Yousuf Haji Noor Hirsee, Jeddah 2013

The Impact of the Somali President’s Visit to America   The visit of the President of Somalia on January 17th, 2013 to the USA and his subsequent meeting with the top leadership in Washington, D.C, has resulted in a premature jubilation in Somalia, and a rather complex reaction by the opinion formers of the Republic of Somaliland.   USA Recognition of Somalia!!   Before, we dwell on the alleged significance of US recognition, mistakenly believed by some as a political game changer, let us look at the political reality of Somalia. The Obama administration is recognizing the status quo ante, just like Great Britain, France, and Italy etc. They recognize a Somalia that existed  as a normal state in the past, in other words. The US  stand is this: the consequences involving the death of US soldiers in the 1992-193 South Somalia conflict is now over. However, in reality they are recognizing Somalia in their present form: a disjointed ramshackle state dependent on AMISOM. A rump state, divided into warring regions with Al-Shabab, warlords, tribal chieftains and pirate supporting regions. To this strange concoction, add three highly important regions controlled indirectly by Ethiopia or, directly by Kenya (Jubaland). The world polity, for its worth is recognizing a disarmed, politically enfeebled, economically and financially chained regime. The coastline of Somalia remains in dispute, even land-locked Uganda feels it deserves a share in it. Sensing, but not directing the political maneuverings at a local or sub-strategic level, the recognition confirms that Southern Somalia is up for partition. See the recent article on the Ethiopia-Kenya partnership on the “Management” of Somalia. Finally, the Duel Policy approach to Somalia and Somaliland adopted by the US, UK, Scandinavia, and even Italy remains in force.  A number of neighboring countries, and the countries mentioned above maintain separate representative offices in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland. To all intent and purposes, the country of Somalia is in fact, consist of portions of the former Italian Somalia.   Somaliland’s International Status   Somaliland’s perception in the diplomatic arena is unambiguous. It is perceived as a cohesive, stable state that is in charge of its territory. It’s beyond De Facto recognition and bordering on De Jure. Major states like US, UK, and Scandinavia states, and to a lesser extent regional organizations treat Somaliland as a separate entity from Somalia, reserving a seat in IGAD, AU and some UN institutions, for example. That is a fact. The President of Somaliland, Ahmed M. Silaanyo’s government is relentlessly pursuing a policy of projecting and maintaining Somaliland’s statehood, and its separateness from Somalia. The recent separate visits of both President’s to Djibouti on the anniversary of the adoption of a Somali script is a case in point. Both were welcomed at the airport by President of Djibouti. Furthermore, Somaliland, enjoys good relations with its neighbors, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Puntland, the pirate-infested sometimes part of Somalia.   Recognition in Perspective   Well, I hope that people understand that, while recognition is important diplomatic vehicle, it is not, the be all and end all; there is nothing permanent in international affairs. Self-interest reigns supreme. Consider this: European Yugoslavia, supported by Russia, China and some democratic Western countries had full recognition and sovereignty over its territory. A civil war (1991-1999)ensued, which led to the  departure of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Kosovo until, finally Yugoslavia was reduced to just Serbia. Somalia in its weak condition may lose more than Somaliland. Read the article, ‘ The new scramble for Somalia”. Somaliland’s Response The official reaction to the “recognition of Somalia” can be discerned from the pronouncement of  president Ahmed M. Silaanyo, and his tireless foreign minister, Mohammed Abdilahi. Simply put: continued commitment to logical, mature and steadfast pursuit of regaining Somaliland’s statehood. Likewise, the stand of the ruling party Kulmiye, and opposition parties Ucid ,  and Wadani plus the chairpersons of both houses of Parliament re-affirmed their un-wavering support for remaining steadfast in single-mindedly pursuing the just cause of “re-gaining Somaliland’s position as a recognized state that pre-dates Somalia. Somaliland gained its independence from Britain on June 26th, 1960; Somalia July 1st, 1960. To shed some light on the above, I will strive to analyse the situation from the different perspectives taken by Somalilanders. Firstly, the worrisome propositions taken by a minority of former officials of past governments and a few opposition figures who maintain a stranglehold on the Somaliland media, subsequently, their statements give rise to embarrassing themselves and the country’s cause in the electronic media and over the