Somaliland lawmaker Honorable Mohamed Abib said he had received threats and harassment from Somaliland’s police chief, Mohamed Aden Saqadhi (Daba-Gale).

Speaking at a press conference in Hargeisa, the lawmaker said he and the commander had an argument at the CID headquarters, after which the commander said,” “I, will make sure to sow you a shirt that fits you, and then I shall decide where to take you.”

The lawmaker said the above remarks during a press conference held n Hargeisa today, detailing the nature of the threats made by Police Commander General Saqadhi Dabagale while visiting jailed journalists and constituency members.

“The Somaliland police chief told me that you are the enemy of Somaliland. He said, ‘Are you a Somalilander?, you should not visit the Police station.”

Somaliland’s police chief has threatened the lawmaker with unspecified action, according to eyewitnesses.

The Lawmaker added “I would like to tell the people of Somaliland and my constituents that if I go missing or anything happens to me in that case, then Gen. Dabagale should be held accountable. “