I. Introduction After a bloody civil war, in January 1991 Siad Barre’s Twenty-one-years regime was over thrown in Somalia. The Northern Half of Somalia Declared its Independence as the Republic of Somaliland in May 1991. This outline summarizes the main arguments for the propriety of such a declaration and its recognition as an independent state under international law. A thorough study is under preparation.

The State of Somalia, which came into existence in 1960, resulted from a merger between two independent states, the Northern Somaliland, a British Protectorate and Southern Somalia, an Italian Trust Territory. General Siad Barre took over the administration in a coup in 1969 and led the country through a calamitous period of chaos and repression until he was deposed by the combined might of several liberation movements such as the Somali National Movement (SNM), which had been waging its battle against his regime since 1981. After his overthrow, the south has been a Hobbesian nightmare of inter clan fighting whereas the independent Somaliland remains the most stable region in the Horn of Africa.

II. Validity of Independence in Historical Perspective

Somali society is comprised of various clans such as Digil, Rahanweyn, Dir , Isaaq, Hawiy e, and Darood, and the dynamics of interaction between them determines the distribution of political power in Somalia.

1 The Legal Regime of State and Sovereignty

The primary issue is the extent to which the assertion of independence is a valid manifestation of sovereignty over territory and thus forms a legal basis for the formation of a state under international law. A survey of the applicable law reveals that the issue can be broken down into the question of the nature of Somaliland’s sovereign rights before and after the act of Union of 1960 and the extent to which this will be disparities of the viability of the Union.

2 Sovereignty under the Treaties of 1884 and the Act of Union of 1960

Britain signed formal treaties with the Somali Clans in 1884. These treaties were specifically intended to ensure the maintenance of the Independence of the Somali clans and did not cede any territory to Britain. Further, the treaties were also of a provisional character. The nature of the treaties leave no doubt at all that the Somali clans retained a large measure of sovereignty. The capacity to conclude treaties is itself an attribute of international personality. Old international law may have considered such treaties as not international, but the contemporary standards exhibited by the World Court in the Western Sahara case in 1975 reject such views. As a result, the Somali Clans existed a s international persons.

The two territories were independent countries with no links between them. There was no unifying force from within. On the contrary, two external factors served to bring ab out this precipitate union. The first was the proposal by the British Foreign Secretary Mr. Bevin in 1946 to create a “ Great Somalia”. The second was the cession of the Haud and Ogaden to Ethiopia by Britain in 1954. Both served as stimulants of national identity. When the union was signed there were a number of legal loose ends. Since both th e North and South were Independent countries, they could unite only by an international treaty as in the case of the Germanys. Such a treaty was never signed.

The Somaliand “ North” passed a “ union law” which did not have any legal validity in south and the constitutional requirements regarding the election of the President were never completed. Conscious of such legal loopholes, the National Assembly attempted to remedy the situation by passing a retroactive “union” law in January 1961. The absence of the leg al basis for the union is clear and convincing. Furthermore, the North “Somaliland” decisively rejected the draft constitution in a referendum evidencing a permanent rift between north and south.

III-Arguments for Independence under Contemporary International law

1-Violation of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

It has always been an accepted rule that oppression, including the deprivation of basic rights such as right to life, justifies secession. Hugo Grotius mentions that a ruler who shown himself to be the enemy of the people can be deposed and vittles emphasizes that the primary duty of the ruler is to safeguard the welfare of the citizens and once he/she violates that cardinal rule, he can be deposed. In International law, human rights are embodies in various treaties such as the International Bill of Rights and are also acknowledged to be rules of jus cogent. Accordingly, there is a right to secede from a state, if the political establishment engages in such gross and grave human rights violations including genocide. This finds support among many jurists. The test to determine the extent of deprivation of human rights and the legitimacy of secession is whether a group is being targeted due to its ethnic, cultural of other unique characteristic.

The regime of General Siad Barre “ Afweyne” practiced genocidal attacks on the Northern Clans, especially Isaaq. The bombing and shelling of two cities in the North Hargeisa and Burao alone killed 50,000 and another 2,000,000 fled to Ethiopia. African Watch reports that inhuman practices were committed on woman and children. Most of the people killed or displaced were Isaaq. The government forces also looted everything and laid over a million land mines in the North “Somaliland”. Several U.S. government documents including the State Department’s Human Rights Reports attest to the massive violations of human rights such as rights to life and habeas corpus. Under these circumstances the SNM and the people in the North “ Somaliland” had a legal right under international law to at in their self-preservation.


