By M.A. Egge

The Minister of Water Resources Development Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore, held a meeting with line international and local organizations that cooperate with the ministry.

The meeting, which was a consultative one, analyzed the water projects in general in the country and the water action plan for the year 2024.

Present were also the DG o the ministry Eng Abdirahman Farah Belel and the Director of the Planning Department.

Speaking on the importance of water as a basic livelihood commodity, the minister said, “You know that water is the first thing in human life hence its services ought to be the first priority of the nation and the ministry.”

He called on all the agencies that work with them to come up with a clear plan for their work, which he said will greatly contribute to the work and activities of the nation and to serve the community.

He said, “We want to work together in a way that is articulate with knowledge and planning. We also need to reach people who have little or no water. The greatest aim is that we provide people with water as much as we possibly can”.

He continued, “Our plan is to come together and discuss the plan of the ministry and the agencies that work on it. I also want everyone to know their responsibilities, and the boundaries between the ministry and the agencies that they work on should be clear”.

He elaborated further, “The law of 2011 covers the responsibility of the Ministry of Water, we will meet with the agencies separately, we will make a new plan and chart the way forward with them. Our plan is to work closely together and in areas where organizations want to implement development projects, they must consult with the Ministry of Water”.