HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — A 14-member delegation from the People’s Republic of China are on official visit to the Republic of Somaliland to study the economic and investment climate in the country.

The delegation which consists of some of China’s leading investors, government officials and members of China’s leading media-houses arrived in the capital Hargeisa on Friday afternoon. They were received at the airport by Ali Mohamed ‘Waran Adde’, Somaliland Aviation minister and Hussein Mohamud , the Mayor of Hargeisa.

Mr. Qi told local press that they were delighted with their trip to Somaliland and expressed their desire to invest in number of places in the country. They praised the people of Somaliland for their warm hospitality and for their achievements without international help.
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Mr. Mohamed said a Chinese firm awarded to renovate and expand Egal International airport to international standards is due to arrive soon along with their equipment and staff.

The delegation are expected to remain in the country for the next few days, while some will assist the investment capacity of the country, others are also here for fact-finding mission.

The Chinese delegation was accompanied by Ahmed Hassan Egal, Somaliland Special Representative to China, who also thanked the Somaliland authority for their warm welcome.

The Mayor of Hargeisa, Mr. Ji’ir, also said that the Chinese were keen to invest in the country and that Chinese-Somaliland relationship were strong.

They also said China will assist Somaliland in the education sector and a Somaliland delegation from the ministry of education is expected to travel to Beijing.

This is the largest delegation from China to visit Somaliland since declaring the restoration of it’s sovereignty in 1991 after a military campaign against Somalia’s dictator, Maj. Mohamed Siad Bare.

On Saturday, the Chinese business and press delegation were received by the President of Somaliland, Mr. Dahir Rayale at the presidential Palace. The president warmly welcomed the Chinese investors and promised them Somaliland’s commitment to work with them in area of common interest including investing in coal mining in the Sahil region as well as developing a free zone facility at the port of Berbera.

The president added that Somaliland was a virgin country with known resources and is the ideal place for investment.

Mr. Ji Shiaw Shie said they were pleased with Somaliland’s achievements without recognition and promised to showcase Somaliland’s investment opportunities to Chinese private firms.

Somaliland is the 7th African nation the delegation has visited in less than a month.

Even though Somaliland functions like any state, it is not recognized by any international body.

Trade between Africa and China is worth more than $100-billion and this figure is expected to grow in the next years with more Chinese investing in Africa.

The Chinese are known for their deals that include commitments to build infrastructure, like roads and railways without interfering with local politics and issues and Africa favours this over the Western policies. The Chinese due to arrive is also expected to rehabilitate some of Hargeisa’s most neglected roads and other infrastructure.

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Somalilandpress, 6 March 2010


  1. Chinese are hard working people just like us somalilanders.
    somaliland has two be a communist nation, it's better for us
    we must give china a military bas. the Arabs the west and Zionist we don't need them,they have nothing but bad news for the world.
    somaliland for Communist now better.

    • Why do you always repeat the same things in every story, are you ok or are you some sort of robot?

      You need to learn new words, you appear like mentally handicap person.

      No insults to real people suffering from mental illness but this guy is like a parrot.

  2. next delegation to be invited to Somaliland is Iran then Venezuela, being pro-western in africa doesn't make you stand out at all !

  3. I like the Chinese they are hard workers and deciplined people, Somaliland can learn a lot from the Chinese. Chinese always keep their promise and will deliver the project.

    We need to deal with China and perhaps over them a military base, we have the most strategic region in the world.

    I would strongly advice China to station its navy and army in Berbera rather than wasting billions on that island port in Sri Lanka.

    The world does business through this region, all the ships travel through here and if China is to follow the steps of Zheng He, whom Emperior Ming didnt listen to and as result costed China greatly, today that have that opportunity again and they must go to Somaliland.

    In 1433, Zheng He came to the port of Berbera after departing from Aden (Yemen), it was here that he discover ivoary and other African goods.

    There is long history between China and Somaliland even it never materialized but the respect and contact was always there.

    • heloooooooooo Mr. Kayse,here we go.. Somaliland who the hell are u people. what you even know about srilanka.. ha?

      you sir, next time when u try to commend on something becareful with your words buddy.

      • Actually I know enough about Sri Lanka and the Chinese involvement. We all know it was the Chinese that helped you win over the Timal Tigers who are predominately Hindu while the government is Buddha like China.

        The Chinese are building naval post in the open ocean off Sri Lanka, in return China plans to develop Sri Lanka's port and airport (second airport already under construction in Colombo.

