The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has resolved to underpin, underscore and emphasize, both to the mainstream public and the international community its essence of nationhood who’s reasserting of its independence sovereignty is non-negotiable and, by thus, highlight to them the country’s history that culminated in the freedom from the yolks of colonialism on the June 2626 1960, the Independence Day of the Republic of Somaliland in from the British protectorate.

A statement released by the ministry on Friday said, “This week we are observing the celebration of the 63rd anniversary of Somaliland’s independence from the British. In the coming days, we will share with the people and the world community the history of the Republic of Somaliland, from the British protectorate until it gained independence on June 26, 1960”.

The statement went on, “From the establishment of the port of Berbera to the construction of the water system in Hargeisa, the British made substantial progress in the economic infrastructure during their stay in Somaliland.

The message was posted on its social media with related pictures.

The country merged with the Italian Somaliland after first gaining its independence from the British upon their Independence Day on 1st of July 1960 in an ill-fated illegal union whose Union of Charter was never legally ratified hence Somaliland dissolved it on 18th May 1991 following a spate of genocide crime perpetrated against it.

The people and the country and the government will vouch for its independence by widely publishing and disseminating its history in both print and audio visually to showcase by underscoring the essence of its entity as a nation.

This year’s annual celebration of the country’s 63rd Independence Day will be on Monday, 26th June.