These are the known facts: The Dubai police claim that 26 visitors entered and exited the emirate over the past year on false British, Irish, Australian, German and French passports. Some or all were involved in the assassination of senior Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, who also entered Dubai under a false identity. The Dubai police chief has accused the Mossad of the January 19 hit. He has presented no proof, but more than half of the fake passports in Dubai bore the names of Israelis.

The European Union and the countries whose passports were counterfeited have criticized the misuse of their identity documents without mentioning the names of those responsible. French President Nicolas Sarkozy termed the assassination utterly unjustified – “nothing more than a murder.” Israel has neither confirmed nor denied involvement in Mabhouh’s killing or in falsifying the documents, but former Israel Defense Forces chief of staff Dan Halutz said that such actions attributed to Israel “deter terror organizations.”

It is unclear whether terrorist groups are more deterred than in the past. What is clear is that the plot is thickening as more suspects are uncovered. If the claims of Israel’s responsibility are correct, what appears to be cumulative damage is getting worse.
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The main question pertains to the planning of the operation, or operations, in which the 26 holders of false passports were involved. It seems that the planners did not take into consideration Dubai’s ability to cross-reference information from surveillance cameras in the airport, hotels and malls with computerized information from its passport control. Even if none of the suspected agents were caught in the act, clearly they will have difficulty taking part in similar actions in the future. It’s also possible that the investigation will lead to the exposure of other suspects or other operations. A week before the hit on Mabhouh, a nuclear scientist was killed in Tehran, and Iranian leaders accused Israel.

The group that took out Mabhouh was exposed due to one weak point: the use of false passports from Western countries bearing the identities of real Israelis with dual citizenship. From now on, it will be much more difficult to use such passports, and all Israelis with dual passports will be suspected of being intelligence agents. There is no doubt that this revelation endangers, or at least complicates, other operations.

Did Mabhouh’s assassination justify taking such a risk? Was there negligence or contempt for the adversary on the part of the planners, the commanders and those who approved the operation (Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to foreign reports)? Were other operations compromised, that were even more essential than the killing of a Hamas weapons smuggler? Is criticism by countries whose passports were falsified just for the record, or will it limit operatives’ freedom of action in other hits? Will the affair increase Israel’s international isolation and present it once again as a lawless state?

If foreign reports are true about Israel’s responsibility for the Mabhouh hit and the forged passports, then a thorough clarification is warranted, which can lead to conclusions about both organizations and individuals.

Source: Haaretz, 26th January 2010


  1. I support Israel's statehood however what they are doing with these sort of assisinations and against the Palestinian people is nothing less than a cold blooded killers and can mount to genocide.

    The use of other countries passports and information shows how grateful Israel is this is why Muslims say never trust a Jew – hopefully West understands now, and no that's not anti-semitic because what gives them the right to abuse other country's passports and visa and every thing said to them is "anti semitic" – get real!

    I think everyone should isolate them and never trust them again however I dont support expelling them from Middle East.

    Soon or later the West will get sick of them.

    • Salam

      Dear Brother,

      You should realize that supporting Israel's statehood merely because Israel is willing to recognize Somaliland is not correct. Somaliland was not invaded nor conquered by its current residents, but rather liberated by its inhabitants. Israel, on the other hand, was established on the blood of thousands of Muslims (in 1948). The differences are many.

      It is also important to note that Allah(swt) says that they are the greatest enemies of the believers. ALLAH SAYS THIS NOT I. I am a Somalilander, but in all honesty if I had to choose between warming up to Israel or remaining unrecognized, I choose the latter. Allah(swt) has protected us thus far and continues to do so, and so I see no reason to turn our back on him.

      Some of the negative consequences of recognizing Israel are as follows:

      1. The fake Somali Islamists will use this to morally justify their clan based hatred of Somaliland;

      2. It will cause a rift amongst Somalilanders along the lines of religion and state; and most importantly

      3. Bring Allah's(swt) wrath upon us.

      Inshallah I hope this makes sense to you.


      • I dont support the state of Israel because of what has been said on the net lately, I have always supported the children of Yacqub (Jacob) right to be back in their land.

        If Arabs cant live with Israelis they should move because Arabs have 25 countries, Jews only have one.

        I dont support Israeli aggression nor do 70% of Israelis but lets be realistic Arab leaders failed their people so with all this frustration and anger they make their own groups (hezbollah, fatah, etc) and attack Israel.

        Arab leaders cant control their people nor give them education and create economy with strong technolocial advancement so Arabs feel behind and they rebel.

        Israel on its side does all of inhuman killings, genocide and no doubt there will be justice for those poor Palestinians but you cant entirely blame everything wrong with the Middle East on Israelis.

        Most Israelis feel hijacked themselves, foreign hands pump billions of dollars worth of aid into Israel, for instance USA, USA doesnt ask the aid back because it wants more control over Israelis.

        I understand the ME

  2. To kayse,

    I think u should go to Israel and work for Mosad cuz u sound one those people who quote" If can't beat them join them". Israel is determining to kill all muslims around the world and u talking about recognizing somaliland. Therefore, u see things that others can't see.

    Somaliland will be recognized when allah gives green light.

  3. There is no doubt that the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu authorized the decision to assassinate Mr. Mabhouh. As per Dubai police chief, Mossad is 100% percent behind this assassination. And Mossad will not carry out any operation without first having the approval of the prime minister. Therefore, the Interpol arrest warrant should include the decision makers too.