Article one of the International Bill of Rights refers to the right to self-determination, as does the U.N.Charter in Article 1 and 55. The principal questions here are however, whether the right to self-determination is applicable in Somalia and if it is, whether it will entitle Somaliland to claim independence. There are sound reasons why the right to self-determination should be conceded to Somaliland. First, one of the reasons behind Somaliland’s assertion of Independence is the incompatibility between northern and southern regions. The incompatibility arises from distinct colonial experiences, which contribute, to a unique identity. Where the reason for self-determination claims lay in historical experiences that are grounded in colonialism, there is no reason to deny the right to the people who wish to exercise it. Second, when the assertion of self-determination does not result in changes in international boundaries and does not pose a threat to inter-state peace, it ought not to be denied to achieve the short-term goal of doctrinal uniformity. Somaliland has expressly stated that it accepts the boundaries of the British protectorate in 1960. Third, when the assertion of self-determination is more conducive to inter-state peace, its validity is strengthened manifold. It is to be noted that Somaliland has the potential of solving longstanding regional disputes with Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti, due to its acceptance of colonial borders and close ties with Ethiopia.

Finally, legal right of self-determination arises upon the abuse of the political principle of self-determination. In this connection two related issues have to be remembered. First, North “ Somaliland” had overwhelmingly rejected the unified constitution in a referendum. Second, the U.N. practice of conducting plebiscites prior to desalinization, as in the case of British Togo land. Under these circumstances, right to self-determination appears to be applicable to Somaliland. The exercise of such a right should also enable it to claim its independence.

IV. The Arguments for Recognition

1. The legal nature of recognition

Old International law settled questions of title by the tool of recognition. Theories such as “declaratory” and “constitutive” were used to debate about the nature and function of recognition. However, in contemporary international law, recognition alone is not dispositive in determining the legal status of states. Other norms of a humanizing character have entered the process of making states. To the extent however, that recognition enables a people to internationalize their claims, it is useful.

A head count of all authorities’ shows that the declaratory view prevails, that recognition only confirms the fact of existence of a state. It is not practical politics to refuse to recognize a state if it possesses attributes of statehood. The attributes of statehood as laid down in the Montevideo convention are a government, territory, defined population and a capacity to enter into international relations. It is evident that Somaliland possesses all the attributes of statehood. Its distinct people occupy their traditional territory and the government has effective control over the population.

Under these circumstances, the recognition of Somaliland is an international imperative.

2. Conformity with international law

As indicated above, Somaliland has renounced territorial claims on other countries that the earlier Somalia had subsumed under its banner of “ Greater Somalia “. It has accepted the colonial borders. As is well known, Somalia irredentism was a major source of in stability on the Horn of Africa and its removal paves the way for peace stability and prosperity in the region. Furthermore, the acceptance of colonial borders is in accordance with the OAU policy. Fears of balkanization as a result of the recognition of Somaliland are unfounded since no new border is being created as in fact, for the first time colonial borders troubled borders are those of Somaliland. Lastly, the International community is under an obligation to recognize because of the obligation to protect and promote human rights under Articles 55 and 56 of the U.N. charter. Only international attention can assist the fledgling state to stand on its own feet.

V. Conclusion

The Birth of Somaliland is an inevitable result of a distinct colonial experience. It is also the result of extreme economic exploitation and human suffering. The irredentist policies of Somalia also contributed to the alienation of the northern population, which never acceded to the union in the first place. While the past cannot be undone, the international community has a rare opportunity to bring peace and prosperity to the Horn. By a single act of recognition, it can end the sad sage of human suffering; enhance the prospects for peace in the region by putting an end to the Greater Somalia concept, and en able the people of Somaliland to reclaim their future.



  1. all this arguments that you putted forward, their legality and whether somaliland has water tight case or not does not matter as long as the world AND Somalia are against it. a perfectly genuine country like Sudan can be splitted up by the consent and pressure of Sudan and the world respectively. a region like Somaliland like that was separate country for 4 days while waiting their other somalia to get independence will never get recognition simply because THERE IS NO NEED FOR IT in the eyes of the world. why? because is there a conflict in that region that need drastic action to split them up so they dont fight ? no! somaliland region was peaceful for 20 years and shall continue undeer the faithfull leadership of his excellence donkey herder and president of Somalia and his proxy prime minister shirdoon "saacid"

    is there race conflict like in sudan? no all somali!

    are they fighting on religious conflict? no they are all Muslim suni!
    is the land so big like in the arab world that it can not be ruled from one place? no somalia is very small. the arab countries straddle accross three continents from egypt and sudan in africa to saudi in asia and libya and morroco on the edge of Italy AND Spain in Europe.
    are there race

  2. No Question Somaliland's time as Sovereign Nation will come Once Again as the World debates its case in future and upcoming AU/UN conferences. Long LIve Somaliland

  3. Aren't you tired of the same writings? We know, 1960, 1969, siyad barre and 1991, i guess you're sensing that the whom you call somalilander are beginning to give up and you just want to refule their adrenaline.