        What I'm saying is its waste of money because very soon Sri Lanka will be swollowed by the ocean and building a port on top of the ocean is the most riddicolous thing. Thats all my friend.

        • well truly, i am amazed with your knowledge my friend. but LOL , which make you to think that our island will be washed in to the sea. are you a prophet or something. it seems to be a funny joke to me. and the fight which you talked about is not a religious conflict it's just a ethnic conflict. it's nothing to do with buddhism or hinduism it's just the geographical location of sri lanka.

          anyway i hope your county will rise up soon with new investments. just work for it. and don't forget that, no one in this shit world will help others without expecting favors (except the same bood.)

        • I am amaized. LOL,Which make you to think that our island will varnished in to the sea. are you a fortune teller or something.it's a funny joke to me.and this is not a fact.

          and one thing i need to tell you. the war you talked about is not about religion. infect it's nothing to do with buddhism or Hinduism. it 's just a ethnic conflict with dragged over more than 30 year. yes Chinese help Srilanka because of the geographical location.

          anyway, arguing here is pointless and wasting of time. truly,I hope your country will develop better with those foreign investments.and one thing don't forget no one in this world will help each other without expecting a return or favor. ( except the own blood ).

  4. I was doubting somaliland would ever get recognized. But now alhumdollilah i have high hopes for recognition and more investment inshallah

  5. Recognition is not important. If you can somehow get international investors to invest in Somaliland then you do not need international recognition at all.

    The way to attract investors is with natural resources, work force or man power and finally with security.

    I believe Somaliland does have potential resources and good security but it needs to work on its human power or work force, if you are to attract you need good skilled people that can do the job this is what created "Made In China" and eventually made the Chinese what they are now.

    Somaliland needs that, I advice Somaliland leaders to invest heavily on workers in particular the people that handle the port of Berbera, from ship captains to the truck loaders, fork-lift drivers, if they can make these works efficient and coordinated then we will attract more businesses from Ethiopia who will top 100 million people by 2020.

    Workers, workers, workers, thats more important than recognition which goes back to the old age Chinese saying: Give a man a fish and you have fed him for today. Teach a man HOW to fish and he can feed himself for the rest of his life."

  6. Recognition is just aid addiction and what has put most African states where they are, the answer to Somaliland's problems is not recognition or having access to IMF or World Bank – its skilled workers and education.

    Any nation will do business with you if you poses those two.

  7. This is a promising future drawn here. I see the best state relationship between China and Somaliland. Why, they both don’t give monkeys about their sceptics.
    China does not tie their investments and aid to other states on political grounds, but mostly on financial gains and mutual understanding and cooperation. Something Somaliland would offer them with utmost commitment.

    The Western countries practice a one size fits all policy on Africa, and that is proving to be a disaster for many countries in the region. They ignore the diversity of the region, and this can be a disadvantage for the realisation of their aid for political reformation policies.

    A relationship with China would compensate for these messy Western policies. We should welcome this more than the Israel-Somaliland tie.
    This does not mean in any way or form, Somaliland should be a communist. Our values and traditions do not agree with communist ideology.

  8. I really like this article, and you all have good ideas, but i have question, "Can Somaliland give the chine goverment a military base? Legal? I personally beleive S/Land must be reconized as a nation first, could someone explain that to us. Thank you,

    • Shukri, good question! But the answer will be NO. Because, we're not a recognized cntry therefore it would be against the international law. Since China has similar problems to Somaliland's status "Taiwan" they will think twice before they even discuss that topic.

  9. Somaliland is waiting for one brave Country to be first to recognize it.If that happened to be Israel let be it. Then I am sure the rest will be history, and development and economy opportunities will follow. ISHA-ALLAH!

  10. Our biggest problem is that we rejoice when we see a foreign in our country. We believe in others capacities, but don't know how to improve our lives by ourselves. We destroy our meager resources. Let us clean our house first and be confident in ourselves and not depend on foreign help. Somalia or Somali land has been looking for outside help since independence and nothing useful has materialized. We were named the grave of Africa.

    • I agree with you Mohamed!
      We need to become a self sufficient nation before we even dream about international recognition. What if the World says tomorrow that we recognize SL as a country and you’re on your own? Can we really become a nation like that? Can the dust and waste invested Hargeisa which was under funded for 20 years become a capital city in the 21th century? Let alone host future embassies and huge buildings that investors require!

