They should emulate Ali Marehan

It is unfortunate that the tens of dozens of hours and hundreds of thousands of words in both hard and electronic print in our media industry posses only a fraction of words of wisdom, words on developments and constructive critiques for the good of the nation;
This is whether we consider material development strategies or even remote morale boosting purposes.
It is mainly because of such short-sightedness and non-sensicle media innuendoes that we fail to become the forth Estate in its true expected and constructive developmental colours.
Our sheer whimsical drives have for instance made us fail to bring our parliamentarians to their senses. In other words we have abetted the MPs crimes of giving raw deal to their subjects.
We have failed to notice that in the over the eight years of their existence our MPs have not done even a tiny fraction of the work they were supposed to have done for their constituents.
On the contrary, it is as if their jobs have only focused on only polishing or rubberstamping policies formulated mainly, not by them, but by NGOs from given “seminars”.
Worse of all, they have never made rapport with those who elected them to lead the causes of their constituencies.
If our MPs have not yet still learnt what their jobs are supposed to be other than snobbing around, then they should look over their shoulders ogling at the likes of Hon. Ali Marehan.
We can logically and rightly vouch that the MP knows what representative task entails and marks highly in our scorecard.
It should not be assumed that we laud Hon. Ali Marehan for helping and contributing to public causes for eking out of his pockets.
We are not asking other MPs to eke out of their pockets hand outs to build bridges, hospitals or schools. If the MP did, does or continues to do so, it is only a plus upon his laudable duties.
What we practically, out rightly and factually praise him for is for his constant visits to his constituency, being in good rapport with his constituents, understanding his subjects and their needs, trying to solve them to the best ways he ably can, constantly lending his ears to them and above all, endearing himself, the governance and statehood to his people.
This is the sort of an MP the world knows and expects. They keep their honour and live up to their honourable status.
Do we have others out there, coming even a distant second or third, like him? Have we put them in check? Are even their names recognizable in the streets, schools or in media rooms?
It is heartbreaking that we ponder on issues usually stirred up for egotism and mostly with whose results being always retrogressive or boomeranging with stinging volatile repercussions.
Kudos Hon. Ali Marehan, your colleagues should emulate you, however late, for its better than never.



  1. Kudos to the author and his both informative and constructive brilliant ideas.
    Not only the MPs should be so shunned and disgraced, but in fact all public services
    constituents do apply as well, specially the northeastern Provinces i.e..Togdheer,Sool,Sanaag???.