and we know what we are doing.

      So my friend the facts speak for themselves and now we will have solar powered phones so we aint ahead we not far behind.

  2. Indeed good news. This is a sign of the development, progress and the stability prevailing in the country.

  3. It's excellent news, Telesom continues to lead in innovation and promises to it's customers and fellow country men and women.

    We are with you Telesom and please continue in that direction.

    By the way how much is Telesom worth? What is your annual revenue?

  4. LOL… The president of greenland can't spell The word number, he spells it Nr instead of no. I wonder what greenland does.

  5. Greenland is probably Bugland lol

    Seriously we need to move away from cash only society to plastic since our money is too much to carry around

    • What do you mean by plastic I agree our money needs to be redesigned, these guys at the so called Somaliland Central Bank dont think at all, they are like Somalia. They do not innovate nor think of doing things new ways they just go to the same old way every day just like Somalia. I like changes.

      I like the design of the Australian currency, if you never seen one I suggest you ask your local Bank for $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 Australian dollars. The best design currency in the world in my opinion, it's made from special plastic so it never gets worned out this is what Somaliland needs since people keep the money in their homes and some times it rains and gets wet.

      You can put Aussie Dollar even in the washing machine still be like new.

      So I suggest we get one similar perhaps it's very expensive but very nice currency.

      Anyways well done to Telesom maybe they will innovate our currency too 🙂

  6. This shows that the Somalilanders are both innovative and enterprising. They understand that modern day communications are essential and are absolutely necessary for all the citizens whether urban or in the country side and that is why the solar powered mobile phones introduced for the benefit of all.

  7. ShakaZulu good one let Telesom redesign the Somaliland currency ha ha good one what is next let Dahabshiil run the Arm Forces.

    • Why not sxb do you not know that private firms print the US currency and other currencies in the developed world? They give contract to the firm that can deliver and can come up with the best currency not only in design but as well with it's security features and other aspects of it.

      The US Reserve bank is run by private firms such as JP Morgan etc.

  8. I am old enough to remember that in the old Somalia you had bribe someone to get a telephone number!!..Innovation and enterprise in a stable country can do wonders. That in essence is Somaliland.

  9. Well done Telesom, this is why you have loyal customers because you always keep your promise and continue to innovate and improve the lives of millions.

    Keep going

  10. Is it "Solar-powered" or Battery-powered with a Solar charger? Hence; Solar devices have been there for decades, they were used for charging batteries that supply power to variate of other electronic devices.

    I think this is an empty sales claim, and could counter with its intended purpose.