Nairobi, 1 March 2010 (Somalilandpress) – For the first time in the country’s history, Parliament will investigate a Deputy Speaker for his activities while on official duty abroad.

Foreign Affairs Minister Moses Wetang’ula has written to Parliament’s Defence and Foreign Relations Committee to investigate Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim’s activities on a tour of Somaliland in December last year.

The cause is key speeches he is alleged to have made that reportedly promoted separatism in Somalia and fostered ethnic disharmony between Somaliland and Puntland.

Committee chairman Adan Keynan admitted at the weekend that the minister wrote a letter seeking investigation, but declined to provide details citing Parliament’s Standing Orders.

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“It is true we have received the complaint and we are going to work on it,” said Mr Keynan, who added Maalim “will be summoned soon”.

According to sources, Wetang’ula wants the Lagdera MP probed for speeches he made at various functions when he visited Somaliland between December 22 and December 29, which allegedly caused tension in the two regions of Somaliland.

But the TFG’s Ambassador to Kenya Muhamed Ali Nur denied any knowledge of a protest by his Government, although he was aware of Maalim’s visit. He also denied knowledge of any controversy stirred by Maalim. The Deputy Speaker could not be reached for comment.

Source: Standard


  1. The Kenyan minister is forgetting that Somaliland and Kenya got their independence from Britain in the same year and Somaliland has just untied herself from the failed union. Somaliland is within the colonial border and Pugland is the one who is making the trouble if there is one. Honorable Moalim has done nothing amounting to be summoned or questioned. Boqoljire

  2. Sheikh Sharif and his camp made a secret deal with the Kenyan government led by Kibaki, this deal is that Kenya can drill the offshore oil off the coast of Somalia not far from Kismayo in return for political support including offering them protection.

    They sold huge junk of Somalia's ocean to Kenya this deal was directly profited by President Kibaki but other members of his cabinet didn't and do not support this idea. One man who is opposed to listening to Sheikh Sharif and any one from Somalia is Raila Odinga.

    Kibaki is getting pirate money from Puntland and Somalia's coastline from Hawiye tribes men led by Sheikh sharif.

    This is the result…

  3. Mr. Watengula, is not really concerned that Mr. Maalim visited to Somaliland. what he is trying to do is to get political mileage for his Party the PNU, against the party that Maalin belong which is the ODM. Since when visiting Somaliland becomes a crime for Kenyan elected officials?, before Mr. Maalim visit, many other Kenyans members of Parliament has done so, including the current Kenyan Prime Minister, Mr.Odinga. Is Mr.Wetangula making this particular visit a crime because Mr. Maalin happen to be the 1st Somali kenyan member of parliament to do so? This is nothing but a political and ethnic witch-hunt by Mr. Wetangula against Mr. Maalim.

  4. Why Mr. Moalim could not say that the people of Somaliland has the right to choose their destiny. There were other Parliament delegations who came before and have written a good report about Somaliland. Boqoljireh