ADDIS ABABA (Somalilandpress) — Abdillahi Duale, Somaliland’s minister of foreign affairs has called on the international community to looks towards a two-tracked solution while dealing with Somaliland and Somalia.

“The international community needs and ought to come up with a two track approach for Somaliland and Somalia – these are absolutely two different equations, two different sets of situations, two different sets of circumstances the realities on the ground are absolutely different and differ immensely in magnitude and in reality so what we said to them is that they come up with a two tracked approach and that it is morale thing to do, the pragmatic thing to do. One track for Somalia and that is stabilizing Somalia and that is what the international community was trying to do since 1991 but to no avail from Djibouti conference I in 1991 to the last Djibouti conference Djibouti III. This is what the international community has been doing we appreciate and encourage the engagement but on the other hand what we want is for the international community to come up with is another track for a sustained development of Somaliland – sustained infrastructure development of Somaliland, sustained development of the institutions of Somaliland we have not been a burden to the international community…we did this through our resources, investments and energy.
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“We are very happy that we have a bottom up approach that we have built in this country which is enormous we have the institutions in place, the constitutions in place this is what the international community wants to see a nations that s functioning that is exactly what we have done. The international community is committed in Afghanistan and Iraq all of these places now in Yemen it is another serious scenario which we have discussed what we are saying that there needs to be a track that sustains the development of Somaliland and the enhancement of Somaliland. This is not much to ask really as far as we are concerned. There has to be a comprehensive two tracked approach even today in Yemen we believe what is happening and the engagement in Yemen is okay it is fine but what happens in Yemen will have a serious impart in the region including homeland, we are saying the international community has to put into the consideration the impacts in Yemen they have to come up with another approach while looking into the situation in homeland and the rest of the neighboring countries”, said Minister Duale.

Minister Duale in his brief visit also spoke with donors and fellow
African countries.

“I came her this time is for the AU summit as you are well aware of we
have been pushing the case of Somaliland and how Somaliland can be
assisted. I met among others some European colleagues and also the
Americans particular importance is the meeting I have had ambassador
Johnnie Carson, US Assistant Secretary of African Affairs and UK Minister for Africa, Baroness Kinnock these were the most important meeting that I have had with major donors both meetings went very well we discussed bilateral issues both leaders are not new to the issue of Somaliland. Ambassador Johnnie Carson has been a student of Africa for a long time he has worked in various African countries we have known him for quiet some time this is not the first time that I met him so we have discussed particularly with him bilateral issues as a follow up to my last meeting last year in Washington D.C. where he received me cordially along with his entire team we discussed the progress Somaliland has made for the upcoming elections, the security situation in Somaliland and the wider region and we have discussed in depth including Yemen the issue of terrorism, security the issues concerning Somaliland. So we have had friendly fruitful discussions I must say and we say eye to eye on the regional geopolitical situation,” explained minister Duale.

The minister also note that the he had also met with his Ugandan and
Swaziland counterparts and had been invited to visit the two nations in a bid to bolster ties.

On Vuk Jeremié, Serbia’s foreign minister’s call on African nations to
learn lessons form the Serbian experience regarding Kosovo minister Duale stated that he was astonished at the comments.

“I was really flabbergasted and surprised when the Serbian foreign
minister was given a platform to lecture to the African leadership. I tell
you we were in that conference as you know but it was a very disturbing message and I think it is a very bad legacy a young foreign minister from Serbia coming to Africa at this august conference and lecturing them and telling them to take the experience of Serbia with regards to Kosovo I thought that was in poor taste. I don’t really know as an African who let this young foreign minister come and lecture to the African heads of state? Was it the responsibility of the Commission? Was it the responsibility of the chairman of the Commission? Was it the responsibility of the president of the AU at the time? Whose responsibility was it? This is something that I really was flabbergasted. What lessons ought to be learnt form Serbia for God’s sake? I think Africans have their own experience the experience of Somaliland is of paramount importance I wish they have invited us and explained the success story of homeland.. Africa has values, great leaders, great ideas and a lot of good ideas do come form Africa,” stressed Minister Duale.

By Samson Haileyesus

The Sub Saharan Informer, 13 February 2010

PHOTO: Foreign minister, Mr Duale meets US Assistant Secretary of African Affairs, Johnnie Carson, in Addis Ababa, 2nd February 2010 (Somalilandnation)


  1. Imagine Serbia giving African a lesson in decency and democracy. Is this the same Serbia of Srebrenica. No wonder that Kosovo, Bosnia and also Montenegro wanted nothing to do with Serbia, and could not get out of the union fast enough.

    Giving a platform to a nation with such a track record in human rights, was a spectacular mistake by the AU, and in particular Sudan and Egypt who wanted to influence the upcoming Southern Sudan referendum.

    A better example would have been the United Kingdom. The UK is currently devolving rule to the Scottish parliament, the Welsh and Northern Ireland assemblies whilst at the same maintaining the Union.

    Typical of African political short-sightedness. Africa couldn't forestall nor resolve the Rwandan genocide and they have now given a platform to another country guilty of genocide. Serbia.

  2. Keep up the good work minister, I hope you and your adminstration are seriously doing your utmost, making the case for Somaliland. I don't doubt that we have legitimate case before the world and AU. I hope they realize the time has come for change for the people of Somaliland. I hope they realize History is made only once and their actions as valuable organization matters greatly.

  3. Looks like a day dreamer. There is no democracy and free elections in Somaliland. The economy is in ruin and relies on the donor handouts. The minister is not telling the truth when he stated that "we did this through our resources, investments and energy." The fact of the mather is it is the European and American financial and security aid that pays the salary of the Somaliland authority and militia. The reason repeated fights in the parliament and the president's constant locking on the parliament and house of elders ' house chambers if he does not have his way is obvious for all to see. On the security side, the recent assassinations by the government on its military officers in Las Anod and the civil war taking place in that town and also the town of Gebiley is obvious that the so-called stability in this North West region (Somaliland) of Somalia is a myth. The fact of the matter is Somaliland is unstable as the rest of Somalia.

  4. Hassan, you are hopeless. Are you seriously comparing Somaliland to Somalia? Do you expect anyone to take you seriously? Somaliland has held three free and fair elections, for the Presidency, parliament and local assembly.
    Somaliland's current President was directly elected. When was the last time Somalia elected a President directly and freely with international observers?
    If Somaliland's economy is in ruins, why is it registering one of the fastest growths in Africa?

  5. You are a typical Somalia hack. You simply lie, and close your eyes to everything.
    The peace and stability in Somaliland is not a myth, and you have forgotten what peace and stability is like that, you consider the mayhem and anarchy in Somalia as the norm.
    My friend there is not a single conflict currently taking place in Somaliland. Unlike Somalia, where even Villa Somalia is under daily mortar attack, Southern Somalia is a complete mess.
    We Somalilanders take no joy in seeing the murder and mayhem in Somalia. As a matter of fact, we would like to see your resolve the situation. But the first thing you have to do is admit that Somalia is a mess. Don't concern yourself with Somaliland, we have our own house in order. It may not be perfect yet, but we are working on it.
    Hassan, it is because of people like you that Somalia is in a mess. You are living in denial and concern yourself with your neighbours house, whilst your own house is on fire and in ruins.

    Get your own house in order, first, and then you can talk about Somaliland

  6. hassan has no idea what he is taking about and can not comprehend the situation in somaliland and somalia from where iam standing, well said Kariye.