Mogadishu, 7 March 2010 (Somalilandpress) – The authorities of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia have said that the breakaway republic of Somaliland can not be recognized as an independent state, just as Israel said recently it gave identification to Somaliland administration, officials told Shabelle radio on Thursday.

Abdiwahid Abdi Gonjeh, the deputy prime minister of the transitional government of Somalia told reporters in Mogadishu that Somaliland is one of the Somali administrations in the horn of African state saying that they can not break from the other Somalis.

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Mr. Gonjeh said that there is no government or group that Somaliland or the other administrations in country could identify as a self-governing state disproving statement from a spokesman of foreign ministry of Israel who said that the Jews recognizes Somaliland.

“The news form Israel is baseless propaganda. It is not also clear that news from the foreign minister of Israel. I do not know where the journalists had quoted that news,” said Abdiwahid Gonjeh.

Lastly the deputy prime minister of the transitional government Mr. Abdiwahid Abdi Gonjeh said that there was difference between the Somali government and administrations saying that a mediating process was continuing to end the divergences.

Somaliland, a breakaway republic of Somaliland had announced a self-governing state in 1991 as the former Somali president Mohamed Siad Barre’s government collapsed and since then Somaliland was seeking a recognition which was not achieved yet.

Source: Shabelle radio


  1. Don't mind the Gonjeh dude. He is just mad because Somaliland is trully slipping through the waring fingers of Somalia.
    Now that Somaliland is getting all the attention from the world players, Gonjeh and his government are worried, but worry is all that they can do. They should not create bad tension with the future leaders of African region; Somaliland way dhaqaaqday.

  2. Somaliland is gone from somalia 19 years ago, either recognised or not will not change the majority decision of somalilanders.Remember the decision to breakaway from the union lies to somalilanders alone, even if the president of somaliland wanted the union he cannot do it because the power lies to somalilanders and not the leaders or ex somalian leaders who still dreaming of a great somalia.

  3. We're Gone Mogadishu; Don't Need You Don't Miss You… The capital of our country is Hargeisa and we could care less what our neighboring country says… If you are not aware of the FACT that Somaliland exists then you are not worth engaging in intellectual dialogue…

    • You English named "Somalilanders" are genuine retards… Can't you see this is exactly what Ethiopia wants? In fact half of the citizens of your "country" cross the Ethiopian borders freely. Instead of pipe dreaming and holding on to past gripes, LEAD ALL OF US and make the thieves in Hamar irrelavant.

  4. Mogadishu must come to terms with the reality on the ground. Ethiopia has already said it will be the second country then the europeans will be the third. you cannot stop the momentum once it started.
    may be thanks giving to the Israel governement and other people who suport our cause like Matt Bryden, Iqbal of south africa and kasawn of ethiopia

  5. There is a saying "Dantaada maqaar eyna ,waa loogu seexda"
    Then there is the saying that "Use the iron while it is hot"
    Why don't we the chance now, and may be make ammends later.


  6. When it comes to this specific issue of what Somalia is saying about Somaliland, I can write a book about it. But in a forum like this, all I can say is that everyone takes notice of the fact that Somaliland or its people never talk about Somalia, because it is a horrible past that we can never return to, and that they are the ones who are always raising the point of Somaliland not being able to go on it is own……I say "WATCH ME!!!!!! FOOL"

    • Bro. this is the problem we must talk about what happened to our people, and document it for the new generation to know who what happened to their love ones.

    • this is the problem we must talk about what happened to our people, and document it for the new generation to know who what happened to their love ones.

    • this is the problem we must talk about what happened to our people, and document it for the new generation to know who what happened.

  7. Gonjeh looks like a talking Hayena ,searching for something to put in his mouth. How much he ate didn't help today's empty Stomach .Be awre that everybody takes care of his property .

    • mr.shirku waa xidhanyahay you must know ,today we know the difference bet.
      our enemy and friends.
      Araps are always at thier intrest , so now it is landers time,
      Don't plame me plame your self.

