With all my respect of the international Organization, and United States, who are trying hard bring about peace and tranquillity to the Somali people, I forward my humble contributions to the fatal issue as a member of the concerned.

May be I am wrong, but I see blood being shed again within the remains of Somali community after a drastic twenty and more years of continuous mass destruction of human, wealth and natural resources. The motives were the same however the tactics very. Unfortunately, the wars and the fighting’s in these almost thirty years were either international, interboundarial or otherwise interclass or clan. In the cases the poor Somali people were the players of the battle games on their own grounds masterminded by the same budget investors and weapon industry owners.

The war dance and the music never change until not only a dull person like me but a typical camel boys , cow boy or sheepherder can today foresee and feel the smell of the blood planned to be shed for maybe known or unknown reasons. Strange enough, unfortunately, it is the peacemakers that being the war. It is a Somali wording says “Soo Sakaaro Ima Barato “, which is mean “whenever an antelope sees me it runs, it never learns”, said by one man who never hunts. What I mean is that the international Organization and United States never ever learn from their own recent prior disastrous mistakes.

The speeches of the so-call Somalian president and proposal of the International Organizations are the typical music of future coming blood sheds. This foreknowledge was the prediction of many experts of the Somali methodology who repeated warning about the consequence of such quick haphazard decisions of Somali unity or peace. The International creates new Somali warlords and reinvent past errors.

Let me say if you think that one plus one is two, that is the mistake you are making every time. In Somalia one plus one is five. Like it or not.
My dear International Organizations and United States. I think the Somali people doesn’t need scholar of peace, but they need creators of peace. The Somali people do not need peace makers but they need peaceful people. If you are preparing war whenever you need peace, you are not making peace.

My dear International Organizations and United States. If you want to bring the Somali government of yesterday to existence, then I am sure you are in a daydream just like the Arta group and the host government Djibouti. Why not? Because yesterday includes the past and the past never come back. Yesterday is not either today or tomorrow. If you can bring back or retain the old Somali unity or government then you can bring back the lunar eclipse over the World of the day of your power. That will never happen. But if you want to try to bring about a new sort of Somali government which could be far different from the previous ones of the past that can also be much better or even worse, then you are right on the path.

The assembly of the new administration group was not looking for the new sort of Somali government, but was looking for the lost previous government and its advantages which they used to enjoy. The choir and the applause had brought a government but can never bring about a new or up to date Somali government. Most of the new group participators were whose who believed that one plus one is five and not two. They are the ones who believe that they have made the government of all the five Somali regions of the great Somalia, while they really do not have in hand even one-tenth of one region of Somalia.


My dear International and United States, the development of human always negated the compulsion of the unity of any two or more state and that is why we have the word “ Freedom”, “ Independence”, “Dictatorship”, “ Nation”, and so money other words of that sort in our languages and dictionaries. I don’t think that the people that belong to the some race, language or religion must be united. If it is so then the score of Arabian countries are more suitable to be united and become one Arabian country as they used to be before. Instead they are so many and some of them are radical enemies. Taiwan and china are also more suitable to be one state then the so-called Somali folk.

My dear International and United States , I think you have best knowledge of the problem brought about to be united because of the illegal amalgamations and unites of the nations. The unites of North Ireland to UK, the Eta to Spain, the Spanish’s Sahara to Morocco, Chechnya to Russia and East Timor to Indonesia, Southern Sudan to Sudan, have only contributed nothing or even worse to the meaning of unity in the sense of your responsibilities of the union of the nations. The example of such cases can exceed fifty.

We say in our language “Hal xaaraani nirig xalaal ah ma dhasho”, which is mean “Unlawful unity can never bring about a democratic state”. The unity of the Somaliland and Somalia was just like a rape and that is why it will never because to what you and your peacekeepers keep in mind. The Ill feeling and distrust of the Somali Landers since the first day of the union, the 1st of July 1960 is full in the literature of the Somaliland people. The solution of the Somali problems is only and only in the recognition of Somaliland to full sovereignty and independence, then the rest of the Somali issue or crises is a piece of cake, because to two main reasons:

1- Somaliland was the nucleus of the unity of the Ex-Somali Republic without which we are only looking hair over a bare scalp of a skeleton.
2- One plus one is not and never five. If you are uniting the five Somali parts, then Somaliland can negotiate for its rights. Otherwise “Let Muse takes ‘his’ and Essa take ‘his’.

