By Ambassador Adam Jibril Muse

All autocratic politicians share one basic belief that they own the absolute truth on life, the rulers of Somalia today continue to behave accordingly, both Al-Itisam of Hasan Sheik Mohamoud and Al-Shabab live in on an imagined realm that they have a united Somalia that the man in Villa Somalia presides. But the actual fact is far from this deceit.

The process of fragmentation of the Somali state was started with the very moment when the military Junta’s regime was established in 1969, and has been deepening by the year through divide & rule policy practiced by the regime. Henceforth, the direction of political actions had been according to the thesis of monopolization of power and resource by one man who remained to qualify the only thinker about ‘’Greater-Somalia’’ mission, in which justice and human rights were excluded.

Henceforth, the Somali State has been present only in the minds of the Ruling Elite plus some leaders from the opposition side, Abdillahi Yusuf, General Farh Aided, Abdulqasim Salad, Ali Mahdi and the likes, all of whom believed in clan ideology that necessarily hostile to modern statehood. Other radical slogans based on Islamism, which emerged with the rise of the global Islamic radicalism have negatively contributed to the withered away of Somali State. All those outmoded politicians have decided to occupy Villa Somalia in order to rule the State of Somalia which doesn’t exist in reality.

This mentality was taken Somalia into 1991 when the Southern Somalia entered into the era of Warlords, Islamic Courts, and the State Building process fallen into the hands of foreigners, where the indigenes political actors left to devise the art of corruption, piracy and putting down all kind of wastes into the Somali soil. The grave upshot of all these blunders led to the Somali State Building process entirely failing. Unfortunately, the Current Somali politicians don’t see this reality, and to conceal their failures they are raising war slogans against MoU, mobilizing everything in their disposal including Islamist resources to halt the MoU to be realized.

In contrast to these practices, Somaliland has different type of experience in relation to State building process which was based on local ownership of reconciliation, where communities came together in peace and reconciliation conferences, decisions had been taken on fund raising issues, resolved disputes and demobilization of militias has been realized as well as resolving other related problems on consensus building manner.

The Traditional and modern systems merged into a Hybrid Political and Security Governance. One person one vote elections become the supreme practices of democracy in Somaliland. Out of this rationale Somaliland has taken one more step towards sharing resources with the next-door neighbor, Ethiopia. Ethiopia, which according to Nelson Mandela Representatives Genuine African of Civilization and Statehood (Long Walk to Freedom).

Resource Sharing courses are an historically inevitable and unavowable trend for the development of Africa. To stop this waves of Somaliland progress, which is in line with the orientation of renaissance and modernization of Africa, the Political Islam both Al-Shabab and Al-itisam, who rule Somalia today are desperately trying to halt the Ethio-Somaliland deal through attempts of reviving medieval based ‘Islam versus Christian’, which is a clear evidence that the ruling elites in Somalia today are ideological followers of the most radical Islamic interpretation of human history related to ‘’ibn Taymiyyah School of thought’’. Therefore, behind the high-profile campaign against MoU signed by Somaliland and Ethiopia is a dangerous attempt to hold-back mankind’s procession and bring it back to the dark ages.

About the Author

Ambassador Adam Jibril Muse has held various positions in the Somaliland government, including serving as a Representative to the United Kingdom, Ethiopia, and the African Union. He is also a writer who has authored several articles. He can be reached at