Eleven people were killed last night and seven others seriously injured in fresh clashes in Northern Puntland region.

Intense fighting broke out between Puntland Security Forces and militants loyal to Al shabab in Sugurre Village, Bari Province leaving 11 people dead and 7 others are recovering, some from life threatening injuries.

A rescue vehicle belonging to Puntland’ s security agents was bombed by the militia. Five people were reported dead at the scene and two agents died on their way to the Bosaso Hospital.

Al Shabab confirmed the attack via their twitter handle. They tweeted that they attacked a military base outside of Bosaso and killed 30 soldiers while wounding over a dozen more.

Puntland’s security minister, Kahlife Isse Mudan, refutes those claims as he told reporters on Wednesday that 10 government troops were killed when their armed vehicle struck a landmine.

According to early reports from locals, Hiiraan Online learned that the attack that lasted two hours took place in area where the Puntland security agents had a relatively strong hold. 7 security agents were killed in the assault. 4 members of Al shabab were killed in the ambush and seven more injured.

However, despite this recent onset of violence, residents claim the area is calm and security has been beefed up in the region.

An anonymous source from the security agents mentioned that proper measures are being put in place to curb any insecurity issues that may arise in the area.

“Our security has been beefed up in all the area, we are on a higher alert to ensure that no innocent civilian loses life or properties,” Said the Security officer.

“The hide outs of the Militia group is well known to the security force and we shall ensure that they do not attack any other person,” Concluded the source.

The attack came few days after Puntland President, Dr. Abdirahman Mohamed Mohamud, stated that the militia group after being driven out of Kismayu, Beled Weyne, Afmadow and Baidao went to regroup at Gollis Mountain, northern part of Puntland.

He feared that the militia group could cause more harm and havoc to the residents within Puntland’s major cities.

The president however assured the people of Puntland of their security asking them to be calm and coordinate with the security agents to have a peaceful region, as it has always been.



  1. S/landpress should investigate any issue before it reports. this is not up to standard journalisim,the troops killed were eleven not thirty all major papers report 11. more than twenty al-shaydan killed.

  2. Sad lost, Allah ya raxma all muslims. Punland is under attack by Alqa’eda from the South and North of Somalia. Where’s the PIS and CIA works?

      • Buuxiye what is with the crocodile tears man? Galgala is part of Puntland and it is absolutely non of your business what takes place in our region. As a proud Puntlander from Dhahar, I support my President with all of my heart and hope he defeats the Satanic forces that funded and trained the people occupying Morgan's house.

          • yaa ximaar the land is mine and Hargiesa is part of the Somali Republic so we will follow your logic and you must move and declare your banana republic of I***qland in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

  3. I am not sure why Al-Sh@abaab would start another fight in places like this. There is nothing to gain from this. This is a dessert area with no natural resources and with a half a million ignorant population millions. Are we sure that these are Al-Sh@baab fighters? Could these poor soldiers be a victim of their own leaders? Very much possible. ..! We know what this people are capable of.

    • Duale,
      Al-shab@b they are like you diluted misled confuse been told follow the wrong direction.

      • Which Dh@foor qiiq are you? Omar or Osman?. Looks like your are the first one. They are all the same anyway…! I am not supporting Al-sh@abaab you deluded f@qash. All I was saying is that there are people like Faroole Dh@foor qiiq who are far worse than al-sh@baab. He will sell his daughter to stay in power.

        • Puntlanders are not only omar or osman many different clans settle there. you sound like wild animal out of control need to go back your cage or rangers will Tranquilizer you put you back where you belong.

          Faroole will be dealt by Puntlanders no one else. you misunderstood what i said, ppl like you and al-shabab have one thing common both misled brainwashed own leadership.

  4. Faroole controls the News outlet from pirate province of Somalia. It is a coverup 2012 has been a disastrous year for faroole dictatorship, the OIL-HOPE turned to Brackish water, the Presidential-Hopes in Moqadishu resulted with not even Prime Mister nor speaker of the house. Piracy is no longer a viable option with 100s of naval ships paroling the seas.

    Hence Galgala mountains known for their riches in Emeralds and saphires, Faroole is attempting to steal the mineral wealth of the local community using force. His Black-water Saracen trained troops are trained murderers ready to kill and rape anyone who opposes Faroole's dictatorial rule of Puntland a province of Somalia.

    Since Faroole's son owns the only ~News outlet in the occupied region we cannot be expected to accept the propaganda sugar coated as reliable NEWS!!! UN, EU and USA Donated $$$ are being used to kill and oppress poor Nomads with no voice in the world all under the false premise of "Shabab". Shabab is a southern Somalia issue not northern nomad regions. the Region is arid and has no hiding place for terrorists unlike the south's green lush habitats.

    Faroole must not be given any further funds until the oppression ends…

    • Worry your own regional problems,such as high unemployment, youth mass exodus, this recognition needle in a Haystack and many more. faroole his case PUNTLNADERS will sort out.

    • Faroole has many reasons for using Shabaab and one of them maybe is using them to justify interfering in the Galgala mountains in order to mine not caring about the consequences of dealing with a wild animal

      • samale mission impossible project.

        Your clueless, as we speak specail military forces are landing Galgala area.

  5. The rodents al-shaydan were defeated two years ago when the great jeberti son Abdiweli Ali Gaas discovered their hiding holes in Yaqshid and delivered a fatal blow. Galagalo is a bitter leftovers of its main al-shaydan power who have become in to jalabeeb wearing AK- 47 wielding mobs descended on to jeberti land.

  6. What is the obsession you people have with Puntland, whether it be oil exploration which continues an area you are behind a decade, and then you hire a washed up CEO from BP, to our PMPF programme with 1000 trained officers, 3 ships, 120 technicals, 6 planes, 7 helicopters, to this, Galgala area.

    Before it was minerals but now you admit it is Al-Shabaab, yet you continue your obsession. God help you, may he rid you of this cuqdad. Focus on your own issues, cause God knows ,no one cares about them, not even the world which kept you in transition to nothing for 22 years. Cajiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiib

    See you later.

  7. Faroole has realised that the election date is looming in the horizon and the best way to restore his image is to use the USA game with binladin. He is creating a space for himself while eluding the public that alshabaab are here to kill us all when in reality he is the biggest threat in puntland. As somalis we should not faile yet again to avoid these traps. We should replace them with people who love their somalia instead of their pockets.

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  9. If you thought Shabaab once controlling Mogadishu or even Kismayo was dangerous imagine Bosaso
    which will link them to AQ controlled Yemen and its vital port of Aden