In my conclusion I advise the International community, African Unity, and Arab Organization, and United States of America , to avoid to add wood to the extinguishing fire or gas to the burning camp and that’s the money you pay to kill in order to keep peace. And the old Somali says “Nabad iyo Caano” means “Peace and Milk”




  1. This is a very poor written article, doesn't even have descent grammar or punctuation, and the content is repulsive.

  2. My dear ANIIS, thank god that no one can understand what you are talking about. A good separatist is one who does not make sense and one that can not put two sentences together.

    We hear the United States of America but what are your dear organizations and international? SomalilandPress should delete this nonsense from its web blog.

    • Allemagan,

      When ignorants speak, they say peace. Ignorance is what makes you write two lines that do not make a sense, leave alone reasons to refute what the author said.

  3. I totally agree with Mr. Essa, 100% NO, country or International organization, can force the people of Somaliland into a failed state of Somalia. American, you want to create the great Somalia, we once believed in? please bring back the NFD, Djibouti, the zone five of Ethiopia under greater Somalia and then talk with Somaliland. Before that happens do not ever try to push Somaliland people to something that will never happen.

  4. Gosh, the separatists are becoming dumber and dumber by the day!! Learn how to write an article dear Aniis, and most of all, learn how to deliver a good argument, instead of just barging like a dog

    • Truth,

      What is barging? Doe you really know what a barge is? Mind your own spelling before telling to someone else how to deliver a message.

      • Barge? Oops! maybe that's a secret item on a shopping list tucked away to conduct further piracy in the future.

    • I concur, learn how to spell and then criticize. Think before writing bad things about others.

    • Is that what a dog does barging hahahaa you just done what you were acusing the others you nutter

  5. On behlve of somaliland people i appogise to all the reeaders who as iam would proberly be feeliing dizy by reading this childish writing. Iam only applogessing becuase the man claim to be somalilander he coudl be Hawiye or other poorly educted arogantly miss guided from south somaliya, who think a decleration at the white house wiil magicaly solve thier problem. Hassn sheekh''s in experience show the way he is trying to deal with the present an rissing danger in his ayes of course(Kismayo) by attacking perhaps somaliland's current specail politacal status. while i understanf what he is trying to do i dont think blank and accrosse the broad approach is the ansawre, Finaly i would remnd my hawiye brothers that somaliland ; cigal was offered same deal as c yusuf presedency and international force to Subjugate Hawiye,
    Cgal and somaliland refused 10 years later Cyusuf of course jumped to the chance and killed as many as 20 000.
    I hope this will remind you that international community are not the siants they appear to be.

  6. God damn those who hate Somalilland. God damn all enemies of Somaliland. Good damn who intend ill for Somaliland and its people. God damn who have grudge against what Somaliland have attained and achieved during 21 years since its secession. No force on earth can hijack what the people of Somaliland want.
    Somalialnd has the strength, the will, the muscle, the mind and the material to defend itself from those who rant and rave after it. It is said that wrestling is very easy for a sitting old woman. .

    • KKKK @ Hanad my brother i am unionist and do not hate Somaliland and its people, i only disagree with its policy. Siilaanyo has failed his own people. The man was a warlord and now he's having problem of how to run government institution. How about this proposal. Khaatuma wants to join Somalia and so are the Awdel and Isse so let you and the rest form your own State, but we refuse you to make the call and bring back those colonial borders.

      • Ahmed bro listen and get this straight inside your misconstrued mentor, Somaliland would look after
        small sized Dhibouti and the unsettling despotic crisis of Somalia therefore becoming the Mecca
        of the Horn of Africa for all the 5 star Somalians? For goodness don't ridicule and get lost?
        I tell you this okay lol.