airways. The former speaks variously of the impending danger from a miraculously resuscitated and rearmed  Somalia invading Somaliland!! Somalia is incapable of feeding, clothing, training and paying a small army, let alone invading a cohesive country with a disciplined professional army, trained by elite former Northern officers of the old Somali army. It is a stupid joke. Is it conceivable, that a ramshackle state, kept afloat by UNISOM African armies, can entertain the notion of taking on Somaliland? The other faulty position expressed by the defeatist is that, the Somaliland-Somalia meetings started under the auspices of the Somalia conference in London (July 2011) could lead, God forbid to the reunification of Somaliland with the failed state of Somalia. Amazingly, they claim that, the AMISOM-protected government, whose rule is disputed in many regions, save for Mogadishu on good days, and possess the were-with-all to win over the hearts and minds of the politically stable Somaliland. Those defeatists’ elements are but a tiny minority with hardly any influence. Unfortunately, they fail to recognize that, “Somaliland’s War of Reclaiming Independence (1981-1991)” has been successfully concluded, and there is no turning back. The Impact of Somalia’s “Recognition” on Talks with Somaliland The Historic London Conference and subsequent conferences were held between two equal states, Somaliland and Somalia. Under the strong diplomatic pressure of Somaliland, the “Presidents” of the disparate States of Somalia and ministers of Somaliland origin in the Mogadishu team were excluded from these meetings. This established process will continue. Moreover, it is absolutely important to understand that, this is an on-going process, with UK foreign office observers present. The process may take months to a year, but the next stage might be arbitration based on the minutes taken by the observers. Logically, the International Court of Justice, the African Union, and the UNO might be brought in at some stage, but not necessarily in that order. Somalia’s position on union/independence is based on immature emotions, greed and fear of what they perceive as further dismemberment, but that is their project, not Somaliland’s. Finally to the few pessimists at home and the dreamers in the Somalia, I would like you to ponder on these illuminating verses from a poem by, Ali Seenyo, who understood the nature of the talks and the process as explained above: Kala guurkii maa ahoo                 we have not reached the intended separation  Waa kala gurashadii ye garo      It (the talks) concerns disengagement, so understand this   For the vast majority of Somalilanders, having gone through a ten year struggle, and a referendum which supported separation from Somalia, regularly holding democratic multi-party elections, the option of union is dead and buried. The country had elected four different administrations with a smooth, mature and safe transfer of power with the presence of credible international observers. These former administrations are those of Abdul-Rahman  Ahmed  Ali (Tuur) 1991-3), Mohame
d Ibrahim Mohammed Egal (1993-2002), Dahir Riyaale Kaahin (2002-2010), who handed over office to the present leader Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud (Silaanyo). Why, then you may ask, do countries, major ones at that continue to recognize Somalia, a perennially weak state. Professor Michael Weinstein of Perdue University, Indiana provides a deep insight to this issue. He still describes the present government as “provisional”. He is inclined to accept, that a kind of Trusteeship Administration for the next 20 years could established,  given its lack of resources. To conclude, Somaliland has rightly offered its good offices and support to Somalia once it regains its sovereignty. Otherwise, holding to a the dream of a united Somalia, will in the long run cause Somalia endless grief, loss of territory to neighboring countries; on the other hand Somaliland could survive and bid its time, unquestionably recognition will ultimately be achieved. Somaliland can afford to wait, Somalia cannot. Further Reading: 01- IGAD Joint Committee of Ethiopia and Kenya under the auspices of former Kenyan Minister, Mr. Kipruto Arap Kirwa, IGAD Facilitator for Somalia Peace and Reconciliation (IFSPR), 6, 2012. 02-Memorandum of Understanding on Somalia, signed by AMISOM, UNPOS, and IGAD Facilitator. April 28th, 201028 (Somalia Excluded from Meeting). 03- Professor Michael Weinstein of Perdue University, Indiana, USA Somalia trapped in servile or abusive international relations December 29, 2012. 04- Declaration of the Initial Members of the Joint Financial Management Board at the London Conference, Feb. 23rd, 2012 05- Mohammed Kenyan: Understanding Stakeholder Groups, Facing Relations and Still Retaining Faith. June 26th, 2012 06- The Guardian Newspaper: African Democracy: A Glass Half Full. March 31st,2012 07- Daily Nation: The New Scramble for Somalia; Charles Onyango-Obbo; February  