    I suggest we should call your country BBH
    That stands for the 3 somali cities your clan mainly resides in;
    It doesn't make any sense to say somaliland next to somali republic
    Just make it obvious guys so that the people might see your case. Otherwise if you kept your cards close to your chest, people will not sympethise with your doomed project.
    You have no right what so ever to impose your own rules on other cities that may have deviated from the orriginal plan;
    Nabad and Caano booro

  4. Oh my I am tired of this never ending calacaal, 1960 this, Siyad bare did this. There is nothing called British somaliland it ceased to exist the day the union was signed there is no room to backpaddel. Even in the American civil war the southern states were not allowed to secede after they joined the union, sadly even if we have go to war again to preserve the union of the Somali Republic we will do it. Secondly, we the D-block are genius, we single handly prevented the so called somaliland by immediately creating the counter balance know as Puntland & now Khatuum State of Somalia inside the so called former British Somaliland. Lets see who is gonna recognized 3 small & dusty cities in Somalia, Checkmate….!!!!!

    • I am equally tired and rather find them embarrassing as an Isaaq that they continue to cry about Siad Bare for that long. They need to man up and if they feel they got mistreated revenge for it instead of crying in isolation and becoming more vunerable to future attacks. Right now they are so weak that they can't even defeat two horsemen in Hudun…I am concern for the cry babies.

      I have affected them so much so that the separatists have blacklisted the name "Kayse" from all their villages and the reason is simple. Isaaq kids are saying to themselves…look here is Kayse, he is also Isaaq and is not shy nor afraid to tell the truth and no longer cares about the feelings of few widows….we should toughen up too and say enough is enough.

      See so many Isaaq kids feel obligated to hang around the widows but I tell them you don't have to. You have to live your lives and chase that dream, no longer are we going to cry beside the widows…we are freeeeeeeeee Isaaq kids, raise up and say no to the tribal system in Morgan's house.

      I admit I have isolated members of two sub-clans but I really don't care as they are insignificant to north Somalia's affairs.

      • Wallahi I feel you Keyse instead of the separators Isaaqs locking themselves in one room with no window they should have played big part in the running of the nation after the fall but it wasn't to be they keep mourning and gushing about stuff that happened more than a generation ago, I admit that the regime in Mogadishu did indeed do horrible things in the north but we are not responsible for it as southerners because it was the dictatorship that did it and it did it to anybody whatever tribe or clan the regime saw so as threat to its rule and many so called anti Somali Isaaq leaders were apart of it.

  5. Somaliland talk is so 2012 and beyond. In 2013, Somali government got its full recognition from the IC and there is no need for autonomous regions to make noises…you simply failed in two decades and its time to do something new.

    Purpoted genocide against two sub-clans and the country collapsing are not reasons to recognize half of two towns as a state, please come up with something fresh and stop recycling the same argument that got you no where in 21 years.

    Who is ready to sign their life away and be stuck in limbo for another centuries while the rest of the Somali people reconstruct their lives and nation?

    Not me…and 80% of northern Somalis.

    • Kaysa,

      Where is the reconstruction going on? No one can even expect when that will start in Mogadisho, Do not you see the hate and divide and disintegration in Somalia? The downfall of Puntland has even begun. Kisamyo is still in trouble and the struggle between the native inhabitants and immigrants – darood – is going on. Where is the hope? where is the works began anew? Are you idiot and arrogant in every kind and shape? Hope so.

      • Hanad
        Wishful thinking Sir. Nothing is going to get destroyed in Somalia, Absolutely NOTHING!! As a matter of fact its looking towards a better future. The hole we were in yea were digging our self out it. On the other hand you people are going to be in the same place for the next ten years unless you adapt and recognize your surrounding and come to terms with the reality that's facing you. So stop lecturing us and look in your backyard Genius.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Listen! The turn coat Kayse, because, your Auntie was named to Failed State of Somalia as a foreign minister, cannot change one Iota of Somaliland sovereign. Did you forgot your Uncle Abdulraman Tuur, himself the found of current Somaliland State, when he left for Somalia did not dent the repeatation of Somaliland at all let alone unknown figure like Fowzia? To the contrary, the recognition of Somalia by IC is a blessing from the sky for Somaliland. Because for the first time in 21+ years time, now finally, Somaliland may have a Country that it can negotiate with fully. It takes two to tangle.