      • As usual hypocrite walanweyn why u respect so called border of former French Somaliland, 2 somali regions occupied by Bantu and Habashi?. For Somaliland don t make mistake DIR Isse and Samaron Will stay forever with their Issaq brothers and sisters even they could have internal issue between them like all country rather than joining crasy Hawiye and Daroods in Koonfur. For harti somalilander some are unionist but i think it 's better for them to live free within SL than occupied by Bantu and Habashi as their clan Darood know well lol. Majority reclaim their lost sovergnity if u don't believe let's do a fair referendun.No more BS somalinimo…

        • the long term somalinimo would only possibly be born out of Hargeisa..the new Mecca
          mastermind for all the 5 star Somalians in the HORN-East Africa and beyond.
          I tell you this bros & sis and on behalf of the Ayanle dhulos I support and endorse
          this message lol

    • Zoomalis talk from their behinds so it is very difficult for me to pay attention to them. There was a funny guy also in the news today who said "wadahaladdii waa la so afjaray" as if Zoomalia had any "wadahadalo". Any excuse to do iothing; just trust it on a Zoomali cos foreigners will do everything for him.

  7. Never mind we get the topic sentence. Somali was recognized 1960 but their is a new formula that world is applying to Somali since Mahiga , hidden president of somalia, come the to power. Creating parliament , letting all his troops to control Somalia and to make sure that Somaliland and His country not to became in the future like north Korea and south Korea. Remember Mahiga came to Somaliland to apology his's employes fake letter. Let us wait second meeting

  8. USA only recognised Zoomalia just the same way they recognise their American NGOs. It has nothing to do with what Somalis do for themselves, but what Somalis can do for America. Basically, we are fighting each other for who will be a good slave to USA.

  9. Allemagan/truth1
    I partially agree with respect to the author did not articulate the argument as he should but the message is clear in which actually boils down to a unity between Somaliland and Somalia alone won't equate a 5-Somalia. Unfortunately, you and rest of the other Somalis haven't got it yet it was a wrong strategy to utilize it in the first place..

    For Allemagan, in particular I read your comments several times as you suggested not to the shoot down the messenger for a feedback but the message itself. How hypocrite and pathetic can you be when you speak from both sides of your mouth. I'm sensing a feeling that your brain doesn't always control what your fingers type up on your computer screen via kb due to a stealth hate and anger you have in your heart towards all Somalilanders.

  10. Aniis A Isse’s is piece is insightful and skillfully delineated the conditions on the ground and Somaliland people’s stand on the issue of Somaliland sovereignty. A FAQASH WILL ALWAYS REMAIN FAQASH. US money or influence will never change on iota of the desire of Somalilanders to peruse what they deemed to be their inalienable right to have free, fair, just, prosperous and recognized Somaliland. Detractors of Somaliland as always are in delusion and dreamed of united Somalia that will never happen again. Will they ever learn from history, their wanton wish for Somaliweyn is outdated and obsolete. Somaliland sovereignty will prevail. It is foregone conclusion that will never be repealed as long as one Somalilander is alive in face of the earth.


    This writer spells worse than my 4 year old brother.

    Retards like this should be shot. It will end their misery. Sad that this guy's brain only functions half as good as a 90 year old's lmaaaoo

  12. dadkaaga dhinac karaac dadkaaga hinac karaac dugsi maleh qabayaaladi somalia is one and no one tribe can change that. period

    • gedo bro your profound advocates concerns the South Somalians(Somalia) but honestly the north
      Somalians(Somaliland) is a different ball game. Get it big boy!

    • Gedo,
      Frankly, your current concern should be to get Somalia in order then try if Somaliland could be persuaded into the mix. As long as Somalis are putting the cart before the horse they'll never get a forward thrust.

    • Somaliland believe whole heartily, that those the like of you who were anti-Somaliland are themselves clannish. So, do not try to preach your clannish mind on to us. We believe Somaliland is a nation, that once made a huge mistake by joining with Italian Somalia. Now after paying the highest price for that stupidity, never again will we make another mistake.

  13. i would advice somliland brothers to talk to somalia including khaatumo and forget about us and the world like this proud pem;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

    Inkastoon sabool ahay, Haddana waan sarriigtaa, Dabayshaan la socod ahay Ninna madax-salaax iyo,Kama yeelo seetada, Ninkaan taydu soli Karin,Uma yeelo suu rabo,Sida dunida qaarkeed,Sandulaynta ma ogoli, Ninna kabaha uma sido

    • dabecadii darod lagu yiqiin uunad la badtimii e sxb gedo kuwi ka wawaynaba quusbay ku jiraane
      nasiibsoo 20sano MR dalka gubahayey?

