BOSSASO (Somalilandpress) — Tensions are said to be high in Bossaso, the commercial hub of Puntland, after a sudden shake up at the top echelon of Somalia’s semi-autonomous region’s security establishment.

Puntland President Abdirahman Mohamed “Farole” issued a presidential decree, dated March 12th, ordering the replacement of the former chairman of Puntland Intelligence Service (PIS), Osman Diana, and appointing Qardho based, Col. Ali Mohamed Yusuf “Binge”.

The president also added that the agency has been renamed Puntland Intelligence Agency and Puntland Security Force ( PIA/PSF).

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According to local reports, Mr Osman refused to step-down and has since seized full control of PIS’s second office in Lanta Hawada neighborhood in the port city of Bossaso.

The reports added that forces loyal to Osman Diana have imposed a curfew in parts of the city over night while shutting off electricity.

The reports added that Mr Farole is concerned about PIS’s independent role and wants the agency directly under the government. Mr Farole also accuses the agency of abusing it’s powers because of foreign influences, including illegal arrests.

It is not clear how the issue will be resolved or if Mr Osman Diana will step down.

The PIS, which functions independently was established almost a decade ago and is considered the most powerful institution in Puntland. The PIS is said to receive at least 50 per cent of Puntland’s annual income as well as funds from Western intelligence services.

Mr Osman Diana was appointed as the head of the agency by the former Puntland leader, Gen. Muse Adde and was the chairman since 2004.

Somalilandpress, 14th March 2010


  1. Farole has no moral authority to replace Mr. Diana. Becuase Farole is allied to the pirates around Eyl, they are the ones who financed his election campaign. Also it is a known fact that he still gets a big share of the ransom money. Either he should come clean from his piracy connection and seek a fresh mandate from Puntland people or stop accusing others for foreign connections.

  2. We all know the entire Puntland region is in the pirate business – whether be their leader or the PIS, they all profit and I guess they are fighting over these.

    Farole wants to take full control of the PIS so he could bury that money faster than anyone reports but PIS wants it's full control too.

    The two can not agree this is what happens when Puntlanders see some cash.

    • Kayse, do you want to debate the political structures of "Somaliland" and Puntland? I'd be happy to show you the difference?

  3. i am shocked because of the latest report released by the Weapons inpsection group in somalia exposing how Farole's adminstration involve into the somali pirates network, "do we call puntland or pirateland?"

    • There's no such thing as the Weapons Inspection Group, you imbecile of a person. Why don't you get your facts straight you typical moronic person.

  4. dont you guys see that PIS is a foreign controlled tool, if farole does something wrong you have the full right to criticise him and his system, but when he does something in the right direction even though you have dislikes for him, admit he is going the right direction, your comments without involving your emotions, PIS is a tool for the west, and farole is right to cancel there organisation, …I dont know if your only source of news is somalilandpress but if you have been reading news lately FAROLE has been working very hard lately to completely sort out puntland, and this step is so far the greatest step of all, well done to him,

  5. The president of Puntland has the power and right to replace, control, manager, command, and oversee the structure, leaders, operations, and funding of Puntland security regardless of how it was created, who funds, advises, or founded. The PIA adn PSF is there to protect Puntland Soverognty. And the Osman is only refusing to resign because he knows he came to power because of his clan, can abuse power without being punished, and knows Faroole is looking for the opportunities of Osman. These two man are big Bulls fighting for one skinny cow. Whoever wins will enjoy the pleasure! So let them fight! Somaliland boy

  6. One thing that is very clear is that Faroole and Osman are two corrupted criminals who are careless of Puntland soceity. They will rather do and feel pleased to engage and reinforce whatever their external masters ask them to do. I know their masters's office is in Addis Ababa but who they are is unclear to me. Are they from US, UK, India, or else wehre? Are they the head of CIA, MOSSAD, SIS, IIS, or MI6? I don't know but for sure, Osman does not work for Puntland but for outsiders. And there is no doubt, Faroole felt threat and wants to remove Osman simply because he is looking for some opportunities he currently can't expoilt because of Osman, for he knows Osman has a power and can block him from attaining.