Brigidier General Abdillahi Fadal ImanBy Goth Mohamed Goth

Police commissioner Brigadier General Abdullah Fadal Iman has announced that security forces have apprehended a couple of dozen suspects involved in crime and gang related violence.

Brigadier General Abdullah Fadal Iman during the press statement held in his office said, “53 suspects were arrested by police during a sweep up operation and will be arraigned in court soon.

“We have also managed to apprehend 19 senior gang members during the operation; the arrests come as part of an initiative to cut down on youth violence in dangerous parts of the city, which began last week”, he added.

The police force is conducting operations in the capital meant to flush out criminal and known gang members who have for the past few months and further assuring citizens that police are in the business of arresting innocent people.

“I would like to warn criminal who prey on innocent citizens that we deal with them, you can run but you can’t hide and again let me assure you the arm of the law is long and we shall catch up with you”, the police boss said.

The Hargeisa residents have been complaining of criminal roaming freely and robbing with impunity.

In the recent past city residents especially around and within suburbs have been livings in fear following frequent attacks by muggers who prey on unsuspecting victims.