  8. Mr.Gonjeh, has to find way out of the blockade his government is in within Mogadishu, before speaking about any part of Somalia, let alone Somaliland.
    What doesn't make you cry, makes you laugh louder this is one of those statement.

  9. The audacity of the failed state of Somalia with their notorious warlords, terrorists, pirates you name they got it. Somaliland is an independent and sovereign state that got its independence on 26th of June 1960 like any other African country. This can not be taken back unless the International Law is changed. FYI get to grips with the fact that Somaliland has gone her way and was always been independent of your failed state. Somaliland being the shining phoenix of the Horn will always look after its own affairs like it or not. The Arabs and the fictional TFG can not dictate to the nation of Somaliland far from it.

  10. Kuwan walaweyn, afkay kaga hadhay. They don't even have a control of Muqadisho, the capital of Somalia and are boxed up into a corner by a handful Alshabab group. And yet have the audacity to say: nobody can recognize Somaliland.

    Dude, in case you were in a dream and just wake up from it. Somaliland left 20 years ago and proved itself to the world that it is a State to reckon with and the world is taking notice. The ship has left port long time ago and there is no turning. So wake up dude and smell the roses.

  11. Legally, a country cannot be recognised until the country it seceding from recognises it first. Somaliland leaders need to work with their counterparts in the south to establish effective government in exchange for recognition. Dreaming of being independent state when no one recognises you is not realistic and we all know TFG is weak.

  12. I expect anything from those who from Somalia they are liar’s hypocrites murders who will say and do anything to destroy Somaliland.

  13. live long and prosper somaliland.
    i wish pace for Somalia they are suffering at the moment so last not for gate that and last pray for theme.we somaliland as a nation do not need zionis the west or the Arabs they have nothing two over for us but bad news.
    somaliland has two be a communist nation is the only way we will gate recognition form china and give china a military basic we wasted two much time looking up two the west they are evil we don't need theme

  14. Gonjeh says, Sharif says!!! who cares what they say. What is important is what the Somalilanders said and backed in 1991. Secession with no possibility of return anytime in the future. Separation for good and the recognition just around corner.

  15. These guys from Somalia never accept the fact that Somalia is failed state and the people of Somaliland refused to be part of a dream and state that failed. They rather restart their lives else where.

    Now you have destroyed yourselves you wont let us live in peace.

    Keep barking after us you sick warlords – Somalia is history so is Yogaslavia, move on!

  16. These guys from Somalia never accept the fact that Somalia is failed state and the people of Somaliland refused to be part of a dream and state that failed. They rather restart their lives else where.

    Now you have destroyed yourselves you wont let us live in peace.

    Keep barking after us you sick warlords – Somalia is history so is Yogaslavia, move on!

  17. Somalia is horrible nightmare, its rape, torture, starvation, pirates, extremists, warlords, killings, thats what I know or think when I hear "Somalia".

    Its horrible image and I hate to associate my self with such state, please go claim someone else if you dont know how else to seek attention.

  18. Keyse: I like to read history and I like also to know stories that not only shapes some certain people but the whole Region, if anyone qeustions whos that Country then it's Somaliland that wrote a new Chapter in African History, that resembles what Obama has said in his Speech at Accra : In the 21st century, capable, reliable and transparent institutions are the key to success – strong parliaments and honest police forces; independent judges and journalists; a vibrant private sector and civil society. Those are the things that give life to democracy, because that is what matters in peoples' lives, so those guys who're barking for the past 20 Years They better concern their own issues that even has transferred to banning English Lang and Science.. how Naive walahi. get a life Southerners

  19. Every body is watching how Sick Hayenas fighting against each other over the dead body of what used to call Somalia.They never get ashamed of themselves .Worse than that ,they still try to imitate Lion's courageous deeds in the day light. The whole world sees the ugly .demise.and unintelligent Actions that insult the human beings on this Planet. Farthermore,they can't differentiate unfortunately, between their friends and foes.