  1. So Somalia is exporting terrorists now, tsk tsk, Somaliand will stop them :). These 2 countries should come together and form a strong alliance, but our brothers in the south need to grasp this concept otherwise I fear problems ahead, there's more than enough people going for this idea. PS get rid of Silaanyo grrrr

  2. Irir Samaal

    There's noting to be joyful about the information you put out there. This is what i hate about the strategy the American and African onions seeking they push this to filthy to another part of Somalia and this is the success they were talking about. instead of telling the true that they didn't decimate them but reroute them to another Somalia destination' and will be a problem for Somalia nation for quit long time to come and less we do something about it.

      • Who said i'am happy sis but no one should be surprised neither.

        It's no secret that the secessionist fed this monster called Shabaab through Mr Hersi (the real president of Sland) in order to destabilize the South till they lost control of it and now the chicken is coming home to roost.

        Godane even one time forbade Shabaab to interfere in Sland but now with his own clans men being killed in Hargeisa i guess he has changed his mind

  3. Former SNM chairman,President of Somaliland region of Somalia and true SNM man Abdirahman Ahmed Ali Tuur (who publicly sought and advocate reconciliation with the rest of Somalia under a power-sharing federal system of governance) dream is coming to live, but as usual the same separatists minorities who exiled him to Ethiopia are working so hard to undermine the union path. But time has changed, and people are more educated and aware of them. Couple of week ago, the blue flag was waved by sub-clans of S@@q tribe Hargeysa, indicating that the separatists had lost the majority support of their own tribe. Therefore the notion that the majority of that region wants a secession, is utterly falls.

    • That's just a picture dude, where's the article. You would think something like that would be major news in a country that's strongly pro Independence/self administration. It's pretty sad for you to use a picture like that for any kind of evidence.

      when will we learn to stop hating each other and catch up with the rest of the world, we were the shining example of Africa under 1 system but it's failed miserably so now we need to learn from our mistakes and not concentrate power in the south. A 2 state (3 including Djibouti) would create great confidence and competition to develop faster, we Isaaq are not going anywhere , we are all brothers here for each other

      • LOOl nice try with your pathetic attempt to sell you separatists agenda. If it is ''strongly pro independence'' as you stated, then how come only 2 sub-clans of Is@@q are pushing for a secession agenda? And why are you the wishes of Awdal and Khaatumo? Taking that into account, Shows how fabricated your statement is. Go and sell your story the aliens in Mars, clearly the IC, Somali people including me are not buying your BS. Byee

          • Bro people like you are holding us all back seriously

            Take a look at the African Election database online and check the high turnout for voting in these regions , yes some people are against it but you will find more people against the election of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in the south , ours is just a small minority.

            Stop the hate , we can all get along instead of looking like the world's toilet and dumbing ground

          • After 20+ years civil war there's a trust issue between the major clans in the South whats Slands excuse ?

          • what trust? Somalia is being held together by foreign forces and has the illusion of peace. We've been peaceful for some decades now and did not descend into complete chaos.

