Lately in the Somalia’s political theater home and abroad, the so called politicians or intelectuals from Somalia have been debating that Federalism is better than 4.5 power sharing for Somalia. 4.5 power sharing is based on equal power sharing among the 4 so called major Somali clans, Dir, Hawiye, Digil-mirifle and Darod. And the others, 0.5, share for the minority clans, meaning low ranking government positions, or left over government positions for minority clans.

 From Arta, Djibouti made government of Abdul Qasim to the current Government of Hasssan Shiekh, power sharing has been based on 4.5, main government ranks, president and prime miniter positions taken by Hawiye and Darod, Parliament speaker nominated from Digil-Mirifle and Dir nominated for the Foreign minister postion, nominated by the Prime minister.

Arta president Abdul Qasim was Hawiye , while the prime minister, Ali Galaydh, hailed from Darood and parliament Speaker, Abdala Derow was from Digle-mirifle, foreign minister position was given to Ismail Buubaa, Dir. Imbaghati , Kenya made government was led by late Abdulahi Yousuf, Darod, he appointed Ali Gedi for Primiership , Hawiye and then replaced him by Nuur Cadde/Adde an other Hawiye. President Shiek Sharif from Hawiye clan nominated for the premire-ship Shar-marke, Abdi-wali Gas and Farmajo consecutively, all Darod. Currently President Hassan Shiekh appointed Shirdon Sa’id for prime miniter and then replaced him by Abdi-wali both Darod. while the speaker of the parliament is Jawhari who hails from Digil-mirifle clan.

 It’s unkown why presidency and premiership positions hasn’t been nominated from Dir clan since late prime minister Igaal , as Dir is one of the 4 so called major Somali clans.

However it just became clear after Prof. Ahmed Samatar/Dir, run for the last presidential election, why Dir hasn’t been given the presidency or premiership position. Prof. Samatar who cared less about his clanship, said he was told by his running mates and some parliament members , “why bother run for election and not vacate , since your people/Somaliland are absent”.

Aside from Prof. Samatar who was the most/only sincere nationalist , all the others so called presidential candidates had hiden agenda/tribalism, which left Prof. Samatar in shock and disblieve and finally led him to his mother/father land, Somaliland, after he spent all his energy/time in the last 22 years for Somali unity and advocating for nationalism.

Likewise Somalia’s federalism based constituition, is based on clan/sub-clan mini states like Puntland, Gal-mudug, Hemin-heb, all with baundaries, based on clan line demarcation, and Jubba-land, hijaked by single clan, Ogaden/ONLF from Ethiopia.

 Puntland was created in 1998 after some clan elders from Majerten, Dhulbahante and Warsangali, Harti, a Daro sub-clan, agreed to form a sub-clan based enclave/Puntland. Majaerten inhabits in East, Nugal and parts of Mudug region, Somalia. Dhulbahante inhabits in Somaliland, Sool region, while 2/3 of Warsangali inhabits in Sanag Region, Somaliland.

 Puntland founders claimed parts of Somaliland based on clan affiliation, seven years after Somaliland declared independance and withdrew from the union with Somalia on May 18, 1991. Puntland cliams North Galkayo, capital city of Mudug Region, while South Galkayo is claimed by, Gal-mudug state, Sa’ad, a Habar-gidir sub-clan of Hawiye. Puntland/mini sub-clan stated is recognized by the Somalia Fedral Government.

Galmudug State, Mini sub-clan of Sa’ad, Habar-gidir sub-clan of Hawiye consists of Mid-South Mudug Region and Northeast of Galgadoud region of Somalia. Galmudug mini sub clan state of Sa’ad is regonized state of Somalia.

 Hemin-Heb state, mini sub-clan of Saleban, Habar-gidir Sub-clan of Hawiye consists of North Galgudoud State and lower South of Mudug Region,

Hemin-Heb doesn’t consist of two regions, but partial of Mudug region and part of Galgudoud Region.

 Jubba-land formerly know as Azania was created in Kenya by Ogaden elites in Kenya, ONLF exiles from Ethiopia and Raskamboni militia leaders. Later Raskamboni militia led by Ahmad Madobe former Islamist and Kenyan forcses dislodged Al-shabab from Kismayo and clamied Jubba-land, Lower Jubba Region , Middle Juba Region and Gedo Region excluding non-Ogedan clans, which led to non stop violance between the Raskaboni militia and non Ogaden. Raskaboni palys the TERRORIST CARD/Al-shabaab against non Ogaden clans of Jubba-land to keep Kenyan Forces in Kismayo for it’s protection.

In conclusion there is no difference between 4.5 power sharing and Federal governament of Somalia, it’s about sharing power on clan basis on number or forming federal government contituted of mini sub-clan fiefdoms states and unending conflict among somali clans, since there is no known baundaries between nieghboring clans who have shared water and graze for centuries.

The so called Federal Constituition of Somalia does not define Federal States of Somalia to be contituted of demarcation of clan and sub clan baundaries , but to be based on prior exsting Regions excluding Somaliland. Therefore the existing mini sub-clan states of Somalia, like Puntland, Gal-mudug, Hemin-heb and Jubba-land, don’t meet the requirement of being a state, since all of them are mini Sub-clan states and non of them is consisted of orginal Reginal baundaries.

For the current Somalia government to accept the mini Sub-clan states of Somalia, like Punt-land, Galmudug, Jubba-land and Hemin-heb states to be members of the Somalia Federal Government , is like encouraging other clans and sub-clans to have thier own mini-clan and Sub-clan States and baundaries. .

         The survival and the existence of Somalia depends, if it’s so called leaders, politicians and intelectual re-think and consider abandoning federalism/tribalism and 4.5. think as nationalists, create political parties like Somaliland and face Somaliland as a nation, instead of hosting a so called mini sub-clan state of Khatumo or Awdal states, since after all Somaliland is a nation of multi-clan.

Mohamud A Samatar


Phoenix, AZ USA.



  1. Somaliland isn’t a country of several clans it’s a country where dhuulbante and dir face murders every day where isaaq controlls everthing

  2. Why so Somalilanders hate other Somalis all the time. What did we do to you. The action of one man (siyaad barre) is not our fault. He also committed atrocities agnist other clans but we have gotten over it because he is dead. And landers please stop calling yourselves democratic because you ignore and kill non Isaak clans in Somaliland. Trust me you don’t want to be British dogs again. And we all know Ethiopia controls Silyano. They come and go as the please and you say Somalis are attacking your territorial integrity. Pshhhh.

    • You faqash better shut that a$$$$ u call it mouth
      For ur information somaliland socooote