HARGEISA — Somaliland’s voters registration is expected to resume tomorrow after a 30-days of delay due to the suicide bombs in Hargeisa last month, official say.

At least two times have been postponed the registration because the authorities wanted to wait the investigation results that was going on.The registration is beginning in Marodi-jeh region including the capital city of Hargeisa for five days. All the teams have been sent to the locations outside Hargeisa yesterday and other teams operating inside the city are ready to set their equipments latest this evening.

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The security is tightened and all the exit and entrances are controlled by police and military forces to avoid any suicide bombs to target the registration stations. last month, the registration completed in the Sahil and Awdal regions with a minor technical problems. In Awdal region, one girl was killed when a group of people destabilized a registering-station and then the police fired to disperse the crew.

Somaliland declared its independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991 but has not received internationally recognition. Since then, Somaliland was able to conduct a number of successful elections including parliament and Presidential elections by it’s own.

Somalilandpress | November 30, 2008


  1. I believe that Somalilanders beefs up security alert all over the country, inside and around the border areas to restrict illegal activities and terrorists infiltrating into the country during the election period now that it is announced to be held on 26 June which falls on our real Independence Day in 1960. There is no better day to choose for election day. Perhaps, there will be a surprise announcement for recognition too. I wish!

    I am hopefull that everything will go free, fair, and very smooth. I also hope that Somaliland Police and Military will make us proud to the keep the peace inside the country and around the border. And will refrain from taking sides on this election day.