MOGADISHU (Somalilandpress) — The spokesman for Darod clan in Southern Somalia, Sheikh Ahmed Abdullahi has unanimously condemned the State of Israel, United States and the European Union in a press conference he held in his residency in Mogadishu.

Sheikh Ahmed, who was responding to a recent story Somalilandpress has published regarding Israel and Somaliland [Israel says ready to recognize Somaliland] said, “the infidels want to prey on the people of Somalia and further divided them, they want to establish base in Berbera and turn the north (Somaliland) into a new Palestine.”

He added this was no surprise to him and that the “infidels” were always fueling the conflict and unrest in Somalia.

Sheikh ahmed said the West wanted to divided Somalia between Israel, Ethiopia, EU and the United States.

Sheikh Ahmed is a member of the Darod sub-clan of Dhulbahante, who are currently engaged in insurgency activies in the town of Las Anod with the support of Somalia’s Al Shabab and other Islamists groups against Somaliland forces.

In recent weeks, a number of road side bombs have killed both civilians and military personnel in the disputed town.

A recent report by Somaliland police has revealed the presence of Al Shabab elements in the Sool region of Somaliland who have found safe heaven among some of the Dhulbahante clan.
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Sheikh Ahmed has urged Al Shabab, Hisbul Islam and other Islamists to attack Somaliland and Western interests. Sheikh Ahmed has spoke highly of the Islamists rebels and condemned Israel. “Israel must not try to come to Somaliland, its our land, we tell the Jews to keep away, they will be slaughtered and our regions, Sool, Sanag and Ayn are part of greater Somalia” he said. Sool and Sanag which the Dhulbahante clan inhabits parts of it are disputed regions by Somaliland administration and the semi-autonomous region of Puntland of Somalia, which is dominated by the Majertein clan, who also belong to the Darod clan family.

He said no Jews will come to our land and our “Mujahedin” were ready to fight with them. He urged Islamists groups to be ready to fight against the Israelis and the West.

Darod is one of the largest clans in Somalia and sees a recognized Somaliland, mainly inhabited by rival Issaq clan as an imminent threat and future Darod division.

The Darod which also includes the Ogadens, occupied by Ethiopia, are traditionally opposed to the West due to Britain dividing them up into what is today Somaliland, Kenya and Ethiopia.

The Sheikh, was angered by a recent story, where by a local source quoted an Israeli newspaper indicating that Israel might recognize the State of Somaliland.

Sheikh Ahmed fears if Israel recognizes Somaliland that would be the final blow to a greater Darod clan.

Al Shabab, a hardline insurgents group in Somalia early this year announced their affiliation with Al Qaeda. The spokesman call for Al Shabab and Hisbul Islam to unit under one front against Somaliland and Western interest could be an indication of already suspicion that elements of the Dhulbahante clan might be sympathetic to the hardliners. Al Shabab militants have already inspired the leaders of Dhulbahante clan to carry out attacks against Somaliland forces in the Sool region.

Meanwhile, Al Shabab fighters pour into Somalia’s capital as they seek control of Mogadishu and plan to push up north into Puntland region and Somaliland. Al Shabab vowed to drive the weak government of Somalia and bring all Somali speaking regions including the Ogaden under their control with the assistance of Ethiopia’s ONLF rebels and the backing of Iranian arms arriving via Eritrea.

Many Dhulbahante tribal leaders have  in recent weeks called on Darods in the Diaspora to support the “cause” and many have responded by holding conferences in American, European and Kenyan cities, raising funds to support terrorism acts against Somaliland police and military.

Sheikh Ahmed’s remarks are no surprise to many, a UN report from 2006 said Somalia’s Islamist hardliners have sent more than 700 combatants to Lebanon for Hezbollah as Israel battled the mainly Shia group. The report which added Iran wanted to acquire Somalia’s uranium deposits also trained Somali rebels along with Egypt, Libya and Syria.

Listen to Sheikh Ahmed (Somali): [audio: sheikh_ahmed.mp3]

Audio: XOL radio
Somalilandpress, 14 February 2010


  1. Ka naxow nafta waa. Yaa wax ku weydiinaya adiga, oday jinoole! whether Darod like or not, it will go ahead.

    • War Beesha Isaaq waxey socdanba ma haday yuhuud hadalkeeda ku farxayaan. war walee iney aqoonsigeena cirka kusii laasho mooyee israel wx inaguma soo kordhinayso ee ha wareerina

  2. These kinds of creatures are the ones, hurting the image of Islam.
    Somaliland will be recognized whether you devilish FQ’s like it or not.

