We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our visitors, its been amazing in the short time that we have been online and serving the forgotten people of Somaliland, as their voice and freedom of speech.
As you might have noticed, we have been offline for an hour or so today, that’s due to high demand and visitors from the usual levels. We noticed while most of this visitors were genuine, we have also had unwanted spam and people who want to abuse our site.

We believe this is due to our recent story about Israel want to recognize the Republic of Somaliland, please see: http://somalilandpress.com/11628/israel-says-ready-to-recognize-somaliland/ It shows you that, how sensitive the issue is and how important Somaliland is to the region and thus we believe the threats were coming from elements opposed to Somaliland’s right to stand as statehood and also denying Israel’s right to exercise it’s foreign policy in any where in the world.

We will not allow them to silence us, because no matter how much their disagree, they will never stop Somaliland reaching it’s goal, whether it deals with the State of Israel or any other free nation.

Our hosts, based in the United States are fully behind us and they continue to advice us and monitor the situation. Our site has been upgraded to the latest servers and will load even faster than before. Cheers to our support team!

We will continue to be the voice of the forgotten people and those enemies of freedom of speech can continue to admire us along the way.

we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Thanks for the visit!




  1. Somalilandpress is one of my sources for information, I love this website and I will always be a fan and supporter, those monsters who hate us can go to hell. And I hope that Israel will make such move and recognize Somaliland… please continue your good work and know that a lot of Somaliland ppl are supporting your web site…

    Long live Somaliland

  2. we will not let the parking dog to stop our journey we will proceed to progress, statehood and our voices are beyond the reach of the wicked losers, here I have remembered a poem once written for the losers who spend their times what is not concerning them:
    Take your bell and run after the Doolaal's speedy horse
    your yells and nonsense will not stop it,
    because its not hearing u….

    Well done Somaliland Press, you are a torch for Somaliland and a Sword for Somaliland enemies. keep up the good work, we are here to support you.

    Our hearts and minds with the fallen martyrs of Somaliland, may Allah open the doors of the havens for them.

  3. Those who don't like Somaliland to succeed go to hell. SomalilandPress is the source of genuine news and free from unwanted articles and insults that you normaly see other Websites. Regarding the hot discussion of Israel and Somaliland, I support those Somalilanders who expressed their opinion, and the current government should engage them. Why not. Why we fight a war that does not exist in the Islamic World. Don't you see that Arabs have submerged their heads in the sand, when Palestine needs help. Somaliland citizen have fought in 1948, but not Somalians were there.

    Good bless Somaliland

  4. lionhearth, the comments came from an Israeli spokesman. Somaliland has no bilateral ties with Israel and has not been lobbying the Israeli government. It is worth remembering that Israel was the second nation to recognize Somaliland's independence on the 26th of June, 1960. United Kingdom was the first nation to recognize the newly independent former protectorate.

    It is also worth mentioning, that aside from many African nations, Israeli has diplomatic ties with Egytp, Jordan, Morocco and Djibouti, all Arab League members.

  5. Well done SomalilandPress for keeping it professionally while most Somali run websites are known to support a clan based system. This website is my source for East Africa news, do not let few bad apples bring this wonderfull site down. We all support SomalilandPress and the Somaliland cause.

    Washington, DC

  6. SomalilandPress is run by highly educated, neutral and professional individuals unlike other clan based websites whose main intention is to disturb Somaliland's cause, peace, and progress. It is our source of information. We are all behind SomalilandPress and Somaliland endeavour for recognition. Way to go SomalilandPress!

  7. Qarannews.com and Somalilandpress.com are two of the most popular Somaliland websites and both have been subjected to hacking and spam, and other abuses. No one can silence free speech, and those who are trying to do this are committing a crime. In the United States of America, in which, both websites have their host servers, it is a federal offense to unlawfully hack a public domain. These perpetrators have been warned. They are doing this at their own peril

  8. The situation in Somalia (not Somaliland) remains a concern to the world because it became safe haven for terrorists. Members of terrorist organizations such as Alshabaab and the like can't silence the voices of reason! Somaliland Press is one of the objective news sources for all reasonable and democratic people. Yes, I encourage the State of Israel to recognize Somaliland Republic. Is any Arab nation forthcoming with any support for the recognition of Somaliland Republic?

    Somaliland press is an independent news source that plays an active role primarily in promoting Somaliland. Let us support the voices of reason and guard against danger of the pseudo Islam.

  9. Keep on barking while the Somaliland caravan keeps on moving forward. Keep up the good work Somalilandpress you guys are the best

  10. Somalilandpress Editors,

    Do not let the enemies of Somaliland shut your website down, we will stand by you and follow your news from homeland without impartiality.Count on readers like me who follow your posting on daily basis. May Allah bless Somaliland and it's people.

  11. I am very proud of SomalilandPress and the young journalists that are behind it. Neither SPAM nor verbal abuse or threats will silence the voices of the people of Somaliland.
    I urge you to keep up the good work – Medeshi

  12. Thanks Somalilandpress, you are the one of rare Somaliland English websites with perminent updates. I am very happy to see you improving and updating your website. please try to put more enlish news updates. I saw International institutions and media taking Somaliland news from Somalilandpress. this is good news for us for having Somaliland English website dessaminating our news into the international community instead of taking our news from our enemy. Xil-weyn oo Xukumadeenu dayacday ayaad naga qaadeen. Mahadsanidin Somalilandpress.