  20. Nimankiinan la baxay Somaliland hadaladiina waxaa laga fahmi karaa inaad cadhaysantihiin, balse weli anigu ma akhrin nin si cilmiyaysan uga jawaabaya maqaalkan dawladan daciifka ah ee Shariif horkacayo soo bandhigtay.

    waxaan aad ula yaabay akhristayaasha qaarkood waxay isku arkaan inaysan iyagu Soomaali ahayn oo ceebtii koonfur Soomaaliya soo gaadhana iyaga aysan saamayneyn maadaama ay isu arkaan inay Somalilanders yihiin.

    Taasi anigu waxaan uga jawaabi lahaa walaalahayo waqooyi galbeedoow waa idinku doqonimo oo aay maangaabni nimo ku darsatay.

    Waxaad ogaataan shisheeyuhu mid unbuu inoo arkaa ama Somaliland la bax ama Puntland.

  21. somaliland will be recognized it's just a fact of life and for those who are still dreaming it's time to wake up, somaliland will emerge as young and strong vibrant economy because of the somalilander's ingenuity and optimsum in facing the challenges of the millenium

  22. They cant keep peace and stability in one city for one day . I think they should focus on their issues and stop daydreaming about a land that has already SAID IT LOUD almost 2 decades ago…

  23. Insahallah, i want to start getting into politics, And then go back home and join our governement.
    And i encourage some of the younger somalilanders to start doing that aswell because we are the future of our country.
    the last thing we want is to become a failed and disgraceful state like somalia.

    Somalia is the ranked as the most corrupt country in the world and it's all their fault! Walahi i don't even consider myself a somali anymore because it's a shame to be called somali because all these people are know for is killing and raping eachother, and then immigrating to other peoples countries as refugees were they get abused.

    We somalilanders should stop calling ourselves somalis. We should also change our language and stop eating spaghatti which their Italian collonial masters taught them to cook.

  24. For the very first time in a decade the U.S. Department Of State and prominant U.S foreign policy makers have realized the grave mistake or miscalculation they have made in ignoring Somaliland. The relentless effort and quest of somaliland people and their democraticlly elected government to achieve and maintain good governance, stability and a solid civil society has proven somaliland to be of a quintessential part in playing a major rule in stabilizing the whole region of horn of Africa

  25. I would like to applaud the effort of some our prominant somalilanders businessmen intelectuals and academians in diaspora for reaching out for emerging global and regianal powers such as China, Turkey ,Malaysia and south Africa, so much so it alarmed some of the Arab league member states, the world has noticed and the genie out of the bottle, somaliland is what's happening now whether you like it or not , watch out we are coming.

  26. 🙂 Punaniland and Moqodishu's Al-Shabaab leaders do not have the moral pre-requesite to even consider any form of relations with the somaliland governement. Soamliland governement does not negotiate with Pirates, Terrorists or criminals with zero Moral fibre. Facts:

    – Punaniland is ruled by wealthy pirates who dictate and control the local officials and police.
    – Moqodishu is governed by who ever controls the majority stake in somalia and at the moment and the foreseable future this will be Al-shabaab.

    Does the world expect the only peacefull region in the horn of africa to join in on the crimes against humanity and against the world at large???

    Failure to recognise Somaliland will send the message to all somalis that international crime pays and recieves recognition and rewards…

    The world will only have itself to blame for the outcome of their 20years of neglect for the only peacefull region settled by somalis.

    Piracy – is taken up
    Terrorist – is also taken up

    I wonder what somaliland region will get recognition for???