    • international recognition you made me laugh you all don't have a functioning govt in1991 till now and also the recognition is no you use if you can't control your country alone and you are seeking the african troops help . But somaliland a functioning government and without recognition we build your country and the people of somaliland have suffered a lot because of you all somalia . because the government in the mid 1980's they have killed around 50,000 people and they were somalilanders . have you all asked your self a question why you all are fighting because this is punishment from allah you all have not given our right as a independent state that we gained in 26 jun 1960 .

    • Who are the 80% of Northern Somalis are you talking about? I don't know where did you find your statistic. The most important is self determination if recognition come through it will be a bonus. We majority of SOMALILAND are happy with what's going on in SOMALILAND not listening the Diaspora society who had run away from reality on the ground and living comfortably abroad. Mr Negative you are always waiting for an article from this press for you to spread poisonous and lies. I thought you are the few who were privileged under previous administration of your uncles Murderous Sayyid Siyaad Bare LA and Sayyid Morgan LA (Sayyid = Prophetic Connection with following the footsteps of another Murderous Sayyid Mad Mullah). Although you are deluded to claim otherwise.

  6. Seriously I had enough of the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) BS the solution I can see is through war.

  7. Somaliland is here to stay and its residents are willing to give life and limb for it. Somalia is not our enemy only p cu ntalandia etc. The Somalia president has already come out in support of Somaliland and has said he will go after war criminals. Thats why in MN a certain clan was busy protesting against him. lol

    Somaliland and Somalia will move on together and your ilk wont harm the somali name and people anymore. Forward brothers!

  8. Somaliland is gone you fools keep clutching your straws.you shoulndt be betting on keyse the internet warrior cuz he now’s in the real world well make him eat the ground. We come we see we conquer laascaanood my newest deegan added to the repertoire set by my great ancestors. Puntland wont move an inch cuz they now how we get Down.

  9. Folks, with all the comments vices and pros, I fully support the argument for recognition of the
    de jure Somaliland Republic as clearly portrayed by this highly respected Somalilander strong advocate. In all the international norms, I couldn't agree to say more on the subject matter.
    It's now upto Great Britain, the AU, The French and the EU, the US, the AL/OIC, the UN, and the other
    IC world powers to find a way forward for the recognition and full membership of the UN, for
    the internationally well justified purview case of this great nation and Country.
    Long live Somaliland.

  10. Folks, just a minor observation. Aint Digil and Jareer known as Rahanweyn?, so goes
    Rahanweyn(Digil,Jareer), DIR,Isaaq,Hawiye???…still all Somalians political alliances
    rotates on Darod and DIR. Here Rahanweyn, DIR,Isaaq,Hawiye team up as one solid block DIR.
    Therefore, all Somalians lyk the TUTSI,HUTSI, that's how the Somalians 5star(Somaliweyn) Ball
    Games operates.

    • No you don't know what hell you're talking about. Rahanweyn is not jareer. Second let me borrow a phrase from you Long live de jure Somali republic

      • Recognition of the Road-Map Somalia-federation and it's constitution destroys any hope of Somali-Republic.

        Somalia is only 50% of Somali-Republic this is one step closer to a 2-STATE solution.

        🙂 Road-Map process only included Somalia-Italia if you paid attention. Gerowe-1 and Gerowe-2 Refused to accept anything called Khaatumo since they believe you are part of puntland.

        Are you now claiming that Khaatumo failed and you NOW accept being part of PUNTLAND?

        This is funny Sii lula soo lula… naasuhu idinkuma daalaan?

  11. There is no such country called "Somaliland" there is however northern regions of the Republic of Somalia – the only political entity recognised by the international community. Please read all UN resolutions and you will see how the international community is determined to safeguard the sovereignity and territorial integrity of that republic. The international community is supporting the emerging federal institutions. Sometimes nations go through tough times (civil wars etc) as the USA did only to come out wiser and stronger. So the Hargeiysa secessionist should join the federal bandwagon before it is too late. It is only the idealogue who are brainwashing people; brothers and sisters in the north would like to join their southern brothers. Why would Aniis ask a poor family in Hargeisa to pay taxation/tariff for a banana exported from Kismayo which could happen if his "Somaliland" is recognised, when that poor family could enjoy that banana without tarifs if she stays with her extended family in the south?!!!!

