Hargeisa, 5 June 2009– The Somaliland parliament asked the Foreign Minister, Mr. Abdillahi Mohamed Dualeh to appear in the house for questioning about the latest developments in Somaliland’s foreign policy.

The chairman of the Foreign Affairs sub-committee issued a letter to the minister asking him to justify in front of the MPs today about an invitation sent to the Minister by US Congressman Mr Donald M Payne over a tripartite meeting at Washington between Sheikh Shariff’s Transitional Government, Somaliland and Puntland. The Somaliland foreign minister turned down the invitation which upset Mr Payne and many Somalilanders who felt Somaliland needs to play more active diplomatic role in the region.

The MPs will question the Minister about the level of the Foreign policy in the country and the achievements made so far and will offer recommendations.

Source: Somalilandpress


  1. it appears that not even the government of the make believe nation of "somaliland" disagrees with the foriegn minsters disgraceful dicision to refuse the invitation of the congressman. apparently his plan has back fired like all the other plots of the seccesionists.

  2. Iam writting to express my displeasure about your progress for the last four years. Nowadays what I watch TV's and read Jounals is a sadness and misery.
    Your sessions delayed in two times due to the lack of inadequate of MPs.

    What you have done will be painted in the minds of those who ready to take the responsibility of this young nation as their future ambitions.

    Calling foreign minister for questioning is a step in the right direction.

    Farhan (oday),
    Hargeisa, Somaliland

  3. I actually side with our foreign minister for not participating in the meeting. As Somalilanders we should only participate in meetings when they are on acceptable terms to us.

    Failing to differentiate between us and the chaotic parts of Somalia only proved that Mr. Payne is not worthy of reconciliating between his own children let alone an entire region.

    I know its tough for the people in Somaliland who are stuck here and can't leave as they like but we don't need to beg for recognition. If we fix the country from within they can't simply ignore us forever.

  4. somalilander well said i couldnt have said it better, we should not beg in any case, God be with u all my people.the only one we beg is the all mighty ALLAH.