HARGEISA–Road transport ministry had announced that law loopholes allowed government vehicles stolen and sold as scraps.

The minister of road transport of Somaliland, Mr. Abdilahi Abokor Osman disclosed yesterday that 1200 government cars were missing from the government.

He made the revelations during a briefing to the council of elders.

The minister had assured that the government had put in place strict measures to curb with the stealing of government cars.

He revealed that that the previous government handed over statistics of 2100 government vehicles but said that a survey the ministry conducted proved that 900 cars are in the hands of the government.

Mr. Abdilahi reiterated that from now on the government had initiated strict policies to prove the mechanically break down cars.

“The statistics of government we were handed over was 2100 vehicles. Recent statistics conducted by the current government managed to keep its hand to 900 vehicles which mean that 1200 cars vanished from government records. We have put in place a strict policy to manage the lease of vehicles and will be ratified by the ministries of transport in conjunction with finance and the office of the auditor general.” Abdilahi said