    • Road-Map Government and constitution does not concern Somaliland-Republic. Those in somaliland that are hungry for some Bantu are welcome to move to Muuqdishu or Kismanyo… Just do not return.

      🙂 Bantu Fever is at an all time high.

      • Buuxiye, becoming retarded by the day. Calling the south bantu shows how actually retarded you are. There are more Somali people in the South then in North-west Somalia. Even the people of Djibouti call Mogadishu, the capital of all Somalis. What seems to emerge is, that almost half of the Is@@q people in north-west Somalia are half Ethiopians. No wonder why Ethiopians are flooding there. No wonder why Berbera is called Ethiopia's port. Have some dignity for yourself you Ethiopian ass licker.

    • Sade,

      You are far from reality, and unaware of what UN role is. UN do not have the role to recognize governments not the responsibility to dictate. That Obama and his administration recognized Somaliaa does not make sense to Somaliland. Your appeal to Somaliland to join with Somalila is like a dog chasing its won tale. The world knows well who Somalilanders are, what they are able to do and what they want. No one would like totake lightly this fact, let alone poor Habardugaag people! So be careful about what you say>

      • !hanad

        let me tell you something! we are not appealing somaliland to join somalia. somaliland is already in somalia. the world recognized us as somalia from saylac raskamboni to r caseyr. kapiish?

        we are happy where you are. if you are running behind worlords that steal berbera revenue keep going. we have the power to dictate how the world interacts with somaliland. once the navy is restored we will control the red seas as well. in the meantime keep tinking that you are a separate country!

        • Wanleweyn

          your says it all that you are who are. Time will only tell that I am telling the truth. Your hallucination will not help you. so keep hallucinating. Heroes are those who defeated Wanlawyne and their Masers!

          • So far everything we said came out, but you on the other hand, have been chanting ''Somaliland'' and no single country, and I means single country, have recognised your Is@@qland. While the world recognised from Saylac to Saskamboni as Somalia. So who is hallucinating?

          • 🙂 20,000 AU troops protecting Your people's Manhood cause you people do not have the ability to remove a small shabab problem???

            Please come to my land i will feed you to hyenas 🙂

            I want to see a day when you can stand on your own feet and defend your own country without help… then i will worry, until then Kenya and Ethiopia crosses your borders without permission and your Presidents find out a week later he has been invaded.

            You are still failed in my view until the 20,000 Au colonial force leaves 🙂 which is never. You will never be allowed to build a strong army to become a threat to NFD or Kilil. Keep dreaming.

          • Feed your starving people first. At least the South had an excuse for why some of them ar starving. What excuse do you have? Ow I know, you were too busy chewing khat and chanting ''Somaliland''. Not knowing that you wasted 20+ years of peace. The reconstruction Mogadishu faced last year alone, has never been achieved in Hargeysa. No wonder why the IC finds you guys useless.

          • This is the reason why the Isaaq tribe fought the government of Somalia; to carve out a country for their tribe, to wipe out other tribes and to do as they please in the region. They were high ranking officials in Siyaad Barre government and immensely benefited from his administration but they wanted more and established the SNM rebel movement. They display contempt for ethnic Somalis and kiss the feet of non Somalis, hoping for international recognition, to no avail. They have been at war with all Somalis and I think eventually all Somalis in the Horn of Africa will have to face this tribe.

    • You Seems to lack the history of Somalia or either your ignorant of knowledge of the formation of Somali Republic.. secondly Banana is not a staple food any way.

  12. Somaliland is here to stay forever whether you like it or not. Down with the envious sick people! you are in the trash of history.

    • If anything you are sick. How can you (Is@@qs) who are just 1/3 of north west somalia, decide for that region? And not only decide, but claiming to be democratic, while the parties, candidates, voters all hail from Is@@q. And then lie, by claiming that everyone in that region took part of it.

    • Have the balls to say Is@@qland instead of hiding behind the so called Somaliland. For 20 years you didn't get, and you think now that Somalia is a functioning sovereign country, you will get Is@@qland? The over 50 Dir seats in the Federal Republic of Somalia parliament should tell you where things are heading you. The Ic and the Federal Republic of Somalia is giving attention to union Dir's from now. No more airtime for you separatists.

  13. No force can stop or stand against peoples' demand, desire and determination. Faint hears cannot revive unity
    Do not cry for the moon. Somaliland will never return to what was formerly known as Democratic Republic of Somalia. Greater Somaliland is dead, a thing of the past.

    • Who is seeking Greater Somalia you idiot? We just don't want Somalia to broken into two by some minority separatists like you, that's all.