  27. The TF Government of Somalia is a JOKE. And when they say Somaliland cannot be recognized as an independent state, is like when they claim they have power over Muqdisho, which they most certainly don not!
    Xamar Wayn should move on…. we have and it’s looking good for us AlxamduliAllah 🙂

  28. Somalia's uniqueness as a country whose people have so much uniting them and little dividing them – people who are the most homogeneous in Africa, sharing the same language, religion, culture and blood ties. And yet, Somalia is today the sick man of Africa where secession in one part of the country is a threat to the country’s unity and territorial integrity. If it can happen to Somalia, it could happen to others.
    The separatists in some parts of northern Somalia (former British Somaliland), taking advantage of the collapse of the Somali state, unilaterally declared in May 1991 the secession of the area from Somalia, adopting its former colonial name of Somaliland. While secession is at all times reprehensible, what makes this one more unacceptable is the fact that the separatists are from one clan among the five major clans that inhabit in the north. In their quest for recognition, they had propagated the mendacious claim that all the clans in the northern Somalia were behind the secession when in reality only some sections of one clan subscribe to this secession.
    The legal justification presented for the secession is based on two preposterous claims: Firstly, that the north used to exist during the colonial times as a separate country from the rest of Somalia; and secondly that British Somaliland gained its independence from Britain on 26 June 1960, four day days before unity with former Italian Somaliland on 1 July 1960. Neither of these claims are legitimate grounds for secession.
    British Somaliland came to existence only because the Somali homeland in the Horn of Africa was arbitrarily partitioned by foreign powers. Those clans that were in the British zone had no exclusive national bonds that separated them from their fellow Somalis in the other colonial zones. Indeed, the same clans in British Somaliland were to be found in Italian Somaliland, French Somaliland and Ethiopian Somaliland(Ogaden). The fact that the peoples of former British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland opted freely for union immediately after independence is a testimony to the artificiality of their division during the colonial times. The act of union had therefore rendered the former colonial boundaries as a footnote in history. It is Somalia’s unity and borders that the international community recognizes and there is no way secessionists can revive and legitimise defunct borders or a phantom state that does not exist.
    It must be clear to us all that peace is life. One of the most important rights of mankind. Although the northerners claims that their government protects the people in northern Somalia but we witnessed the barbarous, indiscriminate slaughtering of the innocent

    Let's answer one simple question,
    Is Northern Somalia (Somaliland) a government?

    First and foremost, let us remind ourselves the responsibilities of any government including that of the Northern Somalia (Somaliland) which claims to be one;

    Every government is responsible for the general peace of its citizens, and Northern Somalia (Somaliland) is of no exception (no exception to the general rule). We know that as identified by their missions and as claimed in the constitutions, governments are to prevent social violence, war, and to promote peace and harmony throughout the land. In the same token, the constitutions also declare that it is the responsibility of the government to bring prevention-oriented and problem-free administration.

    Now, it is common knowledge that governments put that in perspective. Every government that comes to power says that it would work for peace and equality. But what makes the difference is its implementation. Northerners know that the government failed to protect its citizens and to serve their rights of peace. There is no peace in Northern Somalia (Somaliland) at the present time. People are being slaughtered for no apparent reason. And even worse the government is just watching and as reported, government forces are helping the criminals commit their crimes.

    Remember, That peace is life and one of the most important rights of mankind. That is to say Somaliland (Northern Somalia) failed its own people. Therefore Somaliland(Northern Somalia) is not a government and must not be allowed to be one of the recognized governments by the world community. In other words, Northern Somalia (Somaliland) must not be recognized; simply because it failed to fulfil the requirements to be a legitimate government. Where there is no peace there is nothing but fear and frustration – a situation that describes well what the people of Somaliland are experiencing now.

    The writer of this article is a Somali student who is based in Nairobi, Kenya.
    Ahmed Deeq,
    University of Nairobi.

  29. wale sida soomaaliya, soomaaliland, puntiland, galmudug iyo wax aan dhaamin loo wadwado ayaa nin waliba isaga on ka warhayyn go'aanka wuxuu jecela ayu aduunka ka tagi isga oo waji xun.

  30. There is something you "Somalilanders" don't understand and that is you need to be recognized by the Republic of Somalia which will not happen because they don't want to lose some of their land. If your clan wants to pick up their bags and move on to somewhere else no one will stop you trust me on that, but when you bring up foolish dreams of secession then you can live in that dream for as long as you like. Even your name says it all, a area of land in Somalia= Somali land, correct? If your people refuse to listen to that then…. I guess the rest is pretty self explanatory.