  3. Let me tell you a little story. It's like being in a wolf's den. The wolf sees someone on the outside who is interested in freeing me from the den. The wolf doesn't like that person on the outside. But I don't care who opens the door and lets me out

  4. Since 1991 Somaliland has been trying to be recognized without success. If Arab brothers let us down, I don't care if Israel will recognize Somaliland tomorrow. For this time, we have no choice, because our people have been suffering a long time.

  5. Soo Noqoy Jacaylkii…

    Aqoonsiga Israel Jiritaanka Somaliland ayuu lid ku yahay, Shaki kuma jiro in hadalkani ka soo yeedhay uu yahay mid adkaynaya Midnimadda ummadda somaliland…

    qolyahani ololaha u jira waxa la dhaho Somaliland ixtiraafkeeda mid ha ogaadaan. Somali Marnaba kuma kala go’i karto waa waa isku dad. isku luuqa. same blood
    Marka si qoto dheer loo eego dadka ku nool waqooyi galbeed…. Sool, Sanaag, Iyo reer Awdal midna diyaar uma aha wax la dhaho go’itaan. marka

    Xataa waxa jira large number of people ka soo jeeda gobolada Hargeisa iyo togdheer soo ka soo horjeeda rabitaan kala go’aynta Somalia..

    Arinta kale ee dib u dhigtay waxa weeyaan konfurta oo isku raagtay…. hadii maamul fiican ka soo baxo South Somalia…. Mar labaad Ayaanu heestii qaadi Soo noqoy Jacaylkii..

    • Soomaalidu imikaba way kala go'an tahay adeer. Xamar iyo Hargeysa waa kala laba aduun oon shaqo isku lahayn.

      Mida kele, Jabuuti waa soomaali waana dowlad go'an oo gaar u taagan. Taasba uga cibro qaado.

  6. @waranle
    You are wrong Somaliland and Somalia don’t share anything linguistically, culturally and even religiously, yes we are Muslims but not fundamentals beast who are so thirsty to take a human being's life, the difference is noticeable to any natural human. We regret for every second we treated you like a creature and excuse my words but that is the reality, and the only thing that we shared with you is death, extermination, feminine and racism.
    It is not a surprised for me to see those from Somalia on Somaliland web site coz i know that wherever we go you will follow us, and that is so typical of your kind to bark whenever Somaliland Name is mentioned….

    Somaliland …. "bow-wow," "ruff-ruff" ……."arf"




    • WARANLOOW, La ogaa inaad wadekatahay doontawaalida__la ogaa inaad beenwardiya walamtahaysaan__inuu idiinwaxyiyo waliyo shaydaan, (SIDA AFHAYEENKA DAAROOD)__Saxiib samir oo kasamir somaliland somaliyana matihid somaliland na socotay adna waad sabootiday soonanoqonimayso__by iid dahir__

    • kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.the dude is funny,u isaaq plp are known 4 ur anti islam,anti somali sentiments,infact its u guys who fuel the war in the south for ur own gain again.this time u have gone the xtra mile for recognition from the cursed not surprised its ur nature and love 4everything an islamic.even ur own ullimasz didnt condem that move hhhhhhhhh i wonder what is next?

  8. Israel is here to stay so is Somaliland, I am surprised how British and American governments allow those trusts to hold fundraising events in their cities

    We need to monitor their meetings and funds.

    It's going to fund ONLF, Al Shabab and other extremists in the region, who have found a holy cause to disrupt Somaliland democracy institutions and Western interest.

    We can not allow the terrorists to hijack and threatened peace loving Somaliland.

    Israel, USA and UK time to step up Somaliland assistance including military.

    • Once serf always serf. Remain in servitude forever. "RARNAAW WALIGAA."
      LOL "Isreel, USA and UK time to step up somaliland assistance including military." hahaha. Just look at that sentence and ask yourself are you freeman minded or serfman minded? Your forefathers were serfs for the british theives, pay taxes in their own land collect by foreigners. and now you are eager to become second palestine on east Africa. Remember this, you are only revealing your servitude to other Somalis and confirm the history that you was donkey for the british. There is no one country that can grant you recognition forever. keep that in mind. Now we know that you are traitors and snitches in Somalia you deserve to be wiped out.

