STOCKHOLM, 5 December 2009 (Somalilandpress) — University of Hargeisa Chancellor, Dr. Hussein A. Bulhan and Somaliland Representative Sweden, Mr. Eidarus Sh Adan, visited the Swedish National Defence College in Stockholm on Friday.

The delegation was received at the Swedish National Defence College (SNDC) by Mats Utas, Head of Africa Programme and at the same representing The Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala. Mats Utas gave a brief information about the National Defence College and The Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala.

Mr Utas joined SDFC in 2009 and focused on researches on informal regimes, networks of power and alternative security providers in fragile African states such as Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, the Democratic Republic of Kongo, the Central Africa Republic, Sudan and Somalia.
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The National Defence College’s task is to contribute towards national and international security through research and development. The college gives courses in crisis management, leadership, military technology, political science with a special focus on crisis management and international co-operation, and security policy.

The Nordic Africa Institute is dedicated to providing timely, critical and alternative research and analysis of Africa in the Nordic countries and to strengthen the co-operation between African and Nordic researchers.

The Institute hosts several categories of guests: study grant holders from Nordic universities as well as guest researchers from Africa and the Nordic countries. Our current guests are listed below.

Dr Hussein A Bulhan informed about Hargeisa University and the Conflict resolution Department. Furthermore, the parties discussed future cooperation between The Nordic Africa Institute, Defence College and Hargeisa University.

Mr Mats Utas showed interest in developing the cooperation between Hargeisa University and The Nordic Africa institute. One of the issues discussed was the possibilities of scholars from University of Hargeisa to visit Sweden and do post graduate research courses as well as participating in seminars in Sweden.

The meeting ended in a good atmosphere and good spirit.

Mr. Bulhan is currently touring a number of EU countries to promote educational ties between University of Hargeisa and European colleges and universities.

On 16th of November, Mr. Bulhan signed an agreement of cooperation with vice-Chancellor Kimberly Matheson of Canada’s Carleton University. The two universities will exchange skills and expertise in range of fields and researches.

Two other Chancellors from two leading Somaliland universities, Professor Abdulsalam Yassin and Professor Suleiman Ahmed Guled of Burao University and Amoud University respectively are currently in Sweden as well for talks with number of Swedish universities. This is the first time, all three Chancellors have visited one country at once and to many Somalilanders it highlights the importance of Sweden when it comes to higher education, development, democracy and conflict resolution.

Source: Qarannews


  1. This is great news to see at least Academic people from my country to interact with the rest of the Academic World. I am a Post-graduate student myself from Australia in the State of Queensland from Queensland University of Technology (QUT). I would love to write an essay about the higher education development of Somaliland and democracy systems we disseminate to the rest of the World communities.

    I congratulate the three Chancellors from Somaliland Universities for promoting our Higher Education systems and creating research opportunities for the flowers of my country. Keep up the good work Professors I salute and lift my hat for you.

  2. we need to examine what supprt does somaliland current gov gave to all 3 or 4 universities,

    we need to built the foundation first why secondary schools in old days were better then the current uni ones – what is theier outcome?achievement etc

    how are we breaking chains of slavery ?

    Education is libaration – does our university produce libarated student or are they following the crowd –

    I need to know how much budget does somaliland spend the Somaliland Education Development

    May also agree anwar and congradulate the 4 chancellors including professor suliman of Amoud University

    I am afraid u are coming to UK on Christmas vacation when all our Best Universities are on thier holiday period.

    let us see waht we can do to help.
    we delighted to wellcome you with open arms ,

  3. That's good news and its good to see the people back home are getting educated while Somaliland universities develop ties and relationships with foreign institutions. They should also visit Asia and Australia next.

  4. how are we breaking chains of slavery ? 😀

    Mahmoud matan

    who enslaved you, I didn`t know the infamous D-Fagash had a clandestine slave command in the form of educational institutions

    people will learn alot when history is written
    somaliland future generations mind will be confused, isolated, marginalized due to the past idoctarions of warlords

    when the era of warlordism is over, somalilanders will be once again marginalized just like the era after colonism
    the population of three city triangle will be left with the staines of what somaliwwayn perceives as treason( usc family never forgot how the snm betrayed them in 91 in their moment of glory and their victory over the might D, thou arn`t my brother of my father irir)

    once again the academics family of borama are untained just like they whern`t after colonism untainted their reputation

    "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it"

  5. Greate news and bad news at the same time:

    It is greate news for somaliland development worker and also bad news for those who are against somaliland development, but any way we did it without any external intervention, and dicided to continue wether the world supports us or not,

    Pura Vida somaliland, longlife for somaliland,

    Mohamed abdelkariim hirsi
    Head of institue of peace and conflict studies
    Univeristy of Hargeisa