Somaliland’s telecommunication business is booming despite the lack of recognition and having no access to international banks and credit unions.

Al Jazeera’s Jama Nur Ahmed went to Hargeisa to see firsthand how Somaliland’s leading telecom operators are improving the lives of ordinary people.

Six months ago, Somaliland’s leading operator, Telesom unveiled its mobile banking system dubbed “ZAAD Services”, since then more than 40, 000 people use it now in Hargeisa from all walks of life.

What makes Somaliland telecoms so different from others in Africa, is that Somaliland operators are owned by Somalis.

Here is a short footage of that program in Arabic.

[stream base=x:/ flv=telesom.flv img=telesom.jpg embed=false share=true width=380 height=260 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

Source: Al Jazeera (Arabic), 24 March 2010


  1. Keyse :

    If anyone outside questions the true sucess of Somaliland then here am tellin everybody that its not by its parties or invidual ambition, its not by the size of the Government and the scale of our wealth but its about the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity, and unyielding hope.

    May Allah Bless Somaliland

  2. We have some cool technology, I mean their system is very well up to date. Somaliland with no out side help is progressing, this is to all our haters and those who doubted us imagine soon when we get our recognition where we will reach.

    Telesom we look forward to your new development in the near future.

    We need to invite the Koreans to the country, they are the leaders in this field.

    • Brotha Elmi are you from Somaliland, because most of your comments are either foolish or nonconstructive?

      For example, in one of your blogs you wrote " somaliland should attack puntland" and in another comment you stated something a long the lines of " Somali people meaning non somalilanders are trying to take part in the election illegally".

      All your comments are completely off topic and irrational, and this makes me wonder.Are you truly a Somalilander or are you an enemy of Somaliland disguised as one of its citizens ?
      It seems to me you want Somaliland to get tangled up in the mess of the rest of Somalia.

      Please, I kindly ask any of the bloggers to read any of brother ELMIs previous comments. You be the judge!

  3. Soomalida ayaa ku maahmaahada:
    •Wadaad wardi buu weheshadaa
    •Wiil yari hooyadii buu weheshadaa

  4. It is very encouraging to see that Somaliland service sector is thriving however, our business community should focus in other business opportunities within Somaliland and should start exporting goods/commodities to foreign markets.

    Our nation is very, very rich in natural resources and we should begin exporting goods, building/improving our infrastructure i.e. roads, ports, airports etc and being less dependent in the Middle East as our main source of livestock earnings.

    Our government, if it serious in seeking recognition should start becoming more transparent and open, should crack down in corruption and create an open, non-partisan and independent TAX agency that collects taxs from businesses.

    Understand by dear friends that only through exports can a country come out of poverty and Somaliland does not really need to wait for recognition as a independent state for economical grow and development to occur. A classic case study which I advise all Somali(landers & all) to study is Taiwan!

  5. FACTS

    Taiwan is an economic powerhouse – it's one of the four economic tigers of Southeast Asia.

    Its GDP per capita is among the top 30 of the world.

    Taiwan is still not widely recognised in the international community as a sovereign independent state!

    If Taiwan can achieve economic success and so can Somaliland!

    • Nas, that's interesting bro. But how does taiwan grow economically without any recognition? They need to be rcognised to get Funding, investment and loans. Unless you're saying that Taiwan gets all of this even without recognition? I'm actually interested in Somaliland's economic future. I believ we can be Like South Korea and Taiwan if we put our minds to it and work hard. We must not rely on natural resources and lifestock, but we must emerge as an industrial and manufacturing hub that competes with these asian tigers. IT, Technology, electronics, cars and other manufactured goods are the key to Somalilands future of economic success. The only question is, how do we go about it?