  9. this is rubbish .u guys am sure ur professional journalist.i know sometimes u may luck anything to write but please not such nonsenses .and also ur analysis is poor.

  10. Waar toloow colka jooja.
    Sxbyaal israelna dan kama laha Somaliland, iyagu waxay ku gubayaan waa dalalka carabta.
    Odaygan iska hadlayna in warkiisa la sii faahfaahiyo muu ahayn. Boggana in uu arrinta inuu dhulbahante iyo daarood ku foorariyo may ahayn. Markaa wararkan aydun boggagan ka akhridaan iska hubiya, seef la bood miidhan ha noqaninee.
    Long live Somaliland


  12. somaliland..
    any how
    sheeko marqaantan odaygu akhrinayo inaad soo qortaaan maaha
    this is nonsense wlhi
    odayaashan busaaradaystay lacag ayay hadalkan ku doonayaane
    wa oday suuqu ku xumaaade
    waa la iibsan kara gabigiisabee

  13. Cajiib, war kan xagay ka soo heleen?..Ma god buu ku jiray?..Dadka waa la soo dhaweystaa, nimankan wadaadada isku sheegaya waxaa ka soo hadhay, waxbaanu dilaynaa, waxbaanu gumaadanaa, Muslinna waanu nahay!!!..

    Oo Soomaalidu miyaanay Muslim ahayn? Ardaydii lagu dilay Xamar miyaanay Muslim ahayn? dadkii xaraqayadii Hargeysa iyo Bosaaso ku dhintay miyaanay Muslim ahayn?

    Ninkani Daarood oo dhan uma hadlo, waa oday iska hadlaya..

    • Ilaahay ha xifdiyo suldaanka. Xaq ayuu ka dhawaajiyay. Waa ceeb in la yidhaahdo waa darood.. Somali iyo islaamka oo dhan ayaa fikradaas la qaba. Ilaahayoow dhawr. soomaali oo dhan ayuu suldaan u yahay.

      ninkan maqaalka qoray in itobiya, israaiil iyo maraykanka oo la soo hadal qaadday moodaya xajkii oo la gubay ilaahay xaqa ha tusiyo.. Mohumed

    • My friend somalia is not even a state it is a failed state, no, far worser than a failed state, it is a state which has a vegetative comatose stage and now it is a dead state. The so called president of TFG is a prisoner in villa somali guarded by Ugandans and Burindians meceneries. He is not free and ca not even dare prey in mogadisho's mosque, and now they are building a mosque for him and over bloated cabinet in villa somali. Like a lunatic embecile hollering in the wilderness, you and people like you keep on saying there no somaliland but the fact on the ground is evidently clear to see for people with eyes. You keep holding on your stupid sentiment while somaliland day by day they building and improving their lives. Very soon you will somaliland have surpassed other African countries.

    • There is no such thing as Somaliweyn, there is Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland. The five stars theory never was and never will be. It was a wishful thinking and died dream.

  14. Some of desperate D+++d Clans are in an incipient panic mode realizing that Somalianders are serious and moved on, and destined for a great things and leadership ability. The so-called the dream is dead and never will be resurrected because we were behind that dream.

    We are not interested any more. Get use to it and move on. Lying about our Independence and sovereignty in 1960 is laughable. If you don't know any about the history, research. Don't just make up stories that do not exist.

    Have guys noticed, how they don't say what happened and caused the separation was wrong and should have never happened. Or at least that it was a makings of a ruthless dictator who wanted to hold on to the power. That is if at all they want to salvage what is left of the dream of Somaliweyn. Instead, time and again they are trying to provoked us to pick a fight. These are the kind of people who want us back.

    • If you believe Somaliland belongs to Isaaq tribe, then I suppose to change the name from somali to isaaq land. The darood tribe you mentioned never accepted any servitude of the British emperialist who came to Africa to satisfy their Mercantilist economic order. which was collect raw materials from foreign colonies and create markets to sell their products. Try to read the History Of Economic Thought of Europe and see what were the reason the British came to Africa and how we used to live before those british thieves came our terrotories. Isaaq clan accepted servitude of the british bandits who were there to serve the interest of britain. so being a serf of your fomer master doesn't entitle you have a say over our Land. And now you are ready to be serf for the jews. is up to you. as long as you stay in your isaaq terretory and don't come to our land.