      • it is just advice no offence. i dont think that international community can give you recognition. it should be between Somalia and Somalialand with Harti deciding THEIR FUTURE and DIR doing the same. also i support peoples choice i find it creepy that Isaaqis want recognition behind the backs of dulbehantes and warsingalis.

        • Gedo, wallao gabyaa baad tahay. nina kabaha uma sido. I like the poem. Somalis used to sit under the tree and settle their differencies' but nowdays its different. The politicts in Somalia have changed long time ago, its not any longer clan based' but rather intrest based. I was shocked in 2001 when warlord Omar Jeesto of Ogaden sided with warlord Farah aided of Hawiye habargidir. The two militia fought side by side to defeat Gedos and MJs so my point is that we are not longer fighting for tribes, who would guess that thousands of Daaroods would wave flags to wellcome Hawiye president. I think the Northerners made a big mistake by burning the Somali flag and instead putting up another, what that made was unite the rest of Somalia. No speration period.

          • Ahmed,

            I think your little bit dreaming cuz somali tribesim is stronger than ever before thanks to this moryan NGO president. 85% who wellcome hassan Gurgurte in minnesota were hawiye. also alot of demostrators outside against his moryan vision.

            The U.S recognize existance somalis goverment NOT moryan vision.

          • @ahmed

            "Gedo, wallao gabyaa baad tahay"

            just to let you know it is not my poem it is from famous somali gabyaa.

  14. What is this woman talking about & who the hell is international organizations, who are they and what do they do typically khat junky???

  15. There is nothing call Somaliland they are day dreaming and brainwashed, there is one nation call Republic of Somalia. North Somalia are one tribe that who advocating separatist and will not work and didn't work the past. Somalia Republic is one nation is moving forward come on board. Somalia Republic is nation that recognized by international community, North Somalia walaalayal stop dreaming you was looking for recognition last two decades it didn't happened and it will never happen you just wasting your time.

    Come to the table negotiate for batter Somalia peace, unity and prosperity for our Nation Republic of Somalia.

  16. Nabad and caano?
    Is that the fresh caano or the powder one aniis. Last time i visited my north somali territory, the people were crazy with powdered milk so just wondering
    if it's still the case.
    You're saying 1+1 =5 to somali people. Im not sure if you're trying to insult us here man. Im sure that kind of maths exist only in your head.
    WE, the real sons of the somali land, respect, admire and thank the almighty because he gifted us such a beautiful land and there is no a single benefit of dividing it.
    I am inviting you to come down to earth and stop misleading the young somalis only for your pocket gain.

      • LOL! Good analagy. I don't think they've reached that far though, however, I've witnessed some stupid somalis selling their identity and deen for afew buks.
        But unfortunately, some of whom they call themselves "somalilanders" on this site claim to be muslims, and they act and say things far worse than a kaafir. You can see it in their comments.
        There is a verse in the quraan where Allah addresses the kufaar, and that is, "if a good things happened to you, (muslims), they'll be in misery" or otherwise "if a calamaty strucs you, they'll be very happy"
        That verse can also address those who are claiming to be "somalilanders".
        Note: that was only my translation so don't copy or distribute

    • stop rocking the boat. The union failed and went away for good for grabs by big Satan(Ebliis) ex
      garden of Eden. Bro you know damn well that another union between Somaliland and Somalia
      can't work????

  17. Somaliland has remained in control and peacefully for the same years Somali Italian or even more then the so called Somaliweynes. That there is no argument we won a long time ago. We made our point a long time. We are showed we are own supporters whilst others need so many different worlds to support their falsely only to take advantage . When we all learn. I no longer feel the need for defensive of the obvious.g

  18. Somaliland this somaliland that blah, blah, blah. you kno what f**k somaliland. we are sick and tired of your nonsens. do us a favour take your rightful Isaaq borders and create your isaaq nation.

    • Once again your country has come top for the Worst place to live on earth! The most Dangerous 🙂 Zombies.

      The 25,000 troops Abgaal are training will soon be knocking on Gerowe's doors and then you can explain your Loyalty to me 🙂 what the Victory pioneers did to the Omar Mahamouds will look like a walk in the park!

