Garowe, 5 July 2009 – The Somali regional state of Puntland has expelled two journalists yesterday after they accused them of entering the region illegally. The French national journalists have been detained and taken into a police station in the port town of Boosaso overnight. Early this morning, they were taken to the airport and expelled from the region.

The journalists who traveled from Somaliland by road said they were heading to the town of Eyl in order to prepare a documentary about the pirates but the Puntland authorities said they did not have any information about them.

Puntland region is recently attracting the international media to cover the news about the piracy in the gulf of Aden. Eyl, a town in Puntland is believed to be the headquarter of the Somalia’s pirates. Some Puntland officials are accused of having ties with the piracy including the current leader Mr Faroole. It is believed that the orders to expel them came from senior leaders in the Puntland administration.

The two French journalists have flown back to Djibouti yesterday.

Source: Somalilandpress


  1. i think putland authorities and piracy make co,operation to get to kidnap the ships

    • No, Puntland authorities have the right to kow who is entering puntland , also puntland are against the piracy.

      thank you