  15. waxaad moodaa in aqoonsigii somaliland soo bidhaamayo,ta israeil waxaan ka leeyahay yuhuud ilaahaybaa abuurtay carabaanay is hayaan oo dhul isku hayaan ,maxaynu carab ku qabnaa,makii layna laynayeyna hubka iyagaa bixinayey maantana iayagaa ina hor taagan ee yaan loo joojinin ,talabaad waxan la yabay israei safaarado ayay ku leedahay wadamo badan oo carab ah sida jordan,masar,muritaaniya,qatar,iyo meelo kale oo islaam ah waxaan garan laaha waxa hargeysa u diidan ee intan kale o ogol cajiib,
    yuhuudu waa dad waxna dila waxna nooleeya waxaan qabaa in wax lala qabsado waayo maanta taageeradooda waynu u baahanahay ameerikan iyagaa fura,
    ta sadexaad hadalkani waa mid qoto dheer oo waxaan filayaa in ay ogaadeen in somaliland dhawaan la aqoonsanayo oo taasi dhiirisay,
    waxa iayaduna soo kordhay yeman oo xafiis siyaasadeed hargeysa ka furanaysa dhawaan,
    qolooyinkan qabiilka ku meeraysanaya waxan leeyahay qabiilka dhaafa oo kahadla danta wadanka ee aynu wada leenahay,takale aduunyada majiro xad isir ku salaysan
    guul iyo gaobanimo somaliland baa leh

  16. How hypocrite this al- sheiytans are, they are trying to sell to the rest of Somalis that they are above clan things and here is this so-called sheikh from this terrorist organization calling himself a spoke person of the Darood clan.The clan that destroyed the Somali unity whether it was Afwene or Abdullahi Yey. Fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me. Al- sheiytan, you are nothing but ideolog who is trying to enforce Wahabism on Somalis and other Moslems. Somalis will never buy your forgein religion which has nothing to do with Islam.

  17. The proponents of “Somaliland”, a one-clan and self-styled in the North west of Somalia have been relentlessly propagating flimsy justifications and hackneyed collections of false claims for the last 19 years.

  18. Warfa and Farah, what is the deal here? You are both writing the same thing, you seems to share the minds of sick individuals that has a hatrate for the people of Somaliland. Guess what?, like it or not, Somaliland is here to stay for ever!

  19. (Waxba yaanu xeerkay imarin xoolana isiine xaashee nin libin kaa xistiyay xumihii waa yaabe)
    Republic Of Somaliland hore way usocotay and getting its recognition from world community as soon as possible, ama muraaradillaac ama magaceeda ka dhimo,ama wadaad isku sheeg, ama shabaab isku sheeg ama xibi shaydaan,after long struggle and hard work somalilalnd declared its indipendent,

    ha noolaato somaliland

    hanoolaato somaliland ha dhimato

  20. When you read this Fabricated propaganda story it very easy for anyone with common sense to know it has been written by Idoors. They like to feed as much lies as possible to the western medias and make the Daroods bad guys in order to be regognized. Even this story about Israel recognizing Somaliland is pure fabrication.When the Idoors started to feel the pain and death in Las Anood, they started crying like wolf. There is no Al Shabab in Las Anod except the Local people who are fighting against the Idoors and their colloborators who are occupying them. Soon Las Anod will be the graveyard of Idoors and their colloborators and will be soon deafeated.Idoors are infidel lovers and one of the most liars ,hateful and without any integrity of any kind. There was no recognition for them in the last 18 years and there will be never one to come. I just want to give one advice to them : Stop wasting your few resources you have in paying foreign journalist to fabricate lies in foreign papers and paying local colloborators in Sool and Sanaag. The same colloborators will eventually be the one to turn their guns on you. The few money collected from welfare recipients in the west will dry up, when they see the hope of recognition will never come and their money wasted in the drain.

