HARGEISA, 3 March 2010 (Somalilandpress) – The following is a chapter from a book titled “Somaliland: The legacy of Non-Recognition” that Ahmed I. Hassan is currently writing. The daily indignities which Somalis suffer almost uniquely in Kenya have impelled him to preempt the book’s publication by offering this chapter for early release. It chronicles the untold misery the Kenyans inflict on the Somalis in their country on ordinary basis.

You Can download the Chapter Here: The Kenyan Syndrome


  1. who should be recognised reer hebel that won't happen mister just get used to it onething for complement is that you have tried to become a nation under the banner of tribal system but didn't work . Goo back to your Somali people with love and care

    • What a mindless person you are,who in their senses would go back to those who once murdered and pillaged them? people like you are driven by ignorance and greed and good riddance to the likes of you.LONG LIVE SOMALILAND where intelligence and tolerance is the norm.

    • some people,like the above poster are so bereft of understanding,let me ask you a simple question:would you go back to a people who once slaughtered and pillaged your people? apparently you with your mind set would given enough money but the people of somaliland are not selling themselves as your kind would.LONG LIVE SOMALILAND.

  2. You boy, I hate such foolish words comes from your inner stomach. You committed an act of genocide in Somaliland people. Over one million people were displaced , more than 800,000 were made refugees in east Ethiopian camps, were hunger, cold and child labor was the order of the day. And also more than 200,000 have been killed, and more have been maimed or injured.

    We will not forget the time we were frightened to walk down our own streets for fear of being murdered, robbery and rape. We have seen pictures of our educated people slaughtered, our fathers having been beaten up, and our sisters having been raped by you.

    “Somaliland’s independence is irrevocable and its people will fight for their rights and freedom what ever it costs”

    Farhan A. Suleiman (Oday)
    Hargeisa, Somaliland


  3. Haloo Guys !!!!
    Wax baad illowdeen,
    Ma idiin sheega, horta haa yiraada.
    Kenya, weligeed dad aya laha.
    Daniel Arap Moi Iyo OObootihi Uganda ,
    Labada ba skuul anaa Skuul kooda ka bixiyey.

    Hadey xuumatoo, Hablo Soomaali kuu sheganaya
    MA iyo wexeysheegtaan ba, hortaada la kufsanaya

    Soomali , Soomali aya ceebys.

    Long live Somaliand !!!!!!!!!!

  4. @Kenya, Ilaahay waxaad galabsateen buu idinka goynayaa. Because adoo kale oo qabyaalad dabada ku wata ayaa idinku badan. Qabyaalad annaku ma naqaanno, kumana adeeganno. Somalilander is a Somalilander to us. Cidda dawladdii qabiil ku burburiyey ee weli dagaal iyo hanjebaad looga fadhiyi waa idinka. goor ayse noqotaba waydin eedi, edeb-darra iyo afka dheer aad Somaliland ku aflagaadaynaysaan. Haddi daandaansiga la dayn waayo, wax aydaan ka soo kabmi karrin ayaa ka dambayne maydin joogi. Ninkii baxaya, indhaha ayaa casaadee! Mar labaad haddii ay Somaliland qoriga qaado, waxaad ogaataan inaannaan dhigi doonin. Ilaahayo, mar la ciil dirirayo itus!

    We were a nation and we are a nation now and we are going to stay a nation forever. And nothing you (Somaliland diid) have to say will change anything. So, waxba hays xiiginin.

  5. the somalis are the main course of their treatment by the kenyans,they have destroyed their country by murdering each other by the thousands and then flee across the border to kenya is it a wonder that the kenyans see them as less than human? by writting these words am just pointing out the truth on the ground but far from agreeing with how the kenyans are treating somalis.

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