The Ministry of Information, Culture and National Guidance convened a major congress for the media industry which is set to be held for two days and is expected to chart the way forward for both public and private media.

While opening the two day seminar that was graced by the attendance of no less than seven cabinet members and several eminent personalities, the Minister of Information noted that the by the end of the workshop it was expected that a consensus of ways and means of charting better dissemination of information in an optimal environment for the future of the industry would be collated through the meeting workshop.

Saying that it was presumably the first major congress of its kind to be hold at the national level for the past 17 years, Hon. Abdrirahman Abdillahi Farah aka Guribarwaaqo said that he hoped that pros and cons in the industry would be highlighted and addressed such that implementation of an apt direction for the way forward may be put in place.

The Interior Minister Hon. Mohammed Kahin Ahmed gave a summary of the country’s media industry since its inception way back in 1942 during the colonial times, the Radio Kudu (now Radio Hargeisa) up to its vibrancy status today.

Words of wisdom that bordered on advices were also given by Labour and Social Affairs Minister Hon. Hinda Jama Hersi, Religion and Endowment Minister Hon. Sh. Khalil Abdillahi, Planning Minister Hon. Awale Ibrahim, Deputy Livestock and Fisheries Minister Hon. Europe Abib and Madam Edna Adan.

The Radios department director Hassan Mohammed Yusuf likewise gave an outline of the trying moments of the industry’s ups and downs.

SOLJA Chairman Mahmoud Abdi Jamac “Xuuto”spoke at length of his association’s services and lamented on lack of ample state support.