  21. Samaroon is real somalilanders and currentlly leading the country,
    sol, sanag and cayn is somaliland territories, the people who lives in these rigions is real somalilanders,
    mr, Noble and Faarah is talking about what they didnt known nothing,

  22. Noble Lord
    I agree with you. If the Isaaqs want independence for their land we will definately be the first one to recognize them. But if they want to take the land of Darood, that’s where they are making big mistake. We dont care if the Gadabursi join them or not since they are all Dirta Woqoyi.As long as you are claiming Darood land ,forget recognition. We call the shot for recognition. You can continue with your liars, propagandas , pay journalist and writing on websites ,but one thing will remain: NO RECOGNITION WILL EVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

  23. Maybe this man isn't what he claimed to be an spokeman for Somali-subclan. He has given the tittle for himself and no one controlled what one man says. The question is the group he says he is speaking on their behalf would either validate or dismiss his claims as a spokeman.

    Don't mix Shabab and Onlf they are totally different. Onlf is fighting to free its people while Shabab is calling ever more destruction for it country and sending their people to unknown. These Somalia women who turned to prostitution in Yeman are what groups like shabab gains or these Burudian who are participating what so called peacekeeper in Mogadishu but would also bring more spreadable deseases in Somalia. Regardless of what Shabab is motive is Somalia would become where African soldiers release their hiv.

    Somaliland isn't perfect and you could see people in Somaliland are not happy at the moment. It has more to do with powersharing among Somalilanders and that wouldn't take them anywhere. Yes, Somaliland is better than Somalia but not berfect and sooner or later you would see those Somalilanders in the corners to withraw from it.

  24. i just listened the speech of this old man, who called him self the Daarood clan spokes person in somalia,,, and he did not say some thing new but just the Alshabab group words,, the group that openly claimed the responsibilty of the terror suicidal actions in hargeisa & laascaanod somaliland.

  25. people are getting desperate, the time is up kids.

    Israeli has recently recommitted their commitment to the tfg and the Somali people, FACT

    -lool do think Israel will recognise a state because of 1960s politics, loool, do you know Israel considers history before 1969 to be no go area

    first I want to clarify the Israel hype because It has no relevance to the Somali republic, because the whole hype is for internal tribal consumption in the so called somaliland, now the chicken are coming home to roast in somaliland, the inter tribal relations has reached a critical level and geo political treats have emerged from the ssc state which will only hasten the internal friction of the dominate tribe and that will lead to sub dividsions in sland and its current party politics a is a reflection because lets be honest the hizbs are obvious tribial entities.
    the whole israel hype is for the populous of somaliland because, the ruling elite know mob rule is never good so they appeal to their ethnocentric feelings by giving them info that is not true but would pleas the local masses because the local masses consider such a action the ultiment goal against the all powerfull D, but being ignorant masses, they forget their current interestwhich is to unseat the autocratic ruling elite

    1st somaliland website(somaliland press and golis news wrote the whole israel nonsens and it was used as a source by this website
    now if you know anything about that organisation you will know that my toilet has more credibility then them, why, its because the people that write for those organisation are the bottom of the bunch, just like all the loser get a platform at The Salvation Army

    now I have contacted the israel embassy and the israel embassy has confirmed to me that there is no such statement made by israeli officials, and I have contacted haarts news paper and they have confirmed to me that haaratz has not reported or published such a info.

    now why the despered move by somaliland media?

    SSC state has become a reality and the US ambassador in kenya has given his blessing and egypt has reiterated to somalilanbd that ssc is a reality(remember egyptian ambassador to somalia visit in somaliland and kenyan somali Parliament member visit to somaliland, cez what it, was a warning to sland)

    so your little blatant tribal animosity is a reflection of desperate times head, a

    we will wach like you watched us, and we will protect our father(d) geo political creation in somali republic
    D ku fuul, for ever
    good day sir

    • Too much whining, listen mate, Israel does not deal with no terrorists nor so called SSC, Israel is well aware of the facts on the ground and it was one of the first 3 nations to recognize Somaliland along with England and Chile.

      Israeli embassy does not answer nor responde to terrorists, so please keep day dreaming.

      Somaliland is making friends and it will keep it's friends diverse and respect their faiths, right to associate and knows religion is personal belief between one and His Creator. This is Somaliland and it will deal with Budhist China, Jewish Israel, Muslim Saudia and Christian Ethiopia.

