TEL AVIV (Somalilandpress) — A Turkish-owned ship named “Frigia” and carrying cargo of the Israel Chemicals company has been captured by Somali pirates.

The ship had left Ashdod port and was en route to Thailand Tuesday when it was attacked in the Indian Ocean.  No Israelis were aboard – 19 Turks and 2 Ukrainians were manning the ship, which was flying a Maltese flag.

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The ship had delivered a cargo of sulfur for the Negev Star company two weeks ago, and then loaded up with $11 million worth of phosphates and potash.

There has been no contact with Frigia since it was hijacked. According to Turkish media, the ship is being directed toward a Somali port.

Naval piracy has experienced a resurgence in recent years, particularly at the hands of Somalians. Somalia experienced a political collapse in 1991, from which it has never recovered. A radical Islamic insurgency has swept the region, threatening to overtake Somalia. Citizens in the north have attempted to secede and create a new state — Somaliland — but have not yet succeeded.

Israeli officials have stated that they would support the creation of Somaliland, which has democratic, non-radical aims.

by Malkah Fleisher

Source:, 24 March 2010


  1. Somaliland !!!!!
    Where our LAW ?
    Shrci geeni Mee?

    Doaarasho haddi dib udhacdo, ama the Presisent uu xannusado ama uu geriyodo, xaqqu waxweeyaan in Odeheyaga Gurtida inuu noqdo "The Leader of the Land" untill elections shall be held"temporallay
    untill elections shall be held.

    This guy his is over, and over , and over.

    The Chief of the Gurtida should be there "Until such time that Elelections shall be held"

    What happened to our constition??????


  2. @ Elmi i"ll support you on that one my friend we have come a long way and we waited enough for these so called arab muslims to help us with what we had,insted they looked the other way this is nothing but a political game and we somalilander are way better then them wen it come's to running a country …i guess its about time we ask the jew's for help give them a base and offer them a hand of friendship after all the whole dam world's behind its own intrest then why not we?
    we an,t like the arabs we dont suck up to No one but it would great if mr riyale would go to tel Aviv we come this far we can,t just let this Go 16 years damt thats too long to wait but the key is under the carpet

  3. I'm not sure but I hear Israelis and Somalilanders will meet some time next week to discuss common issues and perhaps bilateral relationships.

    I for one, support relationship with the State of Israel even though at the moment it's been isolated however we all know Israel it will some how over come it and we need people with that kind of attitude and mentality. Never stop.

    We do not need sleeping Arabs with oil who wake up every now and then, blow up some building then go back to their deep sleep.

    Israel needs Somaliland more than Somaliland needs Israel we need to make our case heard in Tel Aviv.

  4. Only if our delegation in Washington meet with AIPAC the American Israeli Action Committe these guys run the congress and can mussle our recognition through only if we play smart and use the terror card to out advantage and paint the TFG and Puntland as unstable areas where extermists reign supreme. Politics has no permanant friends or permanant enemies. I dont care about Gaza the way I do about Hargeysa and that is the bottom line we need to look out for our own interest and leave this Somalinimo Islamnimo business cause it didnt work for us in the last 21 years.

  5. Elmi lets not get carried away brother Somalinimo yes but Islamnimo no way bro we can,t foget who our god is and why we are here on this earth In the First place,i hate the Arabs but i dont hate the sunnah of our prophet….we know birds fly but we need to show these arabs that there are better people on this planet that practice Islam in a much better way , Islam that has no hate but love for the people in and around this glob. ther no reason to pin our brother's as terrorist i personally dont think there's any reason to label Puntland and the T.F.G as unstable. In short we got nothin to do with them thats as simple as it can get.
    brother Elmi Politics has no permanent friends or enemies but islam doe's..and to us now who eva come's in the way of our recognition is our enemies let that be anyone* and who eva help's Us get that recognition is our friend till the end Let That be Anyone*

    • Puntland and TFG Somalia are unstable areas by all human standards, daily killings, human trafficking, piracy all take place in Somalia everyday. At the same time the people of Puntland and Somalia are the ones who hate my country Somaliland and cry Somalinimo and Islamnimo when they are the same people who bombed my grandmother fleeing faqaash bombardment of Somaliland. I lost family to a regime the people of Somalia supported to the very end, so why should I care about those who hate me and my people and want us all dead. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.

  6. Costa Nostra

    Walaal kuwani diin ma laha ee wey ku qadhaabtaan marka uu xaalku ka xumaado ayey cumaamadaha la soo wada baxaan e dont be fooled by these fake wadaado waa wada Sheikh Shariif all they believe in is kursi madax noqo and steal as much money as you can before the next guy takes over walee wanlaweyn baan diin waxba ka aqoon haday ka yaqaanaana kuma dhaqmaan.

  7. Waryaada,

    Brothers I will share a little opinion which is in short supply in the majority of Muslim communities. Many Muslims miss the context of the Quran, but Allah created us all and the only thing we share is the value of life.

    The Shaytan Iblis had beef with Allah not because he did not believe in Allah, but he was arrogant about having to respect other beings which he/she considered inferior. So please avoid Muslims who approach you in the assumption of being better than others and only respect those who respect you whether they are aliens or jinns.

    The people who deny life to Somaliland, also deny to obey Allah which unsurprisingly has begotten them all sorts of evil as we read daily from internet portals and UN publications.

  8. I am surprised to hear people from Somaliland would even value diplomatic relations with the State of Israel. I am from Somaliland, I would never trust the Zionist state of Israel. Getting no recognition from Arab states does not suffice to trump up relations with Israel. Being in bed with our enemy surely is not the route for Somaliland. Would this not only increase security problems in Somaliland? it will. The negatives outweigh the positives. Inshallah we will steer clear from such an avenue, which would only lead to a dead end.

  9. @M.Salah
    Dead End Dead End look around you brother' which world are you livin In,"Zionist, state of israel" my brother i got one word for you "T.V" ya watching a lot of it or its this dam internet that happen to motivate you wen it come's to giving your opinion.or Its that Arrivals or the Age of appearance that was made to mess wit people's head.,U think your the only one who know a lot about israel and the these people were they way back then wen we even did not exist plus give me one Arab country's name that' doe's not deal with Israel wen it come's to its personal interest and about the security issues , dont you worrie about that because "this is Somaliland" wen the british was ruling the world we was killing ther general's,while they set rules for country's like india and ruled for 200 year we made sure that they women neva get pregnent or give birth in our soil …we still the same people the same insanity runs in Us We are Still Known as Hunters N we are good wen it come's to geting along wit The Gun damt we killed a Ruling Goverment and got em to ther knees Till this date and the world knows It By "somalia" thats little to begin with …am not saying lets all sell our soul but insted lets join hand wit the super powers and get the share that we deserve
    Long live somaliland Viva reyale "keep the peace"