By Abdi Salaan Jama

The Chairman of the House of Elders (Guurti) Mr. Saleban Mohamed Aden has for the first time addressed concerns raised by opposition parties on the issue of the extension of the Presidential term in office 

Mr. Saleban Gaal Chairman of the Guurti addressing the issue, He downplayed the need for an extension of the current President term by saying the current situation in the country and the absence of any special circumstances which endanger the security of the country, jeopardise law and order, and create upsets in the general stability.

On the other hand the Chairman of the Guurti speaking exclusively to our sister Somali language daily Geeska Afrika and HCTV on findings of the recently appointed committee task with solving the recent murders in Laan Mulaho and Adhi-cadays he said, “ With the absence of any special circumstances , I don’t see in the horizon any possibility of an extension of the current President tenure in office and I hope if Allah wishes the next Presidential election will held in time.


  1. I also think Mr Saleban should retired and let someone who lives in the country and can contribute to the Guurti take over.