  14. The Ethiopian stooge (SNM) need to be taught a harsh lesson I say let's just invade Hargeisa and get it over with once and for all. what do we got to lose? we have absolutely nothing to lose. I, for one, believe we should not just sit with my arms crossed and do nothing while the Ethiopian stooge (SNM) expanding its presence in sool, sanaag and cayn which I believe is a threat to our country's existence. Obviously Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has problem of his own like dealing with Al shabaab, murder, rape and corruption etc.

    But there are thousands and thousands of somalis who are willing to fight for their country and who are not afraid of dying. Take an example of al shabaab youths before they became an al qaeda stooges. Somalis Youths as far as from minnesota, london, stockholm joined to boost Al shabaab campaign against the 60,000 thousand strong Ethiopian invaders in a bloody battle.

    • 🙂

      There is no Somali History where Majareers have ever Won a battle.

      – Kanadiid hired Yemen's to fight in his Mudug wars. Considering the coward arabs a man that pays them to fight for him must be more of a Coward then an Akhdam.

      – Mental-Mule Abdala-Hassan went to the ciise-mahamoud Majareers while he was searching for more warriors to die in his mental-wars. When he realized they were cowards he killed over 1000men in a single day by pushing them off cliffs. What idiots allow a foreigner to push 1000men at the same time in a file… dumb fokcers not one of them thought to run away??? bloody morons.

      – Boqor osman begged the Italians to kill the Madhibaans and take the farms from them and in exchange He would GIVE his Daughter Amina Boqor Osman… disgusting the Italia man was not even circumcised and you give your daughter to a Gaal just to steal land from the madhibaan.

      – Was is not the omar-mahamous Majareers who Siyad Barre let loose 1000-red berets in Mudug where they Raped every woman they could catch.1979. there are rumours that most Omar-mahamouds born in 1979-1980 are actually Marehaans. No wonder they hate each other.

      – Was it not Abdullahi Yusuf who attempted to fight Siyad's army will 100times more weapons and men then SNM and still Abdullahi Yussuf was the only survivor of his team where he then ran off to Ethiopia. 1978.

      – Punaniland has been claiming Laascaanood since 1998 and yet they have yet to liberate it from a hand full of dhulbahante.

      PuntGay you can dream all you like but i doubt there is a single man left in Bari, Nugaal or Mudug who is able to fight to defend the honor of your 2-towns you claim as a province. If you enjoy dreaming about hargeysa and you fantasize about having a wife in hargeysa i am sure i can arrange a pretty Oroma girl to help you fulfill your dreams i ain't gona deny you your little dream after all i have lookout for my fuley somali-Majareers.

      • crazzy creature buxis.kk,

        First, look your own BACKYARD , somaliland region 45% it's fake territory is under dispute mainly tribas live there.

        Somalland region (isaq) vs khaatumo state, sool, sanaag regions dispute
        Somaliland region (isaq) vs Awdal state seylac dispute


        Puntland and Gulmudug TOTALY different.
        Azania and Jubbaland = the same

        • I will take you serious when you Muuqdishu no longer needs 20,000 Amisom to keep it safe!

          Do you believe Shabab is gone?

          Where are?

          – Dahir Cawys?
          – Abu Mansur
          – Cali Dheere
          – Fuad Shangole
          – Muktar rabo

          Shabab is in sleep mode don't forget Dahir Cawys was an officer in Siyad bare Army in the 1970ies he has survived 43-years changing strategy from a Kafir-Communist to long bearded head chopping fanatic. If he survived 43years then i assure you majority of Shababs young officers will survive the next 43 years. Right through to 2056 ideologies remain even when most young men involved die so long as one teacher remains to spread the word.

          Amisom mission's Christian led agenda and their puppet government is why the sleeper shabab will return without a shadow of a doubt maybe with a new name

          – Damu Jadiid for instance.

  15. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
    I do not think that Putland gay is going to come back in to this website ever ever again. See who is talking!!!!!

      • at least we are educated, millions of you darood filth flood our awdal to get educated. Also 99% of daroods are uneducated.

        • LOOOOOOOl Awdal, you mean the other way. We all know, you Is@@qs are goof for chewing Khat. For 20+ years you couldn't even make Hargeysa into city, instead of the village it looks like.

  16. (PG) Im also a Puntland State of Somalia citizen N Im against the idea of attacking Somaliland Northern of Somalia. They the have a right to keep their name “Somaliland”. No actions required at point towards them, time will change them.

    • dumb darood, you think you darood rats will do anything to somaliland, we will enslave your black asses to the middle ages.

