The first Djibouti-Ethiopia-France business networking meeting aimed at discussing investment opportunities, technology transfer and know-how among the three countries, held in Djibouti today (December 5).

Ethiopian Ambassador to Djibouti Abdulaziz Mohammed commended the Government of Djibouti for hosting the African Free Trade Area business forum as well as the Djibouti, Ethiopia and France Business communities meeting.

The Ambassador underscored that showcasing the engagement of the chamber of commerce of the three countries is expected boost trade and investment partnerships.

He also noted the forum will serve as a complimentary platform for African business communities to meet with industry partners and prospective customers to examine recent market trends and opportunities as well as boost product brands within the continent and oversees.

The President of the Chamber of Commerce of Djibouti and Chairperson of the Pan African Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Yousouf Moussa Dawaleh remarked the need to put in place mechanisms to share the know-how and technical skills and invigorate the capacity of the Chambers of Commerce.

The French Ambassador to Djibouti Arnoud Guillois said French companies are increasingly becoming interested to invest in the area contributes to the incredible development in facilitating trade at the Ethio-Djibouti corridor.

According to the Ambassador, it was in such light that the next France-Africa meeting would give due emphasis on infrastructural connectivity.

During the Forum the Ethiopian side presented trade and investment opportunities in the country as well as existing and potential business ties with Djibouti and France.

It was also noted that the Government of Ethiopia having set goals to make the country one of the leading manufacturer in the continent and supplier of raw materials has made tremendous improvement and arrangement to reach to this vision.

To this end, the establishment of the Ethiopian Investment Commission (EIC) as an autonomous government institution accountable to the country’s Investment Board, which is chaired by the Prime Minister facilitates the smooth handling of investment establishments in the country.

Currently around 11 Djiboutian and 91 French Businesses have jointly or individually engaged in investment activities in Ethiopia.