A crucial project on the management and development of the resources of the government, which is both being implemented and funded by the World Bank was launched in the city by the Finance minister Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire.

The launch of this project was attended by officials from the Ministry of Financial Development, officials from the World Bank, the auditor general, parliamentarians, the chairman of the public service organization and some dignitaries.

The project follows the previous one of the reform the financial management which was similarly funded by the World Bank.

Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire said that the project will support Somaliland to find a transparent financial management system, with accountability and transparency for a more efficient financial system.

These were also echoed by the manager of the World Bank in charge of Somaliland Miss. Christine and the project manager Rafika who also spoke at the forum said that the project will help the government of Somaliland in the financial management and transparency of the country’s financial accounts.

They said that it would greatly make a big difference in the accountability of the financial system of the country and its transparency.

In conclusion, the chairman of the Somaliland civil service agency Mr. Khalid Jama Qodax, said that the project will be of great benefit to the nation, and there will be transparent accountability in every aspect, especially the improvement of financial management.