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By Dr Fatuma Lamungu Nur

A cloud of blood still hangs on Jubba regions in southern Somalia, as the brutal refugee group supported by foreign countries continue to terrorize the local people. Despite the pain, the local people should not be disheartened, because what is happening to them is the recipe of genuine struggle in the future.
If you look back the history you do not find any people in the world who attained real liberation and freedom without struggle and sacrificing their lives because of their children, their grand grand children and the next generations in common.

When the Japanese, Germany, Italy and their allies took the world into the Second World War, it was not dialogue that resulted lasting peace in the world, but it was the taste of the bullet that made them to surrender and led the people of the world to have peaceful sleep. Now the same thing is happening in Kismayo, where the armed refugee group, is using force against innocent local people in Jubba regions.

This armed refugee group had been defeated by the locals in Hiiraan region and in Somaliland some few decades ago. And in Jubba, the people should not have any other alternative, but to take up arms and teach a lesson to the armed refugee group that is destabilizing the region and posing threat to the whole region of East Africa from Kenya to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi, South Sudan and Sudan.

The US had to come up with a nuclear bomb to save its country against the Japanese, while in many parts of the world people engaged in different military struggle to get rid of oppressors.
Now its emerging that the international community is endorsing the illegitimate brutal rule of Ahmed Madobe and his terror group with plans to relocate half a million people from Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya to Jubba regions, mostly refugees from Ethiopia and people from Kenya, mainly from Ogaden clan.

Following recent several trips by delegation from international community and Ogaden led regional organization of IGAD to Kismayo, plans to relocate these refugees have been discussed, and financial pledges to fund the project were announced. Its seems that the plan goes in line with the ongoing crackdown against Somalis in Kenya. The aim is to relocate these people at this confused time, so the local clans in Jubba will have a sympathy for the refugees to be brought in Jubba regions, without knowing the real motive. But as soon the honey moon of the Somalism sympathy ends is when the real drama will come out the people realize the motive behind the relocation.A horrific speech by a female MP from Garisa-Kenya, shows the extent of the clan minded terrorism among Kenyan politicians of Somali ethnic. Here is the link of MP Shukriya about Jubba regions:

We know that the world is based on interest, and any step that is taken in this globe is because of interest, as a theory in diplomacy studies suggest that “there is nothing free in diplomacy field”. Even if the world has its own interest to do so, it would be wise to find alternative ways to pursue those interests, instead of creating chaos and violence that can backfire and damage the very interests they are going after.

The local people of Jubba have given a chance to the peace, but that chance was rejected by Ahmed Madobe with the help of the region and other foreign countries. The struggle of the innocent people can be taken lightly, but at the end the goals will be achieved , whether it takes few year or many years, since there is a will driving the oppressed people.

Look back to some of the most brutal powers in the world like the Mongolian Kingdom of Genghis Khan, how the small pieces of struggle ultimately defeated and brought down this powerful state. So that fear has not to be there when taking on Ahmed Madobe and his group despite the support he enjoys from different corners of the world.

Somalia would have been better if a genuine reconciliation was given a chance, but that is not coming soon, until a real power balance is imposed. At a recent crucial meeting at Chatham House in London one of the participants, the leader of Wagosha Movement from Jubba regions, Engineer Yarow Sharif Adan provided some key points for a genuine reconciliation process in Somalia, if there is sincerity about it.

Following are the key points Eng Yarow made at the Chatham House meeting:

1- reconciliation has to be the first priority because without genuine reconciliation nothing can be done to deal with insecurity.

2- To define the Somali nationality in clear manner. (Somali nationals are only those in the Somali Republic) and not the Somalis living in the neighboring countries

3-Justice from grass-root level.

4-Inclusiveness in security forces, where all clans are equally represented

5-Disarming off all Somali clans and gangs.

6- Creating an atmosphere of trust between civilians and government security apparatus.

7-Rehabilitation of militants in responsible manner.

8-Formation of local administrations from the grassroots (Bottom up approach), with inclusiveness, justice and fair manner.

9-Repatriation and relocation of refugees and IDPs has to be implemented with cautious to avoid land disputes that can lead to civil war.

10- International community to support the security initiatives by working closely with the Somali Federal government.

Dr Fatuma Lamungu Nur
New York, USA