  17. @sadeXtraodinare
    somaliland is 90%dirland we don't need a is faqash advice your stink advice is needed in cabud-waaq and gedo or else where in faqashland reer beediye

    • LOL miss lovely abaayo whats up I see you have bad blood against my people, you know without us there is no Somalia we are the brain and mind of the Republic thats why we single handily clipped the wings of the so called 3 small dusty cities by creating Puntland. As you know my uncle is once again the head of the government so if you dont fall in line we may as well finish what my other uncle started.

    • Miss, don't you know majority of Dir don't like the Idea of ''Somaliand''? Only HJ and view other half Ethiopians like you support the secession plan. Soon we will kick you all back to Ethiopia where you all belong :). We don't need Ethiopians in our land.

  18. The clan state Maamulka Somaliland must not talk or think to represent the peoples of Awdalland, Khatumoland and Maakhirland. If the isaaq want to secede, let them secede with cities where they form the majority. We don't need you. Who needs khat junkies? But leave alone our unionist brothers and sisters from gudabursi, issa, warsengali, dhulbant and some from isaaq as well. – Sade Xtraordinaire

    • daroods are flooding issaq cities as jaaryado my friend and you are talking about awdalland and fake things invented my daroods

      • Kaboon, honestly your must be a retard to still call me darood when I repeatedly told you I'm Sheikhaal.

        • Sheikhal were made langaabs in Ethiopia and Kismanyo. In Dadaab and Dolo Ado they are abused daily and given the status of untouchables even lower then the Akhdams of Yemen. Guess who is you abuser… hint the same people you belly dance for every day 😉

          You know about stockholm syndrome? Google it and you will understand why you love your enemy.

          You are suffering from it!

          • looooooool Buuxiye… Keep fabricating xaaar bro. Clearly you know nothing about Sheikhaal. Yes there is a sub clan called aw-qudub that live mainly in Somali region of Ethiopia, the same way many Is@@qs hail from Somali-Ethiopia region. Loobage (brother of aw-qudub) itself is buried in North-west Somalia. You've got Sheikhaal who hail from North-west Somalia, in case you didn't knew. About the abuse bs you talking about, just because you were abused doesn't mean Sheikhaals are, my friend. If I didn't knew nothing about my tribe, your bs trick might have worked. But unfortunately for you I know enough to dismiss your desperate attempt.

          • Buuxiye, yes a subclan called aw-qudub of sheikhaal hail from somali region of Ethiopia, the same way many Is@@qs hail from somali region of Ethiopia. In case you don't know, Sheikhaal The rest is again as bs as your ''Somaliland'' bs. If I didn't knew nothing about my qabiil, then and only then maybe you would have been successful in feeding me with such bs.

          • Looool Truth1 don't mind Buuxiye and disgraceful Kaboon, sheikhaal are well respected Somalis and most them of are religious leaders, my Quran teacher in Somalia when I was little was Sheikhaaal from Jigjiga the whole city respected him, now he's married to a local girl and have 5 kids Masha'allah,

  19. The clan state Maamulka Somaliland must not talk or think to represent the peoples of Awdalland, Khatumoland and Maakhirland. If the isaaq want to secede, let them secede with cities where they form the majority. We don't need you. Who needs khat junkies? But leave alone our unionist brothers and sisters from gudabursi, issa, warsengali, dhulbant and some from isaaq as well. – qouted by, Sade Xtraordinaire

    Well said bro. The separatists time is over.

    • Wallhi darood boys are cry babies, all i hear from daroods is crying while their women leave islam in droves.

      • Kaboon…Gosh, how many times do I have to tell you I'm Sheikhaal you retarded imbecile. Every time someone talks against Is@@qland you seem to justify by saying walaweeyn, darood or faqash.. Dammn, come with argument or keep your retarded mouth shush

        • Thank you brother Truth1 & dont mind kaboon aka baboon he is half breed of Edna and a monkey.

        • Truthforfake don t play intellect becoz all ur comment are BS and u seem too obsess by Issaq clan. Boy u are Darood faqash and time of ur Master Barre is definitvely over. So u can cry on this website as much as u like, u don't gonna change situation. No more BS somalinimo love..

          • LOOOL Jama, you must be a retard. I'm sheikhaal-Loobage. Just coz one sub-clan of sheikhaal lives with Ogadeen, you think all sheikhaal live with them. Classic retard you are

  20. People of Somaliland don't blieve the idea of Somaliwayn and they have not supported eighter ,us Somalilanders we will not abonden our country and our sovereinty. Faqash children are still looking for their fathers remaining whose been killed in Somalilind late 80's and early 90's when SNM recaptured Somaliland. If you are thinking Somaliland is a softy touch it is not that easy and you will learn a Lesson.

