This column is this week elated by the fact that the ongoing voter registration exercise has been put on hold, albeit for four weeks for the sake of the people. We had spiritedly called for the plight of the people in the country to be considered for the past month because of the grave situation that the famine and drought has put them in.

In the same spirited manner we hope and expect the parliament to expedite the motion the President sent to them, which they have (to our respite) already tabled.

We hope too that the very words of wisdom by the Head of State would be put into consideration.

In the same breath, we wish and expect the Wadaniparty to see the wisdom in whole heartedly seeing the need to indulge in the positive tidings together as a group with their counterparts.

The parliamentary support is what the people need from their reps.

It is no secret that the latest situation in the field and at hand as sounded by non-other than the VP himself as concerns the drought is more worse than they (national committee or relief supplies or the government for that matter) had envisioned earlier on.

At the same time we hail the interior minister who is also leading a convoy of relief supplies for calling to a halt to all developmental aspects of projects.

He asked for them to be put on hold and have a joint and concerted national efforts to help in the on-going relief supplies.

We thank the government for being sensitive to the plight of her subjects.