HARGEISA, 1 March 2010 (Somalilandpress) – Since the international community often proclaims its opposition to terrorism in general, and al-Shabaab in particular, some readers may find the title of this editorial surprising, even counterintuitive. But we think the facts bear out our thesis. What are these facts? Well, it is true that the international community ritually makes statements against al-Shabaab and terrorism but their actual policies hurt Somaliland and help al-Shabaab.

How so? For one thing, the international community’s stance of not recognizing Somaliland has led to Somaliland’s diplomatic isolation and put Somaliland in a position where it has to fend for itself against terrorist activities without the benefit of the material and moral support that internationally recognized states receive to defend themselves from terrorism. Rather than helping Somaliland which is facing a serious terrorist threat, the international community has poured aid on Somaliland’s next door neighbor, Djibouti, which is using that aid to subvert and strangle Somaliland (the latest example of Djibouti’s anti-Somaliland activities is the article in the Saudi Arabian newspaper al-Riyadh, which has Djibouti’s fingerprints all over it, and which criticized the Saudi ministry of agriculture for importing livestock from Somaliland).

Second, the international community’s refusal to provide development aid to Somaliland has prevented Somaliland from accessing international grants and loans to re-build infrastructures such as roads and bridges. The international neglect validates the terrorist message that the international community in general, and Western countries in particular, want Muslims to live in miserable and intolerable conditions.

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Third, not only has the international community refused to extend development aid to Somaliland but even the efforts of Somalilanders to help themselves are being blocked by the international community. A salient example is the fact that Somaliland’s entrepreneurs are prevented from establishing a banking system in Somaliland because of the country’s unrecognized status which has led many businesses to locate their headquarters in other countries.

The international community has had two decades to correct its diplomatic, political, and economic abuse of Somaliland. Unfortunately, no such correction took place. Even the issue of piracy is being used by the international community to further isolate Somaliland and put it under Djibouti’s mercy. No wonder so many Somalilanders are fed up with the international community’s duplicity and double standards. This burgeoning and justified rage at the international community is making al-Shabaab’s message resonate with Somalilanders. The international community’s wrong-headed policies have already contributed to al-Shabaab’s control of most of the south. Similarly, the international community’s abusive policies toward Somaliland are increasing the appeal of al-Shabaab’s message in Somaliland. That’s what we meant when we said the international community is al-Shabaab’s best ally in Somaliland.

Source: The Somaliland Times


  1. The world is not serious about Al Shabab or the Puntland pirates, they want reasons to be on Somalia's coast, if there is no al shabab or pirates, then NATO and US ships have to look for a new spot to pretend they are patroling by first creating havoc.

  2. They're just fooling us. Al-Qaida and Al-Shabaab terrorist are American CIA made, even Bin Laden is a CIA general who pretends to be a great Muslim Sheikh. Because who are the Muslim nations that choose him to be a Muslim leader. The same as Al-Shabaab who's made for worsening Islam face as well as the powerfull Pirates.

    Although we're technology wise less educated but at least we can differ day light from the dark night!

  3. Al-Shabaab are stupid thugs who are pretending to be Sheik's
    if they are fighting for the diin why are they blocking un aid food
    to reach the civilians AL-SHABAAB ARE STUPID IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. bingo!!! , if we (somalilander) why our politican not use (The International Community Is Al-Shabaab’s Best Ally In Somaliland) as map road for our recognition ,and one more that either Djibouti or ethiopia They have to understand that!! their security starts from our recognition.

  5. No need for the international community!! lets start demanding recognition instead of asking for it!! And if anyone djibouti or whoever gets in our way lets bomb the hell out of them!! Enough is enough with people messing us about! and the UN should either recognize somaliland or get kicked out!! we don’t need the international community we’ve survived for 20yrs by ourselves and that just shows we only need eachother and no one else!! F it i’ve had enough of th international community messing us about!!

  6. Recognition is not everything and will not solve much of the problems our country faces, such as the widespread poverty and underdevelopment, high unemployment, endemic consumption of jaad, the non existent public health institutions, and the rise of mental health problems among our people. These are the issues that should be the top priority of any government. But our leaders just use the lack of recognition as an excuse to mask their utter incompetence and criminal negligence. We should demand they do their job properly or leave office for those who are competent and knowledgeable enough to take their place. In my opinion our leaders and their ''government'' is a waste of time. Get rid of all of them.

  7. Fowzi Kamal
    Somaliland has to be proactive and demand that international community should accord what they deserve and assist how Somaliland could achieve recognition, and if Israel is willing to be the first country to do just that let it be so. Somaliland had to give the United Nation an ultimatum either to base their offices in Hargeisa or otherwise close all UN offices in Somaliland. Somaliland achieved the impossible without much external help from anyone, she can do with them and relay its citizens as she did for the last 20 years. Yes was can do it. Let all work for the betterment of our country and not wait any longer and waist valuable time, the international community and in particular the Ethiopia government does not appreciate the peace and the safety that she enjoys in her border with Somaliland. What did we get in return? Nothing from her. It is paramount that Ethiopia change its policy of wait and see towards Somaliland make the bold move while and making its highest priority to secure its borders from the imminent treat coming from its neighbor country controlled by Al Qaeda affiliated Al Shabab that controls large territory in Southern Somalia and as such should recognize Somaliland to have a buffer zone. Recognizing Somaliland in addition would help both Ethiopia and Somaliland to combat terrorism in the region and focus on badly needed development. Ethiopia would benefit from Somaliland’s Berbera harbor once the French company finalizes the contract. It is the best interest of Ethiopia to recognize Somaliland and foster good neighborly relationship once the upcoming elections produce a new leader.