          • For you to say: ''you will find more people against the election of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in the south , ours is just a small minority'', is utterly BS. They guy had more supporters than any SL president despite the fact that he was elected by MP's. Your president and you secession agenda on the other hand, had only the support of two clans of Is@@q tribe. And you call the majority? Keep barking BS bro.

          • lol just check the African election database so you can open your eyes. yes bro we have a president and a country, granted not officially recognized yet and will take time but will happen when Somalia & S/Land sit for serious discussions. The majority IS pro Independence from Laascaanood to Borama, you should read non biased articles, maybe you will have a bit less hate for your brothers

  4. I gotta take me wife from Hargeisa urgently because I can't stand the sight of me wife stopped in the street and whipped publicly for wearing bra.

  5. somalilad aka isacland is vampire which lived on the blood of southern somalis for the last 20 something years they have helped alshabab via dahambshiil send the blood sucking godane to the south thinking they will get recognition on the destruction of the south like we say don't dig hole if you dig don't dig it too deep you never know if it's gonna be you who will fall in it stop your evil intention 'karma is evil'

  6. Some of you Irrir, Sahra, Truth etc are selling an angle claiming Godane of Alshabab who turned up in 2008 after Ethiopia invaded the Alshabab accusing Dahabshiil and others for the failed state you are in. You must be naive or just mud slinging as usual. It makes not factual basis. Somaliland had President Daahir Raayale in office at the time in Somaliland. Are you accusing him and Somalilanders of supporting Alshabab to appoint Godane in 2008.?

      • You apologised Irrir Saamale who basically justified you're response to him with an accusation that Somaliland fed Alshabab just because Godane is an Arab so Alshabab that bombed Somaliland on 2008 the same year he was miraculously made leader. Why apologise to his delusional lies? Can you answer me that

    • LOOl wow talking about claims and accusation. So far you are the one that is spitting the secret.

      • Truth1, you're double talk isn't lost on any one. What I showed is the many claims made by you and others are not even believe able as it shows more. Why Somaliland choose to remove it self from you're web of lies, accusations and pathetic grappling to every little way to shift any blame.?

        • My apology was only intended to take any pain I cause on him. when I assume that he was enjoying the outcome of what is taking place in north Somalia. Once he removed that doubt what he said after that was irrelevant, so the first part was important to me. the rest he's adult. and can't explain to you but you put me in the middle is outrageous.

          • @ Sahra he was outrageous and I am glad you explained you're intention is not about the rest of his comment that I objected to. I inturn apologise any pain I may have caused you in including.

        • So far, all the things you mentioned are only visible on separatists comments. Perhaps you are mistaking me with your fellow separatists. I only state the true and nothing but the true, unlike you and your fellow separatists.

  7. Let us read our Shaqal Dheereeyaal together:

    AA, EE, II, OO and UU. Don't you see now Somaliland (sic.) is recognized country?!! The relentless bogey arguments of the separatists make one scratch their head constantly!

    How does a bunch of Somalis getting together about Somali script and including those whose territories are under foreign occupation prove that Somaliland is recognized entity. Can we stop these nonsense arguments that we write in the Khat sessions?

  8. Man, the guys forgot the endless articles about the never coming recognition, and instead, placed them with endless articles about xamar

  9. the surprised the said unionist are ready to turn their back on there fellow unionist just so that they can sell an idea and abuses, hoping it will stick on Somaliland.
    The whole world knows seyid/ mad muller Godane is unionist.Why will you want to isolate a person who shares with you the same vision just because he is ishaaq and your unfounded fear and suspicions
    BY the way am flabbergasted with the similarities between the two seyids/ mad mullers first, the GODANE appears around the 100 th anniversary of MOHAMED ABDALLAH HASSAN .both were/are renown poet of their times,both were muhajirs in the sense they waging wars in other people's' lands .the bulk of their force non their clan members and both claimed jihad against the Kafir and occupation of Somalia by outsiders.funny it is i can go on and on.the are either seyids/ or mad mullers