LONDON — Somaliland Society of United Kingdom has launched a fundraising appeal for the construction of Somaliland’s National Library.

Ahmed Dahir Elmi, Chairman of Somaliland Society of UK, Dr Saed Ahmed Hassan, Chancellor of Golis University, Professor Hussein A. Bulhan, Chancellor of of University of Hargeisa and Faisal Ali Warabe, Chairman of UCID party address the conference held in north London.

The project is also supported by prominent Somaliland figures such as Rageh Omar, the well known television news presenter and writer and thousands of others.

We urge everyone to make a donation to the Somaliland Society UK Appeal Fund by one of the alternatives below:

Important contacts

Tel: +44 – 7985760181

Direct deposits:- Barclay Bank SC: 202748 Account: 20383724

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If you are in Somaliland, what does the National Library mean to you?

Video: Saafi films

Somalilandpress | 28 February 2010


  1. I love the design its very unique sort of like African village huts, we definitely need this and I am certain we will push it through however I want to tell the Somaliland Society and other Somaliland communities we need more coordinated and organized appeal that targets Somalilanders around the world also I believe a Dahabshiil account is way better than a Barclay because not all countries have the same system, its slightly confusing.

    Also what is the account name?

    Better coordination is needed – I am in Australia and would donate but need better option than Barclay, I am sure others feel the same.

    Good job.

    • @Jubba, you are in Australia and are in approximate distance to Somaliland and so are those Somalilanders in the Arabian Gulf Area. So, if you guys go around the universities whenever you have a time and ask for books as donates because it is easier to send to Somaliland. Europian universities revise and up date their books every time there a change in an event around the world and they normally donate the old books to undeveloped countries. So give it a try.

      I will try and see what we can do here, in Western Canada.

  2. This is one of the best ideas and projects I have heard of in terms of aiding the development of Somaliland. Growing up in London I understand the difficulty there is around searching for authentic facts, figures and history of somaliland. Having this source of reference for all the documentation on our nation would really be vaulable and inshallah we should all do our part to help.

  3. I believe this to be a extremely good idea and an amazing project, Having this source of reference for a all the documentation for Somaliland will prove to be very valuable asset for future generations.

  4. Looks like there is a technical problem. Some times my comments seem not be appearing or says "deleted by the administrator".

  5. I agree we need a more coordinated fundraising events in every country. Dahabshiil is our bank and we should use it.

  6. We, as youth in Hargeisa excitedly need to have a National Library n the town. This is what we are waiting for long time. We certainly thank you for your timely suggestions.

    Farhan A. Suleiman
    Hargeisa, Somaliland

    • Farhan thanks for the comments…….this is a project majority of our people do not understand its value….we have been labouring with the project for over three years and we will never give up…..if you are still in Hargeisa….establish a group of friends for the National Library to create the awareness and grass-root support

      Check this and help us progress this project

  7. It is important to have a National Library in every Somaliland city. A National Library is overdue.There is a problem, I am not good at paying money but definitely i will donate books.

    • Dr. Weli, money is not all that is required……….we need your technical advise, help in the campaign, and yes collect the books once we have the infrastructure and the system to ensure the entire country benefits

      Check this and help us progress this project

  8. We got to be transparent and accurate, you don't want to call anybody a Dr without a doctorate degree. Saed Ahmed Hasan is dont a doctor but Bulhan is. just correction no offense. Hargaisa need a library, masha Allah great cause.

  9. The Europeans had Libraries, but they were also churches. So Somaliland people should consider similar diverse use for such a building to encourage learning, equity and a harmonious society.

    I am assuming such library will be used for recording births, marriages, deaths, town planning , business contracts etc.

  10. first of all salamz ppl im so glad that we are thinking in the right direction ..its the first step of the bright future ..its the place that help more than money can give ..making ppl read an learn ..thats how we gonna open the future for every one………..that library will be the first but not the last ..fir more good ideas im thinking to have some place that ppl can meet an give them ideas aboiut them country in freely way ..

  11. once again thanks t to the landers who are working hard and striving to make thinks better in somaliland. will donate money and books insha allah but dahabshill is the better choice than Barclay's

  12. Good Fundraising appeal, Well donate today.
    Good job SL community in london . Education Education Education .
    Thank you to Faisal aswell always a real wadani.
    What A good way to contribute to the entire wellbeing of the people.
    You get all may support for this great appeal
    Adan Farah, Copenhagen.