Somaliland National Examination Council Board (SLNEC) Chairman Announces Commencement of Exams across the Nation.

The total number of student’s sitting this year exams is 40000 candidates countrywide.

To unveil the national exercise was the Education and Science Minister Hon Ahmed Mohamed Dirie a.k.a Toorno who broke the seal of the examination papers at the Sheik Madar Primary  School in Hargeisa.

The minister had wise words for the student candidates as he underscored the fact that there were no leakages in the exams hence that the security surrounding its setting, transportation and invigilation was watertight.

The chairman of Somaliland National Examination Council (SLNEC) Mr.Daud Ahmed Farah has confirmed that national exams across the country begins today 11th June 2022.

Addressing journalists at SLNEC headquarters in Hargeisa the exams chief stated that the government has distributed examination materials to all regions of Somaliland. He revealed that the regions on border lines were the first to receive the examinations.

The exams czar warned students against  attempting cheating. He said candidates founds cheating will automatically be disqualified from examination.

He also warned candidates trying to smuggle mobile phones devices into examination centres that they shall be confisticated and never returned to them should they be found using the gadgets.
He asked invigilators to be wary of students with ulterior motives, for instance those who try to bribe teachers.

The examination chief warned invigilators that any one found colluding with candidates to cheat in the exams will face the full wrath of the law.

As we went to press all examinations centres in Hargeisa were conducting their work in an organized manner.

The officials at the both functions echoed similar words as they gave the numbers of the candidates as 22,529 for Primary schools and 11,301 for Secondary Schools.

While they noted that the number of those being examined as having ascended over the years, they pointed out that of the total candidates, 12890 were boys and 10105,  while  were girls for both primary and secondary levels respectively.

Mr. Daud also added that this year we have included vocational training students based in Maroodi Jeh region and Agriculturural studies students

In related news the President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi have sent a message of congratulations to the candidates, the education department and the board on the occasion of the examination exercises going on.

The Assisant Minister of Education and Science Dr. Abdihakin Said Bustale along with the Governor of Togdheer region, the Deputy Mayor of Burao, the Chairman of the Ministry of Education of Togdheer region and the Commander of Police in Togdheer region oversaw the commencing of the national examination in Burao.

The number of students sitting fo this year’s exams 5945 across Togdheer region 3606 students for primary school and 2339 for secondary school.