President Gül (L) welcomes his Somalian counterpart Mohamud with ceremony. The president says Turkey will lobby for funds to establish security forces. DAILY NEWS photo, Selahattin SÖNMEZ

Turkey will lobby for the formation of an international fund to establish security forces for Somalia, President Abdullah Gül said Dec. 5 while pledging Turkey’s assistance on the issue both logistically and in regards to the training of the forces.

“Turkey wants to show the entire international community how to help another nation with humanitarian purposes and without any expectations. We are fulfilling this in the best way,” Gül said at a joint press conference with Somalia’s visiting president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

Armies and defense ministers in contact

Emphasizing the importance of security forces in a country being rebuilt, Gül said Turkey and Somalia had already been cooperating on this issue in terms of both logistics and the training of forces.
“We proposed to the international community the establishment of a fund to this end. We will work toward this during a donors’ meeting to be held in Istanbul in 2013,” Gül said. “As Turkey, we are continuing our strong efforts for the formation of Somali armed forces and a police institution, for their service to maintaining security and their own interests in the country,” he said, adding that the two countries’ defense ministers and chiefs of general staff had been in contact on the issues.
Ahead of the press conference, officials from the two countries signed agreements on military-financial cooperation and the implementation of cash assistance.

Somalia has been mired in violence, Islamist militancy and grinding poverty since warlords toppled military dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991, leaving the country with no effective central government for two decades. Security has improved in the last 19 months with al-Qaeda-linked militants losing more territory under pressure from African Union and Somali forces.

The four-year insurgency waged by al-Shabaab left Mogadishu in ruins, and the country is looking to foreign donors to help rebuild its ravaged economy after decades of conflict. Turkey has taken a leading role in the redevelopment of Mogadishu, as it seeks to boost its profile in Africa and promote itself as a model Muslim democracy.

In November, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said Ankara would construct streets in Mogadishu and other government buildings, while promising to rebuild the Parliament building as well. Turkish Airlines has operated regular flights to Mogadishu since March.

Hurriyet Daily News


    • Who wants to open a pandora's box?

      All darood heroes are only in story books!

      The problem then is in memory, otherwise Darood would be celebrating living people like Moorgan or Ina Iley?

      it is weird the only liked Daroods are dead daroods why is that?

      • There is a saying that says "It's better to be have a bad government then to be without a government for a day. There is a lot of people who support and appreciate Siad Barre's work and none of them is his tribe. I don't support Siyad's last ten years but Mohamed Siyad Barre was genuinely the only leader of Somalia who had Somali interests at heart. The Somali leaders at the moment are driven by greed, power and tribalism, Somali prosperity is the last thing on their mind and they will sell all we have to the cheapest bidder. also I'm willing to give Sheikh Mahamoud a chance to prove himself.

        you got so much hate for Daroods that you can't think straight.

        Morgan + Ina Iley + Siilanyo = warlords.

        • yes u are the isaaq are the most sophisticated clan like mo farah, fowzia aadan's dad, rageh oomar, muuse biixi etc
          daroods are only known for killings and other crimes, true or false?

      • Ali don't be qabilist and fall for Buuxiye crap, Somali people fought for their nation together.

      • Because the living ones falsify the dead one's history. Look how they rewrite Mad Mullah's histrory and always praise Afweye ina Siyaad Barre. Taariikhda daraawiishta oo gacan ku rimis ah ayey Hawiyaha iyo dadka reer Somalia ka iibiyaan.

  1. Only Somaliland people of every tribe fought for Somalia. No single Darood from Somalia dropped blood for Somalia. They were not even free to begin with. The only Somali speaking people who were always free were the Somalis from Somaliland, regardless of tribe. The whole Somali thing was built through their sweat and blood. Even the "Mad Mullah" has to come to them first for help because he knew they were the only people who could make things possible. These from Somalia are so danger to the fabric of Somali speaking people that they want to devide people along the lines of Darood VS Isaaq or Hawiye. This is Somaliland VS Somalia. Get that into your wild animal's head. Somaliland history is no longer exclusive to one tribe!

    • Somaliland semi- autonomous state = isaqland nothing more. abdulah hassan ask help for dhulus who were keen to help,but some folks in nothern somalia were busy assisting colonizers…….

  2. what is it with somalia always looking for outside help? man these guys cant do anything on their own

    • That is why they want issaq leadership soo much, they think if they get issaqs in their little fake unions that their ugly problems will go away. The main problem with daroods and mooryans is that they don't have self confidence hence they look for others to help them all the time. Somali republic was built on issaq ideology and that is why it worked for the first 20 years and then collapsed when they abandoned that ideology.

      Sadly those people will never get anywhere as they are not just smart enough.

    • And who do you think has been paying your ragtag militias salary's for the last 2 decades ? hint it ain't your government they juts hand over the money (call them the middleman) after putting some in their pockets

        • There's no merging its part of Somalia territory. Dude its time to give up you have lost most of the SSC
          already and next will be Awdal.

          The constant developing stories coming from that region tells me soon you'll only be left with Hargeisa Burco and Berbera lol

  3. Still talking about darods. After killing them in Hargeisa, Muqdisho raping, killing, How many daroods died in the sea, in refugee camps. You have killed them directly or indirectly. You have cleansed them.

    Daarods have never been united. Don't unite them.

      • Abdiwahab now you truly understand what the mighty HAWIYE WARRIORS have been dealing with bravely for the last 2 decades + main reason Somalia failed. We could of easily become puppets of the West and ruled the whole of Somalia but chose opposite because its not in our nature to bow down to any human being.