  21. If the secessionists don't heed the advice of the big brother, no need of invasion, sanction them economically. They will escape from the barren triangle like Eritreans, this will not take long— guaranteed!.

  22. @ all the hard men’s running their mouths insighting violence from your comfortable chairs, cashing your benefits and in the mids of your miirgaan wake up and smell the coffee. Think about what your fighting about, your cities that does not have one fully functioning hospital or the broken towns or the roads that are full of pot holes. Why not each focus on your own region make something of it then have some to bargain with oooops I forgot you all are not real men. All your good at is playing herd behind your computer screen. Real men are those who are back home trying their best to make a diffrence to their contry. So leave Somaliland alone they are not telling you what to do they just want to make there home a better place and I suggest you do that to and finally @kaysa you are a classic ass.

    • I am not one of those people you describe I left my comfort house (London) long time ago and chosen the path of liberation.

  23. Who will recognize tw subclans who think Daroods are after them as a state? I tell them to stop the calacaal you bunch of naagoo

  24. Next move from Somali gov is to sanction the triangle enclave. Any outside country that operates with the border of somalia will be charged with operating unlawfully within the country..

    All the NGOs operate in somaliland must come to muqadisho to seek legitimization.

    • I guess you are ignorant?

      The international community arranged the London conference to prepare the End of the transitional period from may reason that were deemed beneficial to international concerns in areas of Security and people migration. a Recognized Somalia would make it possible to return many refugees and pirates who were otherwise enjoying a life of luxury even if in a foreign western prison. As part of the end of the transitional period Somaliland-Republic was consulted in given the platform to support the internationally beneficial process of creating a legitimate government of Somalia-Italia-federation.

      It was to be expected that the corrupt and immoral politicians who one day claim to being sheikhs and the next anything but morally-destitute would abuse their NEW found legitimacy to misguide their populations and create a state of unrest in the region. Somaliland-Republic's government was given certain assurances in the form of guarantees via a process of mediated talks with the Tfg and who so ever shall replace them.

      The single most significant aspect of the ongoing dialogue process creates a clear distinction between those who have replaced the TFG at the End of the transition process in this case the Road-Map government of Hassan Mahmoud & the government and territorial sovereignty of Somaliland-Republic. The international community has assured to support the dialogue process and accept any agreed upon relationship between the two independent governments.

      I believe this will forever prevent any Road-Map-official from claiming or gaining international acknowledgement of their claims over the entire Sovereign territory of Somaliland-Republic until and only until Somaliland-Republic and it's people voice their unanimous desire to relinquish their 18-May-1991 Re-independence.

      🙂 That is the fact on the ground and the 2-STATE dialogue process will continue along an EQUAL 2-STATE fashion. Any failure means each STATE plots it's own political path recognized or not…

        • Amirah we can notice you dont know Djibouti. First there is no Oromo Djiboutian only poor worker looking for job like in Hargeisa. Afar are minority compared to Somali who will always rule country specially Isse monopolozing power as no other clan in Somali territory. Djibouti was part of Somaliweyn don,( change rule now walanweyn..No more BS somalinimo..

          • Amirah o I forget there is also Bantu, Jarrer Barwani in Koonfur not really somali kkk. Same in NFD and Kil 5 half somali /bantu and habashi..Somaliland only full real somali lol

  25. what these warmongers are doing here,the chicks of AMESOM you families that you left behing in Mogadishu or rubbish south villages are being bombed and ridiculed by BANTU soldiers shame ON you fools, let your girls escape and have a way out or YOU will have million BANTU generation replace you dangling and begging in Europe or else where ……get down to the reality and think over your future this will not take you anywhere ..stop envy wishes to our progress ,our unity ,our success
    ,so sick men take the wicked off your mind ask Allah to help you not BANTU black African soldiers who has no way for you

  26. what these warmongers are doing here,the chicks of AMESOM your families that you left behing in Mogadishu or rubbish south villages are being bombed and ridiculed by BANTU soldiers, shame on you fools let your girls escape and have a way out or you will have million BANTU generation replace you while you are dangling and begging in Europe or else where ……get down to the reality and think over your future this will not take you anywhere ..stop envy wishes to our progress ,our unity ,our success.
    so sick men take the wicked off your mind ask ALLAH to help you not BANTU black African soldiers who has no way for you

    GAMES UP,,,,