      We need to be serious people. Taiwan which is million times more modern than SL is still waiting for international recognition, which they didn’t get. But at least they’ve a strong economy, excellent government and strong and unified people. We need to do the same so we can be better off tomorrow when the moment comes. VIVA SL!!!

    • I think it's not that we get excited about foreigners we just know the World is connected the world is watching Wall st for instance and when Wall st is positive the world gets excited, Somaliland is no different.

      You can be self sufficient as much as you want but no nation on earth is entirely "independent" we all relay on one another and Somaliland wants to be part of that club.

      I would strongly focus on local skills and education but out side connection is equally important.

  11. First i'd like to say Jubba, i completely agree with you. Your comment above hit the nail right on the head!

    Secondly Cina will (almost certainly) never recognise Somaliland because of their own Taiwan situation. NEVERHTELESS, we all know china means business more so than politics. Look at taiwan; affluent, highly educated, great infrastructure, good health system. For them is not being recognised such a bad thing?, se, hadii ay waxan oo dhan haystaan, maxaaba ka maqan? Dadkeenu intanayba u liitaan.

    Chinese invest in our country; e.g. extracting the natural resources, infrastucture. Iin payment for building infrastucture they often take natural resources as (the oil we are said to have??, minerals (which we have as well) and coal i've found out from the article. They have the capacity and technologies to develop industries (e.g energy (coal station, mining) which Somaliland has not the capacity to do. Once some infrastucture is built, the economy (through this investment) is given somewhat a boost, the Somaliland diaspora should get the money flowing, create jobs wealth, more customers (the ripple effect). earn foreign currency by way of export, then invest, invest, invest. much like china.

  12. Extract the raw materials, import what's not available, process/manufacture it (add value) sell it for a much higher price in : Somali inhabited regions, east africa, middle east and ANYEHERE WHERE THERE MAY BE A MARKET FOR THE PRODUCT. DIVERSIFY, DONT RELY ON THE MIDDLE EAST OR SOMALIA.

    A sad part about foreigners investing in a country is that the majority of the profit's of thoses enterprises flow's out of the country and hence the investment is less lucrative for the domestic population. This is why Somaliland's diaspora who together, can raise a considerable amount of capital should invest in their country.


  13. oh and…

    The government should wow them with the stunning scenery. Especially the sheikh mountain area, berbera beach/port, sanaag wildlife/scenery/mountains, awdal''s coral reefs, islands.

    for those of you who want more information:

    http://www.somalilandtour.com (great pictures. i didn't know we had taiwanese, american, spanish… tourists!!!!)

    or just type somaliland into google.

  14. I'd be concerned for whatever surviving wildlife we have in the country.
    Coal mining tends to be very destructive, so while the investment will produce income and possibly jobs, I wonder at what price do we accept the benefits.

  15. This is great! Finally Somaliland has the world's attention and the biggest players have their eyes on Somaliland: China, America, Israel, Iran and the Arabs. Can't get any better than this.

    Let's play our cards properly and not to rush to signing any agreements without studying it and weighing the advantages and disadvantages. China is a rising super power. America and Europeans are not happy about China's China's influence in Africa. Watch America's reaction to China's presence in Somaliland. America already extended an invitation for Mr. Riyaale to come to Washington.

  16. Investors are welcome to somaliland but i pray they dont find oil or minerals as this will cause more harm than good. Dont get me wrong i love somaliland and want them to improve but i have seen many countries in africa who thought things will change after investors found oil etc but take back almost all the revenue and government starting being aggressive to its citizens and democracy.
    I would like to see somaliland looking investors in agriculture sector and small to medium industries which will create jobs and food respectively.

  17. Investors are welcome to somaliland but i pray they dont find oil or minerals as this will cause more harm than good. Dont get me wrong i love somaliland and want them to improve but i have seen many countries in africa who thought things will change after investors found oil etc but take back almost all the revenue and government starting being aggressive to its citizens and democracy.

  18. I hope that Mr.Warancade and the Major of Hargeisa would include a proper sewage system in the country to be part of the Chinese projects. The way sewage built is a turn-off and should flow away from the homes.

  19. Salaaaam people, I just hope the right choices are mad regarding this chines business and hope it goes well, I can honestly say Iam over the moon very proud for the nation of somaliland and to the future we look.

  20. look folks when it comes to coal mining and other supposedly enviromentally hazardous projects i would ask for contractual reassurances first such as workers' safety and enviromental protection policies be enacted first b4 running to attract investments that might have huge negative externalities.