      You people from Somalia are sick and you blow each others up, Somaliland will become the new Israel of Horn of Africa and keep you terrorist behind walls. The first thing we will do is get Israel to construct a wall across Sool.

  26. What happen to the goodwill and good neighbors between Somali comunity. First you need to recognized one another and don't stuck with narrow thinking that you wouldn't care one Somali group or clan. What you called Dir Woqoyi and Dorods are what destroyed Somalia.

    Anyone who is thinking clearly would know that we may have some differences politically but at the end of the day clan motivation wouldn't give you anything it will even go deep in your own clan. You would see Dorad Fighting themselves and others will do the same. What you called Dir Woqoyi is what make Somaliland to leave Somalia. It was cheating system that give partical clan to get shares that wouldn't be theirs.

    Why would you care less for Somaliland cities like Hargesa when infact any Somali individuals would live freely and no one chase you away. Why would you called Israel to come Berbera when you don't want it in Garawe or Bosaso. Somaliland is future depend on these Somalis who live there how they get along and it wouldn't fail if Somaliland clean up its own problems and all groups under its controlled have equal rights from funds to justice system.

  27. Actually Somaliland is in the best interest of the Darod clan for if it was not for the Burao meeting where they received amnesty today they will all be dead. So count your blessing mad man and enjoy the peace in Somaliland for if we go back to being tribal primitive peaople like you you'd be butchered by now

  28. How far will this go? does Somaliland belong to Isaaq tribe? if they create isaaq land that consist of Hargeisa, barbera and burco without sool, sanaag, cayn and awdal and they call it Isaaqland, then I don't care if the devil himself recognize them, let alone Israel. let them welcome the jews in Isaaqland and become second Palestine that is being enslaved and humiliated. Let the Isaaqs alone reap what they sow. Nin aweeso koriyoo adigaa u aayi. and not Darood or Samaroon tribes.

  29. Show us the proof that the Israel stated what you folks claimed. I have gone to Haaretz' web site and could not find what you secessionists' claim. Give us the link if you have a proof. If you can't provide a link, it is a wishful thinking on your part.

  30. Once again, all the anti-Somaliland comments just prove that those who have nothing to offer the people resort to tired cliches and old lies. It is 2010. Somaliland is charting its own course, what have you got to offer the poor people of Somalia?. Not a single one of you opposed to Somaliland can do anything to stop its progress, what have you got the offer the people suffering in the camps outside Xamar and every other city in Southern Somalia?
    The answer is nothing. Because if you did you would be constantly glued to the Somaliland websites.

  31. You are wrong Somaliland and Somalia don’t share anything, your both bigots, lazy, and whine way too much.


  32. The people of Somalia are clueless without us they know if we are recognized we going to become a powerful nation and we going to dominate the Horn of Africa along with Ethiopia forever. Well we almost there the final thing we need is Israel's technology, ohh how much this worries you, this is why your crying all over our sites and forums.

    We coming for you terrorists (Somalia), we going to keep you in those cages, cry and curse Israel, Somaliland, Ethiopia and USA all you want. Those Arabs will not save you, they cant even get their land from 9 million Israelis for God sake and they are over 358 million in 25 countries. They are useless as you Somalis in Somalia, 3 million Somalilanders will dominate you remember that cry all you want terrorists.

  33. Again show us the proof that the Israel stated what you folks claimed. I have gone to Haaretz' web site and could not find what you secessionists' claim. Give us the link if you have a proof. If you can't provide a link, it is a wishful thinking on your part.

    If you can't provide the link, then you are inventing it from the blue wind. Looks like one of your agents whom you give the donor's money has come up another false trick and you're just throwing it around. looooooooooooooooool!

