A press release by a company called Minsom assets Ltd and Abdiwahab Ahmed Yassin and which was published on Medeshi Valley News Website. In this press release, Minsom claims it has acquired 2% of odewayne block . Minsom and Mr. Yassin claims that Petrosama signed documents in which Petrosama recognizes Mr. Yassin Interest in Odewayne block.

Petrosama now wishes to make clear to all interested parties that Mr. Yassin has previously declared he has no interest whatsoever   in Odewayne block and that his interest is limited to 2% of the shares in Petrosama . A copy signed by Mr. Yassin in the presence of a notary is copied with this press release.

Mr. Yassin has also referred in his press release to certain documents that were supposedly signed by Petrosama in which Petrosama supposedly requested the Ministry of Energy and Minerals to approve the transfer of 2% interest in the Odewayne block to Mr. Yassin Company.

The Transfer documents delivered to the Ministry of Energy and Minerals are all forgeries. The signatures of Petrosama Chairman Mr. Mohamed Yusef Ali wads photocopied on these forged documents .These forgeries were forwarded to Mr. Mohamed Yusef Ali by the Minister of Energy and Minerals and are now subjected  to criminal investigations.

The press release made by Minsom yesterday also contains a copy of declaration from a number of sultans which supposedly supports Mr. Yassain false and criminal claims for 2 % Odewayne block.We can now confirm that the signature of Boqor Mohamed Nuh was forged and Petrosama holds written confirmation that Boqor Mohamed Nuh that he did not sign this forged declaration.

Neither Minsom assets nor Mr. Yassin hold any interest whatsoever in the odewayne block and the forgeries supplied by Mr. Yassin to the Ministry are now subject of Criminal investigations.The matter will therefore be dealt within the Somaliland Criminal Justice System.

Signed by

Mohamed Yusef Ali

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Petrosma Press Relase