The Vice President H.E. Mr. Abdirahman Abdullahi Ismail (Saili’i) received a delegation from the United Nations organization which has implemented various projects in the country and supported the nation in many ways.

During the meeting, the Fourth Phase of the JPLG local government decentralization project, which is expected to start in the new-year 2024, was discussed and an evaluation of the previous JPLG projects and how it worked in the local governments of the country was discussed.

The delegation from the UN has worked with or supports Somaliland in the JPLG local government decentralization project, which has improved the quality of local government administration and encouraged the community to access the basic services necessary for community life.

Review of the third phase projects including associated pros and cons were largely dwelt upon.

The meeting ended in mutual agreement in calm environment where the parties agreed to work together to bring the JPLG project to fruition, which will greatly contribute to the improvement and delivery of the local government administration to the community, so that the community access essential life services.