Why we are not orienting social change thoughts?

Our early history we were rural society and moving towards where rain falls after a period we immediately change urban society although some remain their stage we changes our camels to cars and so on, as we passing these social change steps we suddenly stopped un-expected stage that some pessimistic believe this phase is hard to pass easily, but if we ask ourselves can our society ready to make change or reached maturity period or is there factors of social change all these question I believe we can’t find reliable answers because the fundamental of our society or lifestyle broke early and attachment needs more orienting steps.

Orienting social change needs attention mass media but unfortunately our mass media didn’t interest these main issues I mean changing our society civilized people productive society and make the society busy for developing issues and also change their way of thinking and my knowledge our society they are victimized all changes regardless to our faith, culture, and main example is the Diaspora in western countries according to a survey that I made personal in our media I didn’t find any program that orient social change I think there is no awareness or importance of this vital issue  although some radio whose opened recently claim that they operate peace and development issues but I think the measure has been lost, there measurement is based on senseless so we need these standards to change immediately.

The human institution or non-governmental organizations that operate inside Somalia also didn’t focus social evolution although they claim that their function is human aid but the main thing that you can aid for human being is to change and betterment for their life and I believe that mass media and humanitarian organizations can play a vital role for this important program and adore and realize his value because if we didn’t care our society it’s clear that they will remain this hard stage for long time.

How we can change our society?

There is several steps we can orient our society to lead progressive social change and these steps are:-

  1. Build community based on their behavior respect in each other.
  2. Change the attitude, (not leaving our value) behavior I mean assault behavior we adapted, political system.
  3. Orienting accountability for the all national resource and public sectors such as roads, airport, and universities and so on.
  4. Solutions for social problems determining the core of the problem.
  5. Understanding well practicing democracy and free speeches and mutual respect in all fields.

Because progressive social change involves making significant changes on a systemic level, conflict with those who hold power is often inevitable.  The power that social change organizations bring to the table is their ability to organize, to educate and to mobilize.
Unless take these process we can’t beseech he edge of the social change or the sense of change so I adjure our society to bring social feeling about evolution process and also adjure for this stage all the influential individuals to focus for their ability and feel responsibility about their society.

Finally I believe if these processes take carefully we became progressive social and also we can stop thinking useless issue.

By Saaid Omar Ahmed Dhuhulow
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