      • LOL Just because things don't go well for Puntland doesn't mean I will turn me back on Somalia I am not a tribalist like you who seeks the dismember of somalia and the establishment of Isaaq nation.

        I have no problem with the establishment of Isaaq nation nor do I have any problem with Isaaq people as far as I know my wife is a Issaq and I live among the Issaqs in hargeisa.

        But there is one problem the illegal expansion of Isaaq communities in Awdal State, Khaatumo State iyo Maakhir must stop NOW.

        would Isaaq feel different if Daroods illegally occupied hargeisa, berbera and burco? No they wouldn't they would launch long series of rebellions like the Ethiopian stooge (SNM).

        Isaaq should do the same thing leave darood people and their land in PEACE!!!

  19. Aniis, if you spent all that energy to improve your writing and argument instead of negative issues, I believe you would a more successful writer.

  20. Look at inbreed Habashi always wishing ill for the Somali people and their state. No one is going to deal with two sub-clans as a country guys. Garadag and Gabiley villages have leave Somali soil and maybe return to Tigray region. Those people are sick and now they are suicidal because they know they wasted 20 years crying in isolation. Somalia is back half Habashi outcasts and its time to control aids.

  21. Somali-land Advocay Group left no stone unturn over the last twenty years to secure recognition for Somaliland, but they failed miserably. As result they even lost the support of Somaliland's people and politicians who refused their demand to open no talk with the South. Anisa thanks for you concern, but sorry that one is ready for Jug-jug meeshaashaada joog (keep on jumping where you are).

  22. It's the habit of those Wanlaweyn to cry load when they see a patriot who knows what he is talking about. Brother Aniis is talking to those who created this unlawful entity Somalia and the consequences that this hasty partial recognition for the NGO government of Somalia, which does not rule even Mogadishu.

    Somaliland is a country that has all it takes to be a government, built by its people and not by AMISOM. We have done 5 elections and our people have elected the current government with majority. Who elected your government? Those 275 mercenaries you call parliament and their mentor Mr. Mahiga?

    When time comes, Somaliland will only negotiate with a legitimate government, elected by the people of Somalia, the real people of Somalia we knew in 1960, and not those who came from NFD, 5th Province.

  23. Aniis well done in your article you have commented perfectly without bias and that was a reality of the situation any way the recognition of Somalia will not demoralised our destiny we have decided to retain our country back and no one in this world will force us to come into that bogus unity. and the only thing that Somalia will do is begging money in the name of that bogus unity because they have no any other resources of making revenue other than begging in the name of unity and all these we will over come and our beloved country we will be recognised.

  24. With the U.S.A recognizing Mogadishu as the sole representative of Somalia (yes Sland included so don't
    act like a retard) means its got the economy's of Hargeisa and Garowe etc by the balls.

    Those delusionist will then reply how ? simple Somalia is an aid dependent country which from now on will go directly through the hands of its now recognized government so no more avoiding it.

    The middleman aka Mogadishu is back in business and those spoilers will feel its heat if it doesn't cooperate to its demands Muahahaha

    PS The United Nations Security Council is also discussing of lifting its 20+ years arms embargo within the coming months or even weeks double Muahahaha

    • The two sub-clan project that hijacked part of Hargeisa has fallen man, 80% of the ordinary people know it will not work. Those who pretend it will work are two groups from the minor two sub-clans (Saad Muse and HJ); clueless Diaspora guys who have not been back since 1988 and looters from the Diaspora whose butter and bread depend on lying to the folks in that quarter such as Silanyo, Dhiigshiil, Irro, etc…and many fake groups such as Somaliland Europe Society.

      I know everything about them because I helped them once manufacture the lies in my own lab.

      Everyone is abandoning them now and I personally became the biggest opposition voice to their tribal agenda…

      Can you two sub-clans look me in my Garhajis eyes and tell me it is going to work? ….Stop wasting your time and let's go negotiate better power-sharing deals as Northern Somalis from Zeila to Tukaraq.

