925465-blareIt is quite sad that the opposition members have come out with recklessly unconstitutional alternative to seek power.

This idea of the formation of a “National Coalition” government is one that has ripped apart many a developing nation is only in futility. We have dealt before in this column about this line of thought in details.

We had put it quite clearly that, if anything, they (the oppositionists) were the ones who are the culprits in getting the country in such a political heat.

Bluntly once again, we have no alternative but to set the issue straight and put the facts right.

The SL constitution has no place for such thing as a government of national unity, or as politely put by political arm-twisters, a national coalition government.

No coalitions ever happen in and within the ambits of our national constitution at all.

Different governments, such as the current UK administration, operate in such mode.

The people of Somaliland know what social decadency, anarchy and chaos are hence have shied away from it completely. They, and their government, are not going to allow the recklessness being blared, horned and honked by the oppositionists.

The opposition controls the powerful permanent committee of the parliament and, if at all they had their country at heart, would have used its good offices to catalyze the rate of processing beauricratic bottle-necks and help smoothen the procedural undertakings such that hordes of matters, electioneering included, should have been expedited in time.

What they have done is only to sit back on their laurels, kept mum, forgot what the populace employed them for and only jolted to awakening when they only voted to thicken their purses.

This is the “opposition” we have been accustomed and treated to all along. Never have we seen them stand up for the people or the nation at all.

These are the same people who want to lead the country tomorrow and are trying to gate-crash into the house through the windows and ventilation holes.

They are not looking beyond their noses such that they would have fathomed and palpated and become sensitive to the needs and welfares of the elderly, the young, the sick, the workers, the students, or the people’s welfare.

Such politicking is not for us nor are we going to give them any iota of opportunity to stir our emotions.

If anything they have only, and will, hurt their own selves.

They unholy purported alliance is in for a great shock and in doom; plunged into abyss by their own hands.