        People might now believe me but the Hawiye are the truest indigenous people who will fight and destroy any aggressor against the Somalia republic superpower or no superpower.

        Who came to the rescue of the SNM ? Abdiwahab even though your people stabbed us in the back afterwards we are a never forgetting but forgiving people. Its time for you to embrace the republic and say no to division because United We Stand Divided We Fall Ameen

  4. Adan,

    Get out of here. We Somalilanders have a culture which even values our enemies' human rights when they are in our hands. This is what our Islamic faith teaches us. Besides, the tribes in Somaliland are so intertwined that they have a long history of bond between them, regardless of tribal affiliations. We'll be building a memory tower for the "Mad Mullah" in Taleex soon! This will not be for his actions but for his ideals instead because the two were worlds apart!

    • darood people have more bad folks than other clans this is the fact hawiye have only a couple of bad guys e.g. ali mahdi and abdiqasim salat but many good people like caydiid and caalim of galmudug also isaaq have no bd people (except silanyo and hirsi gaab)
      so we need to be aware of the enemy of the somali race

  5. People are forgetting that the reason the Somali people are weaker than the Habashis politically and militarily today is because of one major reason and that is that the Habashis are receiving politically and militarily help from their christian ally's while the Somalis ain't from the Muslim.

    Since the the Middle Ages all the way till the Ottoman collapse the Turks made sure the Somalis had the latest weapons at their disposals to balance (The first canon used in Africa was by the Somalis) the power of the christian help to the Habashis even doing expeditions together to get rid of the Portuguese from East-Africa and the Indian Ocean.Now that vital help after being absent for nearly 85 years is back.

    These Arab kings are sellouts to the Ummah and maybe even are devil worshipers. Has anyone apart from me realized that instead of helping Muslim countries to progress they've released this Wahhabism disease on them (who attack 99.99% of the time only Muslim countries).

    • we know since the fall of the Siad Barre Govt, Meles developed Ethiopia into one of Africa's most affluent countries. While Somalia has slipped into anarchy and poverty. Apparently Ethiopia is helping Somalia to create a Federal System of Govt and also going to train our people on agricultural production. lol

      • Don't believe the hype of Meles that guy only fixed Aids Ababa and maybe his Tigrey region with Aid money. Meles displaced millions of people from their lands only to rent it for peanuts to the outside. If Ethiopia was really prospering under him then why ain't they the biggest economy in East-Africa they've got the manpower ?

        With Ethiopia "helping Somalia" that's nothing new but slowly and surely Alhamdulillah its Satanic powers is waning dramatically. All in all KC all i can say is i cant wait for Kenya's 2013 and Ethiopia's 2015 elections doomsday for both countries especially Ethiopia

        • Ethiopia has been the Center of Attention since 1990s, like they say every dog has its day, it's Somalia turn and insha'allah better days are coming.

          I'll be at home, on the sofa, under my duvet, playing with my Ipad, eating grapes and apple, with Orange Juice and will hopefully enjoy the show when these elections took a place Insha'allah, loool

          • Except when Somalia prospers it will be because of its entrepreneurship and not of Aid money.

            Ethiopia's population is nearly 85 million but its annual budget for 2011 was $5.7 billion (Kenya 41 million people annual budget $10 billion) now even that might of been fine had it come from its own pockets but around 40/60% came from Aid money and some investment

            Matter of facts the whole East-African economy's is a joke Kenya being the biggest its Gross Domestic Product GDP is a meager $33.62 Billion (Somalia could easily achieved that times ten in the future) while South-Africa's is $408.24 Billion

            PS me too Insha'Allah

  6. Once Turkey helps Somalia rebuild its forces, the first mission will see us take out Gambela separatists with the most devastating power they have ever seen…NATO weapons via Turkey.

    Somalia must be kept unified by all means necessary, after our Shahada the next promise is the Somali unity. Even if we all have to go to international court, it is vital we hit the enemies of Somalia.

    • Somalia was missing the backing of a powerful Muslim country against the century's christian West allied Ethiopia and then Kenya aggression .Watch this space people will be surprised in the coming future.

      The historical Ottoman/Somalia alliance is back which will only mean one thing and that is that the Habashis will be put back in their shackles and the Bantus made to wish they never messed with us. Oh how i can see Somaliweyn from the corner of my eye

      • Hassan Gurguurte went turkey cuz EU,US are not keen his driving style leadership. also some semi-autonomous states in somali republic did not like his ONE EYE VISION leadership. Turkey can only help humanitarian areas not military, since they are member of NATO without the approval from NATO they can't give full scale military assistance to somali goverment.

        • @Ahmed

          The Somalis have realized after 2 decades that the EU and US is actually the well hidden major aggressor and so was time to look elsewhere.
          Just don't be surprised when Somali soldiers start graduating from Turkish military academies

  7. @IRIR Samaale,

    pls. stop fussing around? Turkey's an Independent Sovereignty and what the Turks do is
    their own business. Turkey is a magnet membership of Nato and a magnet membership
    of AL/OIC? Needless to say, Turkey is both demographically/geographically centrally
    well positioned between the Western and Eastern Nations and has high profile policies and
    politics to play in the World stages of the IC of Nations? Therefore, Turkey being a strong Muslim
    Nation has the Islamic/Universal Moral dignity points of view to help Somalia out of the
    anarchic plight in collaboration with the other allies? Turkey has already done much for
    Somalia and there is no surprise to see more? Therefore, the official trip of President HSM
    is worthwhile?