HARGEISA, 25 February 2010 (Somalilandpress) – Somaliland government strongly denied reports say the vice president passed away in Paris. Today, some of the media reported that the Somaliland’s Vice President, Ahmed Yusuf Yassin passed away this morning while he was at a hospital in France.

According to a press release from the government’s spokesman, Said Adani Moge, said the Vice President is doing fine and getting his medications in a hospital in Paris. He said those reports are bias and aimed at creating confusion among Somaliland citizens.

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Few weeks ago, the Somaliland’s Vice President was taken to France for medical treatment and being admitted in a hospital. Since then, there are uncertain reports about the VP’s health as there was no official statement about his health situation from the government.

Mr. Moge said the media should not circulate such reports before they make sure the reality.

This is the first time that Somaliland government officially speaks about the health status of the Vice President.



  1. Good news that the VP is alive and doing well. I blame the government for being silent on the issue. They should inform the public about his health before others something else.

    It looks like they just wake up when someone says otherwise.

  2. This is why i hate the media. 60% of their coverage is non-sense.

    I hope the VP a speedy recovery inshallah.

  3. Insha Allah he recovers very soon, may Allah give him health and wisdom.

    He is wonderful statesman, kind and humble. He is just normal and down to earth, he often travels through Hargeisa without guard or thinking he is different to the ordinary people of Hargeisa.

    He does not bad mouth anyone.

  4. The people of Somaliland are with you and your family Mr Yassin and we know you will make it through. When you come back we hope you retire from politics and focus on other things.

  5. We wish him a speedy recovery and to be back home soon to his family. But what is wrong with him, iIs he that seriously ill so that the media speculates his dead? If he is not gravely ill and bed-ridden, it is a mean spirited to circulate this kind of news and the media should be ashamed.

  6. I hope he recovers and resigns too because he is know to be one of the most incompetent and unqualified VPs in Africa.

  7. Jamal, obviously you have never met Ahmed Yusuf. If you did, then you would know that he is a decent, deeply religious, out-going person. He is a very friendly person, and one of the those rare people who can relate to every single person from every sector of society. As for his performance and qualifications as Vice-President, you are entitled to your opinion, but, it is quite clear that you don't know the man or his work on behalf of the people of Somaliland.