      • lol now only the die hard supported by their western benefit scroungers are left doomsday has indeed begun for the secessionist triple muahahaha

        I call on the few that are still following their Buddha Silanyo to repent and rejoin the process because when that time comes i'am sure he will. Why i care because you're still my Somali / Irir brothers/sisters

  25. Samale project.

    SOMALI goverment was recognized 1960 this recognition from the US Goverment was refurbish. today somalia is different compare 1960 to 2012. the U.S and the EU know somalia situation more than anyone else will allow any chaos re-start somalia since they invested billiion plus a year in somalia. the U.S,EU MADE clear FEDERALISM it's the only way out somalia problem. when Halliry clinton made her speech said " it's upto PEOPLE of somalia and it's GOVERMENT how they make their decission", which means without the people the goverment can not reach any conclusion. those day are over when executive power use to go the president and centralize everything in one place.

    Lifting arm embargo will not happen until somalis mess sort out by it self, who wants re-arm unstable place. The U.S already pays AMISOM $650 a year, i don't think arm embargo will be lifted soon.

    Semi-autonomous states will get their AID directly from the Donors NOTHING changes that.

    • First of all if you read what i said properly you would of known i was talking about the government not the country. Second their billion + $ a year investment is the equivalent of toilet tissue to them.

      Third the people never choose this federal system through a referendum and until they do it will just be a temporary constitution.

      Fourth if you listened to the question asked to Hillary at the end on if the U.S will end its dual track policy Hillary clearly stated they will

      Fifth believe it or not with them recognizing this government as the sole representative of the whole of Somalia they have no other choice but to lift the arms embargo

    • Wallahi your such a fool please brush up on your knowledge of the difference between recognizing a country or its government. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diplomatic_recogniti

      The rest it ain't even worth explaining seeing as its gonna take decades for you to understand so you either get it or not but one things for sure this government (unlike others before it where the west were dealing every region individually) is responsible for the whole country.

      • YOU have no case to argue what so ever here STOP keep downloading wikipedia. as i said to you if you understand anything, SOMALI GOVERMENT WAS RECOGNIZE 1 JULY 1960 not 17/1/2013.

        It seems your uncapable understand how politics workes. those days are over when everthing was centralize. somalia will have federal system which means semi-autonomous state will run their own local affairs that is for sure.

        • For the love of god please someone else explain to this imbecile the difference even though i showed him evidence his pea brain still ain't getting it.

          Yes Somalia had a internationally recognized government but only till 91 from there all the way to 2000 Somalia was functioning without a internationally recognized government because of civil war.

          From 2000 to 2004 it was Transitional National Government (you might want learn what that word means Transitional i mean) and then from 2004 to 2012 it was Transitional Federal Government

          Only now after nearly 22 years has Somalia once again a internationally recognized but this time federal government and yes because america said so why because as the only world superpower they are sadly the CEO of the world where their word is the law well to the majority anyways only a few countries have the power to resist it

          Federalism: in a federal system each state within a country will deal with their own affairs but things like dealing with the international community / military / resources will be done through the federal government now you UNDERSTAND if still not then may god help you

  26. Those who do not know, we did not forget " xunyohow xunku dhalay" we have seen the big guns before now let us do it all over again. we will not be forced into yesteryear. support Anis

  27. hahah i stopped reading the article after the first two sentences. that nonsense being barked gave me a headache. I like how these so-called "Slanders" actually believe they are going to get independence. Whether you like it or not, soon your going to be taking your orders from Muqdisho cadeey whether you like it or not. So i advice you to spare your energy. One people, one religion, one language, one Somalia. Peace

  28. No more "dual-track policy"…Somalia will now engage with the United States as an equal entity and no more regional governors running to the US government to seek aid in falsehood agendas.

    Separatists will not get this or like everything else they will choose to ignore it and lock themselves inside the two hotels of Hargeisa as they being doing it for 21 years.

    God bless the Somali Republic, it will overcome all challenges and dark times.

    • Great day for Somalia but countless funerals for the dividers/spoilers god bless the republic indeed my friend

  29. Aniis well done in your article, and any body who is interesting to fix the somali problems will follow your advices, but the thing is there is no nation who interested just fix the somali problem with out any interest, so a lots of international cummunity are fixing those problems according to their interests, so one thing i can say to somaliland people to keep their sovereignty and unity according to their interest not any from southern somalia or what so called any other things.