  34. i would say to all non-somalilanders ; before you comment about somaliland and it,s eminent recognition, please take a look what,s going in Somalia, and tell me anything good about Somalia, all you see is: DESTRUCTION,FAMINE,HUNGER,MALNUTRITION, SUICIDE BOMBING AND PIRACY ,MASSACRING OF INNOCENT CHILDREN,WOMEN , ELDERLY PLL AND EVEN THE INTELETUAL FIGURES ,ALL KINDS OF EVIL.
    Now, tell me: when that,s your home ,why do you bother to debate so jelously with those privalleged Somalilanders , who started building their countery from the grass roots ,stablished fucntional goverment with ligally and democratically elected leadership and close to be recognized.
    You all Somalilanders: revenge isn,t a solution,Somaliland is on the right course,Somaliland,s moving on and will be soon a part of the INTERNATIONAL comunity …

  35. asc.. dhamaantiin….
    horta aan idin shegee..waxan ahay nin rer SL ah, oo waliba SLnimadu dhiiga iyo dhuuxa ka gashay, aad ban u jeclahay dalkayga, dadkayga iyo waliba DIINTAYDA…
    aad ban uga naxay dadkan Yuhuuda soo dhaweysanaya.. ee leh way na aqoonsanayaan… maskaxdiina waxa galisaan in Illahay swt oo qudha wax aqoonsado..
    waxan Diintayda ka horeysiinayana ma jiraan, waxan aaminsanay inaan cid iga rer SLand sani aanay jirin..runtii..

    markaan akhriyey comments badankooda qof rer SL ah oo arintan diidan ba ma arag.. runtii aad ban uga naxay arintaa…bal is weydiiyoo ma idinla tahay in Jaceyl Isreal inoo hayso dartii inoo aqoonsanayso?? WAA MAYA!!!
    walalyaal iyo Ilmaadeerayaalba aan wax yaabaa qaarkood ka xishoono.. oo Illahay ka xishoono…

    waxaanu diyaar u nahay inaanu Aqoonsiga la sheegayo 1000 sano haduu qaadanayo aanu sugi doono… intaanu meelaha qaarkood wax u doonan lahayn

  36. nobble and faarah are taking out of there back siad a loud of crab, and by the way we somalilanders as whol are stithing forward and will continue so wether you FAGSH like it or not .

    you whant to take about somaliland first look at somalia your house comes first before going on to the neighber you dum,shit for barins morons.
    SOMALILAND LONG LIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. FAGASH how dare you speak about somaliland after all you distroyed the great somalia, today forgeat about somaliand and look at you back graden its a mess sham to somali umhaa.


  38. Sheekhow, Annaga Diinta cidi noogama dhawa. Asaxaabihii baannu ku Abtirsanaa, Muslim baannu nahay oo cid nooga soo jeedaysaa ma jirto.

    Yuhuuda aad canbaaraynayso waa Dawlad. Dawladahana waxa ka dhexeeya Cilaaqaad Diblimaasi ah. Arrintu maaha in lays jeclaado ama lays necebyahay ee waa waxa wada qabsi keliyah. Carabta in badan ayaa cilaaqaad la leh. Waxaa cilaaqaadka Somaliland gooniyeeyey? Those who are barking are jealous and just trying to sabotage Somaliland's progress and quest for recognition.

    If Africa will not do it and the Arabs will not do it for their own political gain. We will get it from others including the State of Israel. It nothing has to with do Religion or Islam. Life is give and take, and so is relations between nations. We are the captains of our ship, entitled to our self-determination and nobody can do anything about it. We are going ahead and will never look back.

  39. Isn’t funny a lot of ppl claiming they are from Somaliland, and at the same time sail against the wind to prove their cleverness that they can see the unseen, and even though that in Somaliland we can disagree without being disagreeable, but yet that doesn’t explain the idea to emphasis who you are. And certainly that coz you just said you are form Somaliland doesn’t make you a one, and for sure it doesn’t give you a get pass through our mind, and don’t expect when you say the word (I’m from Somaliland) that suddenly everyone will follow your stupidity… I wonder what cold they do more those monsters from Somalia. get over it we already know about this approach or strategy, and I wonder what next the hatred of Somaliland can come up with?

  40. This continued issue with these Darood people especially the Majeertan is pure evil. There seem to be an obsession to be some kind of elite above all Hawiyes, samiroons, above Isaaqs, Gadabgoris, Issa's, etc. What they are saying is help us have a common hate while we become your leader. They forget that the samiroons are not entirely stupid and are aware where they want this to end in their favor. So this illusion of a Majeertan elitism with the help of the Dhultbahnte is transparent to all these other tribes especially the Hawiye. The Hawiye amongst others in Somalia are aware of these games and they want Somalilanders to help them to qoush their insane manica attempts to take over all Somalis. NO ONE TRUSTS MAJEERTEN or their minions from the dhulbahante.