MOGADISHU, (Somalilandpress) — Somaliland MP said he has received information that one of the British couple held in Somalia was seriously wounded by the Somali pirates after a gun-battle, Somalilandpress reports.

Speaking by phone, spokesman of the militia, Mr. Ali Gedow told Somaliland MP, Mr. Ahmed Mohamed, that Rachel Chandlers has been shot and in a serious condition after rival militia groups fought over the couples.

The spokesman did not give any further details however he said he was going to check on her condition but never returned. Since then several attempts to call him back later failed after he did not answer the number he called from.

“I’ve been trying to call him since we spoke but he is not responding to my calls,” Ahmed said. “I do not know what happened to him,” he added.

Mr. Ahmed Mohamed managed to speak with Rachel last month through one of the captives who then continuously call Mr. Ahmed for the issue concerning the hostages. This came after the Somaliland MP made an appeal to the Somali militia to release the British couples.
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Mr. Ahmed said he did not get any support from the British government regarding the two elderly couples and appeals to the pirates in the past month to free the Chandlers has felt on deaf-ears. He told Somalilandpress, that during his discussion with the kidnappers, he made it clear that he was doing this as a humanitarian purpose and he has no intention of paying them any ransom.

It is not clear if Rachel is really wounded or if it is a game from the captors to again get the attention of the world to get paid for the release of the couple.

The British couple, Rachel and Paul Chandlers, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent were kidnapped four months ago by Somali pirates while sailing at sea off the Seychelles on their way to Tanzania.

You can listen to Mr. Ahmed and the rest of the interview (Somali):

Somalilandpress, 14th March 2010


  1. that MP sounds very igorant, does he really think by asking pirates to release the couples, they would accept? pirates and kidnappers are criminals and they never heed to pleas and appeals. only two ways they can release hostages are through ransom or to be overpowered and hostages are taken by force. whenever they are contacted they use it as a publicity. Sorry poor MP! Your intentions are good, bu your approach is very wrong under the prevailing circumstance! I do Sympathize your innonce on the whole situation.

  2. These somalis are just pathetic! Walahi we Somalilanders Should change our countries name and STOP CALLING OURSELVES SOMALIS!! I'ts a shame to be called a somali now !!

    And why the hell is our government getting involved in this anyway? this is for the ZOOmalis to deal with!!

    • Relax no need to talk like that, even the majority of the British know these are few bad apples among the Somalis — no need to go that low Mr.

  3. with all of the navies out there patroling why not just kill the pirates and sink their boats or ships . no one will ever know what happened to them .problem solved

    • Just Us a 5 inch shell on them, blow everthing up and don't pick up anyone and leave the scene. If ever criminal that goes out to sea dosen't come back this crap will end. Take no prisoners

  4. In this case it seems like the British government is incompetent and even though its claiming not be giving into pirates, lets be realistic the British government profits from the pirates. How so? Well where does all the ransom money goes through? Isnt it London? Aint all the so called negotiators based in UK too?

    The government of UK now days is very useless they foreign policy is dead. They only act when USA orders them to do so.

    They cant resolve the Somaliland case or in this case seek military action against the pirates to free the Chandlers.

    It's very simple, give the pirates $3 million. Let them free the couples, then track that money down through Intelligences MI6, then send special forces into the pirate bases and